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Tips for writing a thesis discussion

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born again resume Positively Catherine Street: Same place it always was. For Writing A Thesis Discussion! I have a real checkered past in msc officer, terms of dealing with Born Again Christians. Not necessarily referring to the #8220;Born Again#8221; movement that rose to prominence in the 80s. Most Christians will describe themselves as being born again, of having some sort of spiritual awakening where the message of Christ becomes clear to a thesis discussion them and alters their paths. Of course, I don#8217;t know what the media coursework scheme, fuck they#8217;re talking about. I never did. Suspect I never will.

But I respect it, because I have seen people make positive changes in their lives as a result. And I#8217;ve known more than a few Christians who are just good people whom I#8217;d gladly defend to anyone. I#8217;ve pretty much come to terms with Christianity in my life, recognizing The Bible is packed with wisdom, and tips a thesis, that for me at least, my respect for religion is based on the knowledge that many of the good things we take for essay granted in a thesis discussion, the way we live (wisdom, common sense, compassion, charity, etc.) may not have existed or thrived before the concepts of religion, and coursework scheme, books like The Bible , came into being. For all the people who look at religion and see only a black hole of misunderstanding and tips for writing, hatred (believe me, in New York #8230;), I can see the much larger picture, that religion is for the most part good, despite whatever qualms I may have about it and some practitioners of their chosen faith. Media! But going back to that 80s concept of tips a thesis, Born Agains, I did have one rough experience with it. In my sophomore year at pessimism, college, in one of my classes I sat behind a girl who caught my eye the moment I saw her. P was a real looker, probably still is, long brown hair, warm eyes, but what really caught me was how friendly she was, just a very sweet-natured, open individual. It didn#8217;t take me long to go crazy for tips a thesis discussion her, and in the process I found out she was the sister of a guy from my high-school class, who I liked just fine but wasn#8217;t really friends with. Unlike her brother, she had gone to the local Catholic school, and therefore inhabited that parallel universe in our small-town area. I noted in an earlier post that even within my town of effect, 500 people there were some kids who once they went to Catholic school in the seventh grade, just did a slow fade from the tips, public-school kid social circle. With P, it was taken a step further.

She was thinking about becoming a nun, much to my chagrin. I know most people look at teenagers and picture them having sex from the age of 14 onward, but that didn't happen for me and trifles by susan glaspell essay, P, considering she was on the verge of forfeiting sex all together in tips discussion, the service of the lord. As we got to know each other, I also learned she was often depressed, seemed to have a real negative self image, which is a hallmark of so many women, attractive or not. I still remember her getting a little too far into the Pink Floyd album The Final Cut , the title track of effect, which is the singer contemplating suicide all to a very attractive piano-laden ballad. Tips For Writing A Thesis! When I was at by susan glaspell essay questions, her house, her parents treated me like a boyfriend, or at least boyfriend material, when the reality was I was dealing with a young girl with a lot of shit going on, much of it tied in with her very strong sense of Catholicism; I suspect they were hoping I#8217;d guide her into the boy/girl realm of things. But who knows.

Like many homes in the Coal Region, the house was a shrine to Catholicism: Pope and Cardinal dolls, pictures of the pope all over the place, enough crosses to guarantee safety from even near-sighted vampires. Going to her house was like going to a church in a row house all that was missing was the incense. My mother met her when I brought her around and her immediate impression was, #8220;Now that#8217;s a beautiful girl.#8221; She was really impressed with P, as was everyone I knew who met her. The idea was stick with this one, if you#8217;re patient and things work out, you#8217;ll have a great woman on your hands and for writing discussion, might even end up getting married to her. One big roadblock was that a few months into this, I was ready for my junior year, i.e., moving from our small branch campus to the main campus a huge move for a 19-year-old kid who had never been away from home for more than a week at a time.

That summer was busy, between working most of page format paper, it in my dad#8217;s factory on tips a thesis discussion their great #8220;joe college#8221; program for glaspell questions children of for writing a thesis discussion, factory employees, trying to find a place to live, getting mentally prepared to be on my own for the first time and by susan glaspell essay questions, trying to keep this strange situation together with P. I can still recall one odd night, a few days before moving, late August, sitting by my grand parents#8217; graves in the cemetery on a thesis discussion the hill, basically wondering what was going to happen with us. It sticks in my mind mostly because I also had the first hemorrhoid of my life, a tiny little knot just above my asshole that was causing me much consternation, as I had no idea what it was. (I still get one of of computer addiction essay, these about once every two years, usually stress related, and my heart goes out to tips discussion anyone who suffers the affliction on a far more regular basis.) But I remember her assuring me that whatever strange, hard-to-define thing we had going on trifles by susan wasn#8217;t going to tips for writing stop, and that I could easily come home on weekends to see her. It was one of those nice little moments of msc officer essay, life where another person reassures you that all is not lost due to for writing discussion a looming change. That it took a place on a clear late summer night, in essay writing person, a cemetery, only adds to tips a thesis discussion the odd, touching quality of it in my memory. And that first year at the main campus (actually both years) was a blast, found myself writing a weekly humor column for the newspaper, made a whole new stable of friends on the same wavelength, found a very tolerable part-time gig in the German Department, and media mark scheme, still kept a pretty high GPA, despite much drinking and folly. For Writing Discussion! No urge to screw around, as I was locked in on P in writing narrative, that way only love struck teenagers can be and believe me, opportunity knocked more than a few times!

All the while, staying in touch with P and tips a thesis, seeing her most weekends. Towards the end of that school year, in May, she had to come up to the campus herself as it was her turn to transfer, which had me elated. But I had noticed, especially when I got home that summer, that she was even more troubled before regarding religion. I think she may have dumped the idea of becoming a nun all together, and was now feeling some sense of page for mla paper, void or guilt over it. Whatever it was, I could tell things were off in for writing a thesis discussion, a way that had nothing to do with me. And that was a shitty summer in general. I guess the as level, factory had an tips discussion, off year financially and dumped the essay, summer college program, which had been a cash cow for tips for writing discussion me the first person, past two years. I tried my hand at two separate jobs, doing sales help at tips for writing a thesis discussion, a commercial lumberyard and working midnight shift at a local lumberyard, but quit both within a week, the title for mla research, second after the first night.

I can look back now and see I should have told myself, #8220;Just bite the bullet and do this shit for two months then go back to school.#8221; But at the time, both jobs seemed unbearably awful, the commercial place being run by two guys who made clear their disdain for college kids, the second a weird night shift job where fellow employees told me recurring stories of discussion, guys sawing off various body parts, with the shining rainbow that if you put the trifles essay questions, parts in for writing a thesis discussion, a plastic bag on ice, they could probably still get you to the local hospital on time to have them re-attached. Trifles! I spent most of that summer watching MTV and killing time, while I sensed this thing with P was petering out due to her increasingly cloudy mood. One day around my birthday in June, she showed up at my house elated, which was a shock. We went out a thesis walking, and she had told me she met a new friend, E, who was part of a new church that had a wonderful message to tell regarding our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Immediately, I could feel something was off. It was as if a car had shifted from addiction reverse to third in terms of her mood, no transition whatsoever, just an tips for writing a thesis discussion, immediate decision to be overwhelmingly happy, which had me understandably suspicious. By Susan Essay! P brought around her new friend E, and for writing, I knew things were going to be strange from that point on. E was a full-on stereotypical Born Again, not very smart, disdainful, judgmental in page, a very bad, condescending way, and someone who, I gathered, was on a pendulum swing in tips a thesis discussion, life, going from one extreme to the other. Of Computer! She had told me some story of Jesus saving her from drugs and that whole way of tips for writing, life, and essay pessimism schopenhauer study, right then, I figured she#8217;d probably be better off on drugs. The pendulum swing seemed to be a hallmark of a thesis, more than a few Born Agains I met in trifles by susan glaspell essay, the 80s: people who were on tips a thesis the verge of msc officer, flushing their lives down the toilet due to some type of self abuse, who suddenly had this magical transformation that made them full, whole, superior rays of light and for writing, happiness.

I could tell P was overly impressed with E and her routine, when I could clearly see that E was a bullshit artist, not someone I would ever allow into my life, and very bad news for me. As it turned out, very bad news for trifles by susan glaspell everyone, as P#8217;s parents, still staunch Catholics, weren#8217;t having any of this Born Again nonsense. I called bullshit the next day. P and a thesis, I had always been very honest with each other, and essay, I told her what I thought, that E didn#8217;t strike me as someone I wanted to be associated with, and that I thought the whole Born Again thing was some form of for writing discussion, mental illness and I still believe the same to this day for that odd strain of Christianity. P got offended, said I better get used to title format for mla research paper it, because E was like a big sister to tips for writing her now, and title for mla research paper, that if I couldn#8217;t accept Jesus in the same way, there was no place for discussion me in her life.

What a slap in the face that was on so many levels. One, I was being dumped from her life. Two, I was expected to shoehorn my personal beliefs along with hers, with a strain of Christianity I immediately recognized as counterfeit and msc officer essay, wrong. Three, what kind of true Christian would offer that sort of ultimatum? Wasn#8217;t Christianity supposed to tips a thesis open your heart, to allow you to accept others with total love, compassion and humility? My way or the highway wasn't the way of glaspell questions, Christ; it was the way of fanatics. I#8217;ll give myself credit. Even with those odds against me, my immediate response was, #8220;There#8217;s no place for me in your life.#8221; Not that I felt any sort of need to define and a thesis discussion, stand up for whatever form of spirituality I believed in. It was much more that I wholeheartedly rejected her form of writing person, spirituality and her new guide, who would have had a ball at the Salem witch trials burning innocent women at the stake. A Thesis Discussion! When I got back from that meeting, I told Mom, well, you won#8217;t be seeing P around here much anymore, and I told her why. Title For Mla! She wasn#8217;t heartbroken, but she was disappointed and a thesis discussion, angry.

Being a Protestant who had married into a family of staunch Catholics, she knew well the arthur essay in in, sting of meaningless religious dogma and low-level persecution, and thus was just as skeptical as I was with any overt display of tips discussion, spirituality. But she said, all for the best, think how much worse this would be if you#8217;d gotten more involved and essay in in pessimism study study, something like this had happened. Of course, these things never stop on a dime. While I distanced myself from P, we somehow stayed in tips, touch, although I can#8217;t remember how. The killer for me was that when she came up to the main campus, she immediately found a Born Again boyfriend and was hanging all over writing person narrative, him the few times I saw her. Tips A Thesis Discussion! Understand this was a woman who had previously been so uptight about issues like this that just to get her to by susan glaspell hold hands was a major triumph.

She finds Jesus, bam, next guy in tips for writing a thesis discussion, line, provided he has the same beliefs, has this beautiful girl hanging all over title format for mla research, him as if he was a rock star and tips a thesis discussion, she a groupie. Having spent a good year and a half scrapping for any display of physical affection, it was a real slap in the face. But as those first few weeks at glaspell essay, school moved on, I recognized I was lucky to have removed myself from the situation, because whatever Born Again road she had gone down, she wasn#8217;t coming back any time soon. Tips! I think the arthur essay in in pessimism schopenhauer study study, first few weeks of that summer, I was sitting around waiting for her to come to her senses, to tips a thesis discussion see through E#8217;s smoke screen, but it just didn#8217;t happen. I recall the last contact I had with her, late October my senior year of college, we sat on the main lawn of the campus, can#8217;t recall what we#8217;d even talk about at that point as I had moved as far from her as I possibly could.

But at media coursework, one point, she recognized a fellow Born Again walking by on the other side of the a thesis discussion, lawn, told me to watch her stuff and ran over to media as level coursework mark celebrate or something. While she was gone, I noticed she had a writing tablet and had been jotting something down. I couldn#8217;t help myself, and looked over to read it. It was a letter to E that read like something a cult member would write to the master. Tips For Writing A Thesis Discussion! I can#8217;t recall exactly what, but along the lines of, #8220;My life since accepting Christ, and you as my guide, has been nothing but profound joy and happiness, oh, thank you for arthur in in pessimism study saving me from eternal damnation.#8221; Again, I can#8217;t recall the exact content, but I do recall the tone and word choice being very much along those lines. It was then that I sort of heaved a spiritual sigh and said, #8220;Thank you, Jesus, for taking me out of this situation before I got too far in to tips for writing leave of my own free volition.#8221; Because if I had become engaged or married to this woman, and something this bizarre and off putting had occurred, that would have been much worse than whatever pain I had already put myself through. She came back, found me in as level scheme, a noticeably brighter mood as I had realized she had gone totally off the deep end, bid farewell, and tips discussion, that#8217;s the last time I remember seeing her.

Fast forward seven years, to my 10 th high-school reunion. I hadn#8217;t planned on going, but a few of my friends convinced me it could be fun. And sure enough, it was I had a great time, seeing old friends, getting along famously with people I hadn#8217;t know all that well, and having an all-around fine night. Arthur Essay Pessimism Schopenhauer Study! P#8217;s brother was there, and I had been avoiding him most of the night, not sure how he or her family would see me now, all these years later. I hadn#8217;t seen P since that day on the lawn and tips a thesis discussion, had totally removed myself from her life, had no idea what has transpired with her and her new beliefs down the road from college. At one point in of computer addiction essay, the night, I found myself at for writing a thesis discussion, the same table as P#8217;s brother and his wife. It was later in the night, and we were both pretty hammered. Everyone was, with an open bar and many guys walking around with a beer in each hand. We got to talking, and essay first narrative, I didn#8217;t even think to bring up P. He did.

And I can#8217;t recall exactly what he said, or even if I have this right all these years later, but he may have insinuated to for writing a thesis me that she tried to commit suicide. Again, I#8217;m not sure if that#8217;s true, as we were both drunk at the time, but I do remember sitting there with my mouth open, in shock of msc officer, what he was saying, and not quite sure how to respond. If that wasn#8217;t the case, then my apologies to P for getting a very serious issue wrong. If it was true, maybe I shouldn#8217;t have been so shocked. Tips For Writing Discussion! I could clearly see that whatever she was going through strongly resembled the sort of deranged behavior more often associated with dangerous cults where people have to be kidnapped and unbrainwashed. While she may not have been that bad, she was close, and it wasn#8217;t reassuring that summer when I had said, #8220;There#8217;s no place for msc officer me in a thesis discussion, your life,#8221; and she got up and walked away with a huge Jesus smile on her face and a #8220;your loss, buddy#8221; attitude. I suspect I wasn#8217;t the only person who got the routine she seemed to first person be making it clear to everyone around her that if you weren#8217;t on the same wavelength, you were somehow on the outside looking in from that point forward. Still, no one wants to hear that an old flame tried to for writing discussion do something like that, whatever the scenario. It still troubles me to trifles by susan glaspell essay questions this day, although not enough to find out for sure, because if I did make contact with her, only to for writing find out she was still mired down in title format research paper, that regrettable form of tips for writing a thesis discussion, Christianity, I#8217;d find that even more depressing.

I#8217;d like to find a lucid, warm human being, the kind of msc officer, person she was the day I met her and tips for writing, recognized someone who had a real spark about first narrative her, only now she#8217;d be older and wiser. But I#8217;d also rather not take that chance, as I#8217;ve seen how life works out, and I know that would be a best-case scenario. For Writing Discussion! I#8217;d rather just let that one be for the rest of my days. Arthur In In Pessimism Schopenhauer Study Study! Even now, there#8217;s a small picture of her back on tips discussion the dresser in addiction, my old bedroom, usually turned face down, mainly to for writing a thesis discussion keep dust off the face, P looking just beautiful, think it may have been a high-school graduation photo, but it caught her essence. I#8217;d rather leave that picture gathering dust. It#8217;s as nice a memory now as it was that sunny October day on the lawn in 1985. I#8217;ve pretty much come to terms with Christianity in my life, recognizing The Bible is packed with wisdom, and msc officer, that for me at a thesis, least, my respect for religion is based on the knowledge that many of the good things we take for granted in the way we live (wisdom, common sense, compassion, charity, etc.) may not have existed or thrived before the concepts of religion, and books like The Bible, came into title page format for mla paper being. Re: blaming religion for pettiness, violence, etc.

Sure, I'd say that's true. But I'll also side with the concept of original sin, that we're all born sinners and must be guided to righteousness. Tips For Writing A Thesis! While I don't subscribe to that concept in a traditional religious sense, I do believe that children have to be taught what is good and virtuous, that this will not come naturally -- that's plain as day when you can see kids being raised with no control or guidance. So, in effect, while religion can bear the weight of the good and bad concepts that have flowed through them, I'd have to addiction essay say that overall I still stress the good. A Thesis! Because people left to their own devices, especially kids, without any guidance, I have to believe are not going to as level grasp the virtues of life on their own. I don't buy into original sin at all. A Thesis Discussion! I think it's one of those concepts that came about as a way of, in essence, blackmailing followers into staying with the essay in in pessimism pessimism schopenhauer study study, program.

I agree, though, that it's a good idea for kids to have guidance in a thesis discussion, their lives, although I don't see a religious imperative there.

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My Dream Car Essays and Research Papers. Essay: Dreams From My Father Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father is exactly what it claims to tips, be . by title, a story of race and identity. Barack Obama comes from a diverse background, which he explores throughout the book. Having a white American mother and black Kenyan father, he has a different experience than the majority of people in society when it comes to race and page format for mla research identity, however still it seems similar to for writing a thesis, the experience of many blacks as described in format research, William E. Cross’s Black Psychological. African American , Barack Obama , Black people 1303 Words | 3 Pages. Presentation: Barack Obama Dreams from My Father Barack Obama – “ Dreams From My Father-A Story of Race and tips a thesis discussion Heritance” Today I want to msc officer, introduce you United States President . Barack Obama’s first memoir, dreams from my father. It was first published in tips for writing, July 1995 as he was preparing to launch his political career and republished in August 2004. Author: Since my book is an title page for mla research paper autobiography I won’t tell you everything about the author, I just will give some personal facts about him. Tips For Writing A Thesis Discussion? Barack Obama was born in 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii to Barack Obama Senior. Ann Dunham , Barack Obama , Barack Obama, Sr.

1586 Words | 6 Pages. Dreams from effect, My Father (Barack Obama) What is My Identity? Dreams from My Father archives Barack Obama’s journey, and struggles, to find his . identity. Obama quickly admits that race is an tips for writing a thesis discussion important part of himself, and it is that quest of race and trifles glaspell identity that pushes him to for writing a thesis, question his own uniqueness. Ultimately spanning both worlds of the vastly different cultures of his life in America and his roots in Kenya causes Obama confusion and self-doubt. It is through the steady love of title format paper his family that allows Obama to truly find acceptance. African American , Ann Dunham , Barack Obama 841 Words | 3 Pages. Obama: Individual in the Community(Dreams of My Father) Alyna Torres QU 101 Professor Matt Tortora September 29, 2010 Dreams from a thesis, My Father There are many barriers one must . overcome, and to accomplish this, one must find their distinctiveness and take a key role in the community. Throughout the novel, Dreams from my Father by our current president Barrack Obama, Barrack demonstrates the true meaning of being an trifles glaspell essay individual.

He is for writing a thesis discussion, highly active in his community, despite the fact that he is part of the black community. The economic, social, and. A Great Way to Care , Barack Obama , Dreams from My Father 1916 Words | 5 Pages. migration. To add on, I will inform you about he migration that occurred through out my relatives lives. And finally, I will speak upon the . In In Schopenhauer Study? migration that occurred through out the movie Scarface that starred Al Pacino that played Tony Montana's role. My parents weren't born in the United States, but they were looking for better lives and tips for writing a thesis opportunities, so they migrated from Haiti to the United States. My parents growing up in such a poor country that didn't provide much opportunity for them.

Ann Dunham , Barack Obama , Democratic Party 1984 Words | 5 Pages. and brain power. One specific example of why Obama is who he is essay in in pessimism schopenhauer study study, today was because of the way his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham nurtured him. Dunham was a . woman who had empathy, and worked hard every day to a thesis, achieve her goals and live the all American dream . Format For Mla Paper? She was a tough on Obama because she knew the potential he had. Dunham was hard on him during his high school years.

She often reprimanded him for tips for writing a thesis, not putting in effect addiction, a lot of effort in his studies. She taught him that you can’t just sit around waiting. Ann Dunham , Barack Obama , Barack Obama, Sr. 1774 Words | 4 Pages. A Journey of for writing a thesis discussion Self-Discovery and coursework Self-Initiation. impossible because no one has just one thing that makes them who they are. Creating one’s identity is discussion, a continuous labyrinth of ideas, likes, dislikes, and . other factors that somehow end at one person and trifles by susan questions affect their whole character.

Having read Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama over the summer, I found out how he formed his true identity through the knowledge he gained of the different events and episodes of for writing his life. Title Page Format? Some people find out a thesis who they are at of computer a very. African American , Barack Obama , Black people 2809 Words | 7 Pages. Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama: Back to School Event. the whole speech, and for writing a thesis discussion pathos when he tells about research paper, his own experience and expresses how he feels on this matter in the speech, which in tips, general, makes it . easier to earn people's attention. “I know the feeling. When I was young my family lived in Indonesia for a few years, and my mother didn't have the money to send me where all the title paper, American kids went to school. So she decided to teach me extra lessons herself, Monday through Friday – at 4:30 in the morning.” Feelings are important to tips discussion, use, especially. 2008 Democratic National Convention , Barack Obama , Democratic Party 1117 Words | 3 Pages. why did Barack wrote a book for his father?

Dreams for my father Barack Hussein Obama was born in 1961, in Honolulu, . Hawaii. His mother was a white American girl from Kansas and his father a black man from Luo, a Kenyan tribe. At that time their union was unusual, so Barack had to live with that combination of of computer essay races. He grew up with his mothers family far from his father and thus to his black origins. A Thesis Discussion? Barack had a hard time understanding his situation during his childhood. He was lost. African American , Barack Obama , Democratic Party 823 Words | 2 Pages. Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance Summer . Trifles By Susan? Reading Assignment 1. Explain the author’s purpose for tips for writing a thesis, writing this book? The author of this book is Barack Obama, and the reason I believe he wrote this book is to share his experience growing up and for people be able to understand his personal background. He shared experiences from being raised by his mother and grandmother while his father was living in study, Kenya.

2008 Democratic National Convention , Ann Dunham , Barack Obama 530 Words | 2 Pages. Barack Obama: 'Dreams from tips for writing a thesis, My Father' Personal Response Number One Title: Dreams from essay, My Father ‘A Story of Race and Inheritance’ Author: Barack Obama Genre: . Autobiography, Life Memoir Before Barack Obama was a Politician he was an author. ‘ Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and tips for writing a thesis Inheritance’ is an Auto-Biography written by Barack Obama. The book describes Obama’s life in three parts, from his birth in Honolulu, Hawaii up to arthur essay in in pessimism, the final part of the book which includes his emotional and revealing trip back to his father’s homeland;. African American , Ann Dunham , Barack Obama 765 Words | 2 Pages. MY VACATION AT THE CITY I can still remember the time I went to the city with my family just to have a bit of relaxation since . we are over and done with our periodical examinations. Tips For Writing A Thesis? Hoping that we can spend some precious time together, I felt so excited while we are on by susan questions our way.

I expected a lot of for writing a thesis discussion jokes and laughter, and full of satisfaction when we get there. After a long journey on a muddy and terribly devastated nautical highway, we reach the city, the trifles essay questions, only city and the capital of tips for writing our province. Barack Obama , Democratic Party , Dreams from arthur in in pessimism pessimism schopenhauer study, My Father 773 Words | 2 Pages. ? In The Life You Imagined and for writing a thesis discussion Dreams From My Farther, Derek Jeter and media coursework mark Barack Obama use a . variety of writing strategies to convey their goals. Tips? Both texts describe their childhood dreams and goals, however each author uses different writing styles such as academic vocabulary, cause and effect, colloquial vocabulary and figurative language. Media As Level Mark? Derek Jeter and Barack Obama both used Figurative language and cause and. Barack Obama , Dreams from My Father , High school 385 Words | 2 Pages. Life without Television When my family’s only television set went to the repair shop the other day, my parents, . my sister, and tips for writing a thesis discussion I thought we would have a terrible week. How could we get though the essay writing person, long evenings in such a quiet house? What would it be like without all the shows to keep us company?

We soon realized, though, that living without television for a while was a stroke of good fortune. It became easy for each of us to enjoy some activities alone, to complete some postponed chores. Anxiety , Barack Obama , Dreams from My Father 606 Words | 2 Pages. people say I cannot achieve something in life my resilience and determination carry me through to the end. In the face of failure I am not a . person who will crumble and give up as that is the tips a thesis discussion, easy way but instead fight as hard as I can to achieve my goal in life. Arthur In In Pessimism? When people in my life do the wrong thing it is easy to a thesis discussion, follow in order to be accepted but instead I act against it and my morals say it is wrong and no matter how much they try to make me do it my answer is media coursework mark scheme, always no. 4. I am a person. Barack Obama , Bill Clinton , Dreams from tips for writing discussion, My Father 446 Words | 2 Pages. It is my opinion that Barack Obama is a role model communicator.

President Obama has found a way to communicate his thoughts and ideas in a way . Essay? that many people find acceptable. Prior to discussion, being a presidential nominee, Barack Obama was a senator for the state of Illinois. As senator he was known to be charismatic and effect addiction essay an influential speaker. Tips For Writing Discussion? Politics aside, I think his style of essay communication to be ethical, effective, and honest. President Obama was able to become a modern day celebrity through. Barack Obama , Democratic Party , Dreams from My Father 500 Words | 2 Pages. every scenario would be analyzed and a thesis discussion examined. If combat was unavoidable it would be with a reluctant heart. Barack Obama's strengths and weaknesses as the essay, . Democratic candidate for the president Barack Obama would receive my vote if I was eligible to vote! He would receive my vote because his strengths stand out to me more than his weaknesses do and he's an overall better candidate for president then John McCain. For Writing Discussion? His strengths are: 1. He pulls the republicans and democrats closer together!

Although. Barack Obama , Democratic Party , Dreams from My Father 5095 Words | 14 Pages. Democratic Party and Barack Obama. to be a community organizer-even though he wasn’t sure what that was. As Level? All he knew was that the world was in need of a thesis discussion a change. Barry moved to trifles by susan glaspell essay, Chicago. . He visited Kenya.

At the foot of for writing a thesis discussion a mango tree, he saw his father’s grave, who had past in a car crash. He cried for the man he barely knew. It was time to start law school. Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has one of the best law schools in the country. There, Barry spent long hours studying. As Level Coursework Scheme? Barack met Michelle at a law firm in. Barack Obama , Democratic Party , Dreams from My Father 479 Words | 2 Pages. Buying our dream car brings us joy and regret It was the month of December of the year 2013; I was stressed out, depressed . Discussion? and at times I even felt sick. Arthur Essay In In Pessimism Schopenhauer Study? December 21st was right around the corner and I was struggling to gather the for writing, money that would keep me from living in my car or worst-case scenario, in the street.

Ever since I was in grade school, I hoped that by the time I was 22 years of trifles by susan essay questions age, I would own the a thesis discussion, latest model car of the SLK class Mercedes Benz. I always imagined of how great. Convertible , Karl Benz , Mercedes-Benz 1046 Words | 3 Pages. (Philadelphia). I was with my dad and media coursework my little brother who kept nagging about the ninety degree weather. We were so exhausted . from waiting for one hour until the right car was ready to a thesis discussion, be auctioned. We were at the Philadelphia Parking Authority auction lot. Addiction? I was so enthusiastic that I was going to have a car , that I can call my own, not my mom's minivan nor my dad's dodge charger. This was a reward from my parent because I was going to graduate High School before I turned seventeen. The car that I ended up. Automobile , Car wash , Family 1281 Words | 3 Pages.

My Dream House House is discussion, a place where we can shelter and it gives us a protection from rain, heat, storm etc. Everyone has . their own choice on what type of arthur essay study house they feel comfortable to live in, so do I. I enjoy living in a calm and open environment, so house built on small land (I'm not sure what you mean by 'small land' here) won't be my choice. I want a large open space surrounded by tips for writing compound, where I can stroll, especially when I feel bored on essay schopenhauer at my job. I want a garden in front of tips for writing a thesis my house. Apartment , English-language films , Feeling 2454 Words | 7 Pages.

?February 7th, 2014 My American Dream “The American Dream is still alive out there, and hard work will . get you there. You don’t necessarily need to have an Ivy League education or to arthur pessimism pessimism study, have millions of dollars startup money. It can be done with an for writing discussion idea, hard work and determination.” Bill Rancic We do not live in a perfect world, not even a perfect country. Yet, we still live in a place that gives us opportunity. Pessimism Pessimism Schopenhauer Study? We live in tips for writing, a place that may not always be equally fair but gives us the . 2006 singles , American Dream , James Truslow Adams 1031 Words | 3 Pages. ___ My Dream Life Essay Due Date: Typed final drafts are due on _______________________ at the beginning of the arthur pessimism schopenhauer study, period. Your . graded final draft will be placed in your portfolio. Organization of Paper: Title: Come up with a creative title Paragraph #1: Introduction.

Use one of the a thesis discussion, “hooks” from the six choices on side 2. Effect Essay? Don’t forget to let your reader know what your essay will be about (career, family, friends, relationships, house, and tips vehicle). Paragraph #2: Write about your dream job. Automobile , Dream , Henry David Thoreau 647 Words | 2 Pages. ? MY DREAM CARS Everyone has their dreams . I also have a dream . I aim high to . reach it. I know everyone wants to have a gorgeous car . I also want to media mark, have my dream car . Tips For Writing A Thesis? Cars have different types which is Sedan, Sports car , Antique, MPV and Estate Car . I am nuts about cars . I dream it almost everyday. I would dream to by susan, have my own ‘Volkswagen Golf GTI’. I love this car because it is so gorgeous because of its body. I want it in an automatic transmission because driving an automatic car is a thesis, as. 2000s automobiles , Four-wheel drive , Nissan 350Z 456 Words | 2 Pages. MY DREAM HOUSE I have a dream , you have a dream , she . has a dream , he has a dream , they have a dream , and we have a dream because everyone on this planet has their own dreams . Title Page Format Paper? But we have one dream in common.

We insist to achieve that one dream yet we know we cannot. Tips For Writing? It is because we know only the selected people can have or those who tries their best to achieve their dreams . We are a dreamer, we dream big. We have been dreaming to be rich for years. Floor , Floors , Need 1231 Words | 3 Pages. worker until I got my CNA certification, then I worked in various nursing homes. It’s easy to get burnt out when working with elderly, dementia . and Alzheimer’s patients; however, I loved my job.

Taking care of others is what I wanted to first person, do. The first nursing home I ever worked at was a small 50 bed facility, where I met my best friend. I have many fond memories from all the places I have worked, but nothing ever felt quite right to for writing a thesis, me. In July of of computer addiction essay 2011 I got the opportunity of my life! I was job searching.

Full-time , Home care , Nursing 1223 Words | 3 Pages. Edward Sinigayan 06/26/12 My Life The sun rays from my balcony window of my 2 story mansion . hit my face as the sun arose over the oceans horizon. I slowly opened my eyes to for writing a thesis, the beautiful creation God has bestowed upon trifles glaspell essay, me also know as my wife. When my mind came to a still, I came to for writing a thesis, realize that from all of the effect of computer addiction essay, long hard hours of tips studying and arthur essay in in pessimism schopenhauer study study working at a time was a small step in my long and relaxing life that I am now continuing. A Thesis? It feels great to be the owner of the multi-million. Business , Business plan , Entrepreneur 900 Words | 3 Pages. India of My Dreams Introduction William Dement said, “Dreaming permits each and everyone of us to be quietly and . safely insane every night of ourMy India My Pride lives.” He says that sometimes this insanity can be fruitful and of computer addiction sometimes very infectious and tips sometimes very delectable and delicious.

It is in many ways necessary for media as level, a country like India to be insane and dream as it is a bigger crime not to dream than to for writing discussion, dare to dream . India of my dreams is a topic, which is as wide and. Drinking water , Government of India , Human Development Index 2255 Words | 7 Pages. My dream is to live in a big detached house surrounded by a big garden full of flowers and trees. I wouldn't like to live in an . apartment with blocks of media as level scheme flats and rude neighbour’s making noise in the middle of the night. Tips For Writing A Thesis Discussion? My dream house should be located outside the writing first person narrative, city, on the outskirts of town where I can find true peace and happiness.

Therefore, my dream house should have the characteristics that represent my spiritual world and discussion personality with its location as well as its inner and outer design. British Columbia Interior , English-language films , Feeling 905 Words | 3 Pages. My dream house would have at least six bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, walk-in closets, a mixture of carpet and hardwood floors, a huge . Effect Of Computer Addiction Essay? kitchen, living roon, family room, and fireplace. There will be a bathroom balcony in the master and guest bedrooms. For Writing A Thesis Discussion? My house would have an indoor swimming pool, with a hot tub. A bowling alley is a must. I think that the family would have soooooooo much fun with that!

Also, I would have a theater because I LOVE to watch movies, especially with company. I would also have. Apartment , Bedroom , House 1069 Words | 3 Pages. Dodge Charger, My Dream Car American Intercontinental University 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8 2dr Coupe-$50,895 . Financing rate is 4.12% R= 0.0212 Time estimated for msc officer essay, the interest rate given is 5 years T=5 years interest = sale price*rate*time, (I = prt). I = 50,895*0.0212*5 I = 5394.87 Total cost = (sale price*rate)time + Sale Price C = (P*R)T + Sale Price C = (50,895*0.0212)5+50,895 C = 56289.87 Model the total cost as a linear function, with time as the independent variable: F(t). Debt , Dodge , Dodge Challenger 388 Words | 2 Pages. March 20th 2013, I woke up and directly drove to the Leith Honda dealership to tips discussion, fix my car . While it was being fixed, I noticed an . Infiniti dealership. I walked there to browse some cars , just to kill time. As soon as set foot onto the dealership I found the most breath – taking and luxurious sports car . I took a peek inside the window and was astounded.

Sometimes they say you can fall in love at title for mla research first sight, here I found my first love the Infiniti G37 IPL. According to Twitchell objects that you own forms. Automobile , Brake , Driving 965 Words | 3 Pages. falling in love. I always desired to meet the girl of discussion my dreams and one day, hopefully, to marry her. I never imagined she would . appear in my life the day I least expected it. In the tenth grade, I used to go to essay, the mall every day after school. I started meeting new people and eventually they became my friends. But it wasnt until February 19th, 2006 that I saw something amazing. I was at the mall and I saw this beautiful young lady that filled my eyes with obsession. She had an tips a thesis appealing body; she.

2002 albums , Debut albums , English-language films 1023 Words | 3 Pages. My dream is to go on a cruise ship. It would be the sickest thing ever. Cruises just seem so extravagant and trifles by susan essay questions beyond this world. . the tips for writing, fact that a whole community, per say, can exist in the midst of the sea is page paper, just mind boggling. Discussion? Of course the fear of trifles by susan glaspell essay it sinking still lies within my thoughts, but regardless of my fears i think it would be the trip of a lifetime. A Thesis? I would participate in essay writing first person narrative, all the tips for writing a thesis discussion, activities, dancing, swiming and trifles by susan glaspell essay games. i would meet some wonderful people and i would share amazing memMy. 2009 singles , Cognition , Cognitive science 1979 Words | 5 Pages. soldiers. My ideal India is modernised.

It embodies the best in the cultures of the East and the West. Education is wide - spread, and tips there . is practically no illiteracy. While India is militarily strong, it believes in non - violence, and spreads the message of peace and brotherhood of man. In this situation, it is natural for the youth of the country to turn to the India of its dreams . A dream often inspires the dreamer to work and strive so that it may come true. In the India of trifles by susan questions my dreams , everybody. Asia , Developed country , Dream 901 Words | 3 Pages. about my Dream about my Country INDIA. The “I” in India is ‘Me’. ‘I’ am ‘India’ and ‘India’ is in ‘me’. A Thesis Discussion? Thus, if . India, my Country, is not doing well in trifles by susan essay, some spheres and tips for writing a thesis discussion is still amongst the Developing Countries of the msc officer, World is spite of tips its man power then we need to ask ourselves as to who is responsible for it?

Dr. Effect Addiction Essay? Abdul kalam had once asked a little Girl, what was her dream for India? She replied “I dream of a developed India”.this impressed him and to tips for writing discussion, be honest this is also ‘ My Dream ’. I dream. A. Writing Narrative? P. J. Abdul Kalam , History of India , India 878 Words | 3 Pages. Nursing: My Dream Profession Nursing as I know is an important component of the health care delivery system that requires a . whole lot of energy and time to put in patient welfare. Tips For Writing? Although, nursing is a profession that is rewarding and challenging, I have always admired becoming a nurse someday in essay, the future.

As a child, I had my father as a role model. My father was a nurse in tips, Cameroon, central Africa. When he retired, he settled back in the rural area where I and the rest of my family lived with. Certified Nursing Assistant , Health care , Healthcare 981 Words | 3 Pages. My life I was raised in a small town called Joao Pessoa by my grandmother .The town was very small that everyone knew . Title Page Format Research Paper? their neighbors and the town. At this time as was single and living in Brazil. We had a very nice house, which I had my own room and I loved it. I had everything in a thesis, my room. But was a especial place that I like about my room, It was where I keep all of my favorite things, my craft supplies, favorite CD’s, books, magazines, cameras, photos, and my diary. A place to essay, escape.

Dream , Family , High school 1460 Words | 4 Pages. India of my Dream The radioactivity of an exploded bomb may linger for years and discussion centuries,But it can never ever equal . Essay? radioactivity that my nation India has emitted and tips a thesis discussion emits my life.Radioactivity that does not destroy but builds. Such is page research paper, my nation, my pride, my India- the tips, abode of mighty Himalayas,land of effect of computer saints,seers and sadhus, birth place of tips a thesis discussion shri mad bhagvad geetaji and other purana and upnishads,crade of religion of narrative Hinduism,Jainism and Buddhism. India had many great personalities like mahatma. Akbar the Great , Ashoka the Great , Chandragupta Maurya 730 Words | 3 Pages. My dream school Monday, April 22, 2013 A Dream School in My Mind Have you ever thought about why . you are going to school? Or have you ever talked to yourself: “Oh my God, it’s school time again.” The environment keeps changing all the time. We change houses, jobs, friends and schools. We might often ask ourselves a question: Is there any dream places where we would like to stay? If you have a chance to for writing discussion, create a dream school, what is your dream school going to be? In my mind, a dream school is.

College , Education , High school 754 Words | 3 Pages. My Dream I feel like I have a different opinion of title research paper college than everyone else. For the most part, I am not excited to go away . to college at all. Tips? I wish I could stay in high school forever because I enjoy it so much. As Level Mark Scheme? My friends are the greatest and I don’t want to make new ones because some of my best friends I’ve known since first grade, and a thesis discussion some others I’ve made throughout my four years at Andrean. But most importantly, I want to stay near my family (besides every teenager’s dream of getting away.

2006 singles , College , Family 1023 Words | 3 Pages. ?THE HOUSE OF MY DREAMS Rosalia’s house If I had money I’d buy the flat above mine and I’d build a duplex with a staircase . in the living room. Upstairs there would be three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living-room and a balcony. Essay? Downstairs there would be the kitchen, another living-room, another bedroom a bathroom and a study. I wouldn’t move from my neighbourhood because of my mom. She likes it and my friends live nearby. I’d live in a kind of a thesis terraced house and all the rooms must be very coloured.

Apartment , Bedroom , City 1086 Words | 4 Pages. action-- Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake. Arthur Essay Pessimism Study? Goes a poem written by a thesis rabindranath tagore, renowned . writer, author nd poet, and more importantly, an indian who dreamt of a better india in the future. Well, talking of arthur essay pessimism pessimism study study dreams , a dream is a sub-conscious psychic vision of the tips, 'Ideal';coloured by personal affections and framed by the human yearning to as level mark, reach what one wants.But for all the myriad personal fantasies and tips a thesis discussion dreams ,the only pessimism study study, common dream born out tips discussion of the heart of patriotic. Agriculture , Dream , Economy of India 1010 Words | 3 Pages. Write a review on your dream car - MINI Cooper. to do with pink and purple, flowers, love movies, candlelight dinners and two-seater convertible cars . Coursework? To me, that was the meaning of for writing a thesis discussion romantic. . As time has gone by, my perspective of what is romantic has changed a lot but, I dont know why, I still think of sitting in a two-seater convertible with my lover as a perfect romantic dream . Guess what? Last Sunday, my dream became my lifea sweet smile from my husband at arthur essay in in pessimism pessimism study the other side of a carwe had a MINI convertible for a thesis discussion, a day!It didnt take us too long. BMW , Convertibles , Getrag 920 Words | 3 Pages. Climbing to My Professional Dream.

Climbing to essay writing person narrative, My Professional Dream “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths.” (Arnold . Schwarzenegger). Most people in the world have goals in their life. However, many of them also think that their goals are too difficult because of numerous obstacles. In the article “A Vision of tips a thesis discussion Stars, Grounded in title format, the Dust of Rural India,” Somini Sengupta writes a breathtaking story about Anupam, a 17-year old Indian boy from a very poor Indian family and his way to his big dream . He. Accountancy , Accountant , Accountants 982 Words | 3 Pages. My dream world I slowly drift in and out of sleep as obfuscated images dance in tips a thesis, and out of focus. I find myself falling farther . and farther into media coursework scheme the darkness of oblivion where nothing is tips a thesis, limited. Questions? How long will it last?

I never know. Time appears to extend beyond all dimensions. For Writing A Thesis Discussion? The interstice between reality and fabrication widens, and out of the darkness a dim light forms. Objects begin materializing from beyond the ghostly shadows, and msc officer a vast new world is a thesis discussion, created.Looming in the infinite mist. World 1632 Words | 4 Pages. working at the local Gertens was a “ dream job.” Often, while sitting in class, my attention would shift from the teacher to . my older classmates as I would constantly overhear them talking about the ludicrous amounts of money they made at the local garden goods store. Now, as an ignorant 16-year old kid who just got his driver’s license, this made my eyes widen. For the arthur essay study, first time in my life, the quest to acquire money was skyrocketing to the top of my priority list. My parents were slowly beginning to. Power 1442 Words | 5 Pages.

Ananda Adhikari Mr. For Writing A Thesis Discussion? Meixner English 4A, Period 4th 26 December 2012 My Dream to Be a Navy Every teenage has something . common things that their parent has asked them about what they want to be when they grew up. Like all these people my friend’s, teachers and relatives have also asked me this questions several times. And the effect addiction essay, answers for this question is a thesis, just simple for me because I have no idea about essay writing first, what I want to be in a future so I just end of saying I want to be computer specialist, historian. Coronado, California , Joint Chiefs of discussion Staff , Navy 963 Words | 3 Pages. introduction my dream is to see all schools become green literate across the world.all the msc officer essay, students and teachers are green . concious and environment lovers.and spread the slogan go greenand practically initiate the green mission for tips, safety of mankind and paper sustenance of the environment for the future generation 29 Apr, 2009 a green literate school my dream school 29 Apr, 2009 why should all shcools be green literate? Our environment teaches us to for writing, lead and healthy and cheerful life which. Ecology , Environmentalism , Natural environment 661 Words | 4 Pages. MDM SUPARNA [pic] My Dream Job Child’s Dream . Everyone has a dream . I too dream of research a job that will make me child’s dream comes true. My grandfather and father both traditional Chinese physician. For Writing Discussion? They have excellent medical skill and lofty medical ethic.

In China, The doctor is called ‘angles in white’, People respect them. I used to get sick in my childhood. My father always can cure my disease by traditional Chinese medical. I think. Acupuncture , Chinese herbology , Health 838 Words | 4 Pages. Me, My Dream and Nursing They say that life is not a matter of destiny. Arthur Essay? It is a matter of for writing choices that we make. . And how we take responsibility for writing narrative, each decision and step that we take. Taking up Bachelor of Science in Nursing is not an for writing easy thing for me. Media As Level Coursework Mark Scheme? It’s like getting through the tips for writing discussion, eye of a needle. But no matter how hard, I can’t just let myself give up because of the impact that it will make in my life and in the lives of essay writing first person those people who motivates me to keep going on. . Nursing , West Visayas State University 1216 Words | 4 Pages. My Dream Job My first day in tips a thesis, high school was so overwhelming.

My heart was racing and . my legs were shaking. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was so happy to see all my friends after what seem to be a very long, summer break. Though I was glad to see all my friends, I could not help but think about what classes I was going to attend. Title Page For Mla Paper? Usually, most freshmen girls think about fashion and all the for writing, cute senior boys. On one hand, I was thinking about all the fun, exciting, and new activities. College , Computer , Computer programming 934 Words | 3 Pages.

? My Dream Home My dream home is essay pessimism schopenhauer study study, very lovely. A Thesis Discussion? It is page format for mla research paper, nestled in tips a thesis discussion, the United Kingdom. It is an arthur essay in in pessimism pessimism schopenhauer study . English style cottage in the country side. It is completely made of gray stone. All of the stones were carefully hand selected. The roof is the most beautiful thatched roof you've ever seen. Tips For Writing A Thesis? Outside are many flowers, flowering bushes, and trees. There is a stream nearby. Beside the stream is msc officer essay, a huge, gracefully standing willow tree. The tree is tips for writing discussion, complete with a small wooden swing.

Color , Molding , Rose 510 Words | 3 Pages. Supriya English 111/ENF 3 20 January 2013 My Dream Trip to Las Vegas It was summer 2009. My husband . surprised me with tickets to Las Vegas, for our second anniversary. Our 4 days vacation package included air ticket, car and hotel. I was all excited, and packed all beautiful and colorful dresses appropriate for effect of computer addiction essay, Las Vegas temperature. We were advised ahead by a thesis discussion our friends to stay indoors during day time, as it is going to be too hot and humid in Las Vegas at this time of the year. On June. Adventuredome , Casino , Circus Circus Las Vegas 882 Words | 3 Pages. ?INDIA OF MY DREAMS Being from the sports background, I always wished my country to be the champions in arthur pessimism pessimism study study, sports in . different disciplines may be Cricket, Hockey etc etc. My wishes were limited to for writing a thesis discussion, sports but never thought of imagining India of my Dream in a vast context till the said topic was given for assignment.

While going through the sources, I happen to read Dr. Writing First Narrative? Abdul Kalam’s question to a thesis, one little girl, what was her dream for India? She replied “I dream of a developed India”. Giving a thought. Literacy , Quality of life , Secularism 1773 Words | 5 Pages. 776 Words Essay on msc officer India of My Dreams by tips a thesis Anjana Mazumdar Today, India is characterised by communal violence, religious . strife, terrorist movements, regional alienation, political chaos, constant economic hick-ups, general corruption, Mafia raj, bomb-culture, etc. The great India of Lord Buddha, Mahavir, Shankaracharya, Swam Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, and Jawaharlal Nehru is on the verge of break-up, unless of course, we put an end to title, these malaises that are eating into its very fabric. The.

21st century , Discrimination , Election 790 Words | 3 Pages. 15, 2013 My Dream Home Everyone has his or her own idea of the perfect dream home. Some people may prefer an . Tips For Writing Discussion? extravagant three story and eight bedroom mansion with staircases lined with candles and bathtubs the size of pools. Some may be just fine with a small cabin overlooking an endless mountain view. When I was a young child, I had my absolute favorite dollhouse that I played with on a twenty- four seven basis. I was constantly rearranging the msc officer, furniture and tips for writing making sure that my little home. Bathroom , Bathtub , Bedroom 953 Words | 3 Pages. maurice Personal Narrative Essay on my first car FINAL DRAFT. the goal, a simple dream that made twinges of excitement flow through my body.

The waiting was incredible, and it always seemed . Media? forever and discussion a day before it would come true. This is a typical pre-teen, adolescent dream , yet it was as important to me as the sun rising. Nothing would ever top this, once I had it, no one could take it away. Getting my driver's license was only half the by susan glaspell, battle; the tips for writing a thesis, dream was to media as level coursework scheme, have my very own car . I wanted it and I dreamed about it everyday. In my early years of for writing discussion high. Automobile , Driver's education , Driver's license 1196 Words | 3 Pages. ? My Heartbroken Teenage Dream AEN10213 Trista My bedroom was extremely quiet. Yes, it was, for all my . Arthur Essay In In Pessimism Pessimism Schopenhauer Study Study? family was napping on that comfortable autumn day.

Usually I would hear my father was watching TV in the living and my younger brother listened to music on his cellphone and a thesis my mother was cooking our dinner in the kitchen. I remembered that the title format for mla research, day was raining outside, but it didn’t rain very heavily because I could still see the tips a thesis discussion, sun hiding behind the cloud. Essay First Person Narrative? For I couldn’t go out to meet my friends. A Little Bit , A Little Bit Longer , High school 1045 Words | 3 Pages. DREAM COMPANY My Dream company is Hewlett – Packard Co. Tips Discussion? I would like to see myself in top position as a General . Manager of essay HP company in near future.

HP company is known for its best quality products and great services. This prestigious organization gives me more opportunities like exploring my innovative thoughts in building this organization in perfect manner. Because of its large scale productivity services all over the world makes any person or customer comfortable. HP company is founded. Compaq , David Packard , Hewlett-Packard 979 Words | 3 Pages.

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coming of discussion, age essay THE COMING ANARCHY. by Robert D. Kaplan. How scarcity, crime, overpopulation, tribalism, and disease are rapidly destroying the msc officer essay social fabric of our planet. The Atlantic Monthly, February 1994. The Minister's eyes were like egg yolks, an tips discussion aftereffect of writing first person, some of the many illnesses, malaria especially, endemic in his country. Tips For Writing. There was also an irrefutable sadness in research his eyes. He spoke in a slow and for writing discussion creaking voice, the voice of hope about to effect of computer essay expire. Flame trees, coconut palms, and a ballpoint-blue Atlantic composed the background. None of it seemed beautiful, though. In forty-five years I have never seen things so bad.

We did not manage ourselves well after the British departed. But what we have now is something worse--the revenge of the tips poor, of the social failures, of the people least able to bring up children in arthur schopenhauer study study a modern society. Then he referred to the recent coup in the West African country Sierra Leone. For Writing. The boys who took power in Sierra Leone come from houses like this. The Minister jabbed his finger at a corrugated metal shack teeming with children. By Susan Glaspell Questions. In three months these boys confiscated all the official Mercedes, Volvos, and BMWs and for writing willfully wrecked them on the road. The Minister mentioned one of the coup's leaders, Solomon Anthony Joseph Musa, who shot the people who had paid for his schooling, in order to erase the humiliation and format for mla research paper mitigate the power his middle-class sponsors held over him. Tyranny is nothing new in Sierra Leone or in the rest of for writing a thesis discussion, West Africa. But it is now part and parcel of an increasing lawlessness that is far more significant than any coup, rebel incursion, or episodic experiment in democracy. Crime was what my friend--a top-ranking African official whose life would be threatened were I to identify him more precisely--really wanted to talk about.

Crime is what makes West Africa a natural point of departure for my report on what the political character of our planet is likely to be in the twenty-first century. The cities of West Africa at night are some of the unsafest places in the world. Streets are unlit; the police often lack gasoline for their vehicles; armed burglars, carjackers, and muggers proliferate. The government in Sierra Leone has no writ after dark, says a foreign resident, shrugging. When I was in the capital, Freetown, last September, eight men armed with AK-47s broke into the house of an effect of computer addiction American man.

They tied him up and tips for writing a thesis discussion stole everything of value. Forget Miami: direct flights between the United States and coursework the Murtala Muhammed Airport, in tips neighboring Nigeria's largest city, Lagos, have been suspended by order of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation because of ineffective security at the terminal and its environs. A State Department report cited the in in pessimism schopenhauer study study airport for extortion by tips discussion, law-enforcement and title page format immigration officials. A Thesis Discussion. This is one of the few times that the pessimism schopenhauer study U.S. government has embargoed a foreign airport for reasons that are linked purely to crime. In Abidjan, effectively the capital of the Cote d'Ivoire, or Ivory Coast, restaurants have stick- and gun-wielding guards who walk you the fifteen feet or so between your car and the entrance, giving you an eerie taste of what American cities might be like in the future. An Italian ambassador was killed by gunfire when robbers invaded an Abidjan restaurant. The family of the Nigerian ambassador was tied up and robbed at gunpoint in the ambassador's residence. After university students in tips a thesis the Ivory Coast caught bandits who had been plaguing their dorms, they executed them by essay schopenhauer study study, hanging tires around their necks and setting the tires on fire. In one instance Ivorian policemen stood by tips for writing discussion, and watched the essay necklacings, afraid to intervene. Each time I went to the Abidjan bus terminal, groups of young men with restless, scanning eyes surrounded my taxi, putting their hands all over the windows, demanding tips for carrying my luggage even though I had only a rucksack.

In cities in six West African countries I saw similar young men everywhere--hordes of a thesis, them. They were like loose molecules in a very unstable social fluid, a fluid that was clearly on the verge of igniting. You see, my friend the arthur essay study Minister told me, in the villages of Africa it is for writing discussion, perfectly natural to feed at any table and lodge in any hut. But in the cities this communal existence no longer holds. You must pay for lodging and be invited for food.

When young men find out trifles by susan questions that their relations cannot put them up, they become lost. They join other migrants and slip gradually into the criminal process. In the poor quarters of Arab North Africa, he continued, there is much less crime, because Islam provides a social anchor: of education and indoctrination. For Writing Discussion. Here in West Africa we have a lot of writing first narrative, superficial Islam and superficial Christianity. Western religion is undermined by animist beliefs not suitable to a moral society, because they are based on irrational spirit power. Here spirits are used to wreak vengeance by one person against another, or one group against tips for writing a thesis, another. Many of the atrocities in the Liberian civil war have been tied to belief in juju spirits, and the BBC has reported, in its magazine Focus on Africa, that in the civil fighting in format for mla research paper adjacent Sierra Leone, rebels were said to have a young woman with them who would go to the front naked, always walking backwards and looking in a mirror to see where she was going.

This made her invisible, so that she could cross to the army's positions and tips for writing a thesis there bury charms . . . to improve the rebels' chances of success. Finally my friend the Minister mentioned polygamy. Designed for a pastoral way of life, polygamy continues to as level coursework thrive in sub-Saharan Africa even though it is increasingly uncommon in Arab North Africa. Most youths I met on the road in West Africa told me that they were from extended families, with a mother in one place and a father in tips a thesis discussion another. Translated to an urban environment, loose family structures are largely responsible for the world's highest birth rates and as level coursework the explosion of the HIV virus on the continent. A Thesis. Like the title page format communalism and animism, they provide a weak shield against the corrosive social effects of life in cities.

In those cities African culture is being redefined while desertification and deforestation--also tied to overpopulation--drive more and tips for writing a thesis more African peasants out of the countryside. West Africa is becoming the symbol of worldwide demographic, environmental, and as level coursework mark scheme societal stress, in which criminal anarchy emerges as the real strategic danger. Disease, overpopulation, unprovoked crime, scarcity of a thesis discussion, resources, refugee migrations, the increasing erosion of media as level mark scheme, nation-states and international borders, and the empowerment of private armies, security firms, and international drug cartels are now most tellingly demonstrated through a West African prism. West Africa provides an a thesis discussion appropriate introduction to the issues, often extremely unpleasant to discuss, that will soon confront our civilization. To remap the political earth the way it will be a few decades hence--as I intend to do in this article--I find I must begin with West Africa. There is no other place on the planet where political maps are so deceptive--where, in fact, they tell such lies--as in West Africa. Start with Sierra Leone. According to paper the map, it is a nation-state of for writing a thesis, defined borders, with a government in control of its territory. In truth the Sierra Leonian government, run by a twenty-seven-year-old army captain, Valentine Strasser, controls Freetown by day and by day also controls part of the essay writing person rural interior.

In the government's territory the national army is an unruly rabble threatening drivers and passengers at most checkpoints. Tips. In the other part of the country units of two separate armies from the trifles glaspell essay war in for writing Liberia have taken up residence, as has an of computer army of Sierra Leonian rebels. The government force fighting the rebels is full of renegade commanders who have aligned themselves with disaffected village chiefs. A Thesis Discussion. A pre-modern formlessness governs the battlefield, evoking the essay wars in medieval Europe prior to the 1648 Peace of Westphalia, which ushered in the era of organized nation-states. As a consequence, roughly 400,000 Sierra Leonians are internally displaced, 280,000 more have fled to neighboring Guinea, and tips a thesis another 100,000 have fled to Liberia, even as 400,000 Liberians have fled to Sierra Leone. The third largest city in Sierra Leone, Gondama, is a displaced-persons camp. With an additional 600,000 Liberians in Guinea and 250,000 in the Ivory Coast, the borders dividing these four countries have become largely meaningless. Format. Even in quiet zones none of the governments except the Ivory Coast's maintains the schools, bridges, roads, and police forces in a manner necessary for functional sovereignty. Tips For Writing. The Koranko ethnic group in northeastern Sierra Leone does all its trading in Guinea. Sierra Leonian diamonds are more likely to be sold in Liberia than in Freetown. Trifles Glaspell Essay Questions. In the eastern provinces of tips for writing a thesis discussion, Sierra Leone you can buy Liberian beer but not the local brand.

In Sierra Leone, as in as level mark Guinea, as in tips the Ivory Coast, as in Ghana, most of the primary rain forest and the secondary bush is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Glaspell. I saw convoys of trucks bearing majestic hardwood trunks to coastal ports. When Sierra Leone achieved its independence, in 1961, as much as 60 percent of the for writing country was primary rain forest. Now six percent is. In the Ivory Coast the proportion has fallen from 38 percent to eight percent. By Susan Glaspell Questions. The deforestation has led to for writing a thesis discussion soil erosion, which has led to more flooding and more mosquitoes. Virtually everyone in the West African interior has some form of malaria. Sierra Leone is title format for mla research paper, a microcosm of what is a thesis, occurring, albeit in arthur essay pessimism schopenhauer study a more tempered and gradual manner, throughout West Africa and much of the underdeveloped world: the withering away of central governments, the rise of tribal and regional domains, the discussion unchecked spread of addiction essay, disease, and the growing pervasiveness of war. West Africa is reverting to the Africa of the Victorian atlas. It consists now of a series of coastal trading posts, such as Freetown and Conakry, and an interior that, owing to violence, volatility, and disease, is again becoming, as Graham Greene once observed, blank and unexplored. However, whereas Greene's vision implies a certain romance, as in the somnolent and charmingly seedy Freetown of his celebrated novel The Heart of the Matter, it is Thomas Malthus, the philosopher of demographic doomsday, who is now the prophet of West Africa's future.

And West Africa's future, eventually, will also be that of most of the rest of the world. Consider Chicago. For Writing A Thesis Discussion. I refer not to trifles by susan glaspell essay questions Chicago, Illinois, but to a slum district of Abidjan, which the young toughs in for writing a thesis the area have named after the American city. (Washington is another poor section of Abidjan.) Although Sierra Leone is msc officer, widely regarded as beyond salvage, the Ivory Coast has been considered an African success story, and Abidjan has been called the Paris of West Africa. Tips For Writing A Thesis. Success, however, was built on two artificial factors: the high price of cocoa, of which the by susan essay Ivory Coast is the world's leading producer, and the talents of a French expatriate community, whose members have helped run the government and a thesis the private sector. The expanding cocoa economy made the Ivory Coast a magnet for migrant workers from all over West Africa: between a third and a half of the country's population is now non-Ivorian, and the figure could be as high as 75 percent in Abidjan. During the 1980s cocoa prices fell and the French began to leave. The skyscrapers of the Paris of West Africa are a facade. Page Paper. Perhaps 15 percent of for writing a thesis, Abidjan's population of three million people live in shantytowns like Chicago and Washington, and the vast majority live in places that are not much better. Not all of these places appear on any of the readily available maps.

This is another indication of format paper, how political maps are the products of tired conventional wisdom and, in the Ivory Coast's case, of an elite that will ultimately be forced to relinquish power. Chicago, like more and more of Abidjan, is a slum in the bush: a checkerwork of corrugated zinc roofs and walls made of cardboard and black plastic wrap. It is located in a gully teeming with coconut palms and tips a thesis discussion oil palms, and is ravaged by flooding. Few residents have easy access to electricity, a sewage system, or a clean water supply. The crumbly red laterite earth crawls with foot-long lizards both inside and outside the shacks. Children defecate in a stream filled with garbage and pigs, droning with malarial mosquitoes. Of Computer Addiction Essay. In this stream women do the washing.

Young unemployed men spend their time drinking beer, palm wine, and gin while gambling on pinball games constructed out of rotting wood and rusty nails. These are the same youths who rob houses in more prosperous Ivorian neighborhoods at night. Tips. One man I met, Damba Tesele, came to Chicago from Burkina Faso in 1963. A cook by profession, he has four wives and thirty-two children, not one of whom has made it to high school. He has seen his shanty community destroyed by municipal authorities seven times since coming to the area. Effect. Each time he and his neighbors rebuild.

Chicago is the latest incarnation. Fifty-five percent of the Ivory Coast's population is urban, and the proportion is expected to reach 62 percent by 2000. For Writing A Thesis. The yearly net population growth is 3.6 percent. This means that the Ivory Coast's 13.5 million people will become 39 million by title page format, 2025, when much of the population will consist of urbanized peasants like those of Chicago. But don't count on the Ivory Coast's still existing then. Chicago, which is more indicative of Africa's and the Third World's demographic present--and even more of the future--than any idyllic junglescape of women balancing earthen jugs on their heads, illustrates why the Ivory Coast, once a model of a thesis discussion, Third World success, is becoming a case study in Third World catastrophe. President Felix Houphouet-Boigny, who died last December at the age of format research paper, about ninety, left behind a weak cluster of political parties and for writing discussion a leaden bureaucracy that discourages foreign investment. Because the military is small and the non-Ivorian population large, there is neither an title page format for mla obvious force to tips a thesis discussion maintain order nor a sense of nationhood that would lessen the need for such enforcement. The economy has been shrinking since the mid-1980s. Though the French are working assiduously to preserve stability, the Ivory Coast faces a possibility worse than a coup: an anarchic implosion of criminal violence--an urbanized version of what has already happened in mark scheme Somalia.

Or it may become an African Yugoslavia, but one without mini-states to replace the whole. Because the demographic reality of West Africa is tips for writing a thesis, a countryside draining into dense slums by the coast, ultimately the region's rulers will come to reflect the values of these shanty-towns. There are signs of this already in essay Sierra Leone--and in Togo, where the dictator Etienne Eyadema, in power since 1967, was nearly toppled in 1991, not by democrats but by thousands of youths whom the London-based magazine West Africa described as Soweto-like stone-throwing adolescents. Their behavior may herald a regime more brutal than Eyadema's repressive one. The fragility of these West African countries impressed itself on me when I took a series of bush taxis along the Gulf of for writing a thesis discussion, Guinea, from the Togolese capital of Lome, across Ghana, to format paper Abidjan. The 400-mile journey required two full days of driving, because of stops at two border crossings and an additional eleven customs stations, at each of a thesis, which my fellow passengers had their bags searched.

I had to change money twice and repeatedly fill in currency-declaration forms. I had to bribe a Togolese immigration official with the equivalent of eighteen dollars before he would agree to put an exit stamp on media as level scheme my passport. Tips For Writing A Thesis Discussion. Nevertheless, smuggling across these borders is rampant. The London Observer has reported that in 1992 the equivalent of $856 million left West Africa for Europe in the form of hot cash assumed to be laundered drug money. International cartels have discovered the utility of weak, financially strapped West African regimes. The more fictitious the actual sovereignty, the more severe border authorities seem to be in trying to essay first person prove otherwise. Getting visas for these states can be as hard as crossing their borders. The Washington embassies of Sierra Leone and Guinea--the two poorest nations on earth, according to a 1993 United Nations report on human development--asked for letters from my bank (in lieu of prepaid round-trip tickets) and also personal references, in order to prove that I had sufficient means to sustain myself during my visits. I was reminded of my visa and currency hassles while traveling to the communist states of Eastern Europe, particularly East Germany and Czechoslovakia, before those states collapsed.

Ali A. For Writing A Thesis Discussion. Mazrui, the director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies at effect addiction essay the State University of New York at Binghamton, predicts that West Africa--indeed, the whole continent--is on the verge of large-scale border upheaval. A Thesis Discussion. Mazrui writes, In the as level coursework mark scheme 21st century France will be withdrawing from West Africa as she gets increasingly involved in the affairs [of Europe]. Tips For Writing Discussion. France's West African sphere of influence will be filled by Nigeria--a more natural hegemonic power. Media As Level Coursework. . . Tips A Thesis Discussion. . It will be under those circumstances that Nigeria's own boundaries are likely to expand to essay incorporate the Republic of tips discussion, Niger (the Hausa link), the Republic of by susan essay, Benin (the Yoruba link) and conceivably Cameroon. The future could be more tumultuous, and bloodier, than Mazrui dares to say. France will withdraw from former colonies like Benin, Togo, Niger, and the Ivory Coast, where it has been propping up local currencies. Tips. It will do so not only because its attention will be diverted to new challenges in Europe and msc officer essay Russia but also because younger French officials lack the discussion older generation's emotional ties to the ex-colonies. Msc Officer. However, even as Nigeria attempts to expand, it, too, is likely to split into several pieces. The State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research recently made the following points in an analysis of Nigeria: Prospects for a transition to civilian rule and democratization are slim. . . . The repressive apparatus of the state security service . . . will be difficult for any future civilian government to tips for writing control. . . . The country is becoming increasingly ungovernable. . . Title Page For Mla Paper. . Ethnic and regional splits are deepening, a situation made worse by an increase in the number of states from 19 to 30 and a doubling in the number of local governing authorities; religious cleavages are more serious; Muslim fundamentalism and evangelical Christian militancy are on the rise; and northern Muslim anxiety over southern [Christian] control of the economy is discussion, intense . . . the will to keep Nigeria together is now very weak. Given that oil-rich Nigeria is a bellwether for the region--its population of for mla research paper, roughly 90 million equals the populations of all the other West African states combined--it is apparent that Africa faces cataclysms that could make the Ethiopian and Somalian famines pale in comparison. This is especially so because Nigeria's population, including that of its largest city, Lagos, whose crime, pollution, and tips a thesis discussion overcrowding make it the cliche par excellence of Third World urban dysfunction, is set to as level mark scheme double during the next twenty-five years, while the country continues to deplete its natural resources.

Part of West Africa's quandary is that although its population belts are horizontal, with habitation densities increasing as one travels south away from the Sahara and toward the tropical abundance of the Atlantic littoral, the borders erected by European colonialists are vertical, and tips a thesis discussion therefore at cross-purposes with demography and coursework scheme topography. Satellite photos depict the same reality I experienced in the bush taxi: the Lome-Abidjan coastal corridor--indeed, the entire stretch of coast from Abidjan eastward to Lagos--is one burgeoning megalopolis that by any rational economic and geographical standard should constitute a single sovereignty, rather than the tips a thesis five (the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria) into which it is currently divided. As many internal African borders begin to crumble, a more impenetrable boundary is being erected that threatens to isolate the continent as a whole: the wall of disease. Merely to visit West Africa in some degree of addiction, safety, I spent about tips a thesis discussion, $500 for a hepatitis B vaccination series and other disease prophylaxis. Effect Of Computer. Africa may today be more dangerous in this regard than it was in 1862, before antibiotics, when the tips a thesis explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton described the health situation on the continent as deadly, a Golgotha, a Jehannum. Of the in in schopenhauer study approximately 12 million people worldwide whose blood is HIV-positive, 8 million are in Africa. In the capital of the Ivory Coast, whose modern road system only helps to spread the disease, 10 percent of the tips discussion population is HIV-positive. And war and refugee movements help the virus break through to more-remote areas of title page paper, Africa. Alan Greenberg, M.D., a representative of the Centers for for writing a thesis discussion Disease Control in Abidjan, explains that in Africa the HIV virus and msc officer tuberculosis are now fast-forwarding each other.

Of the approximately 4,000 newly diagnosed tuberculosis patients in for writing discussion Abidjan, 45 percent were also found to be HIV-positive. As African birth rates soar and slums proliferate, some experts worry that viral mutations and hybridizations might, just conceivably, result in a form of the AIDS virus that is coursework mark scheme, easier to catch than the present strain. It is malaria that is most responsible for the disease wall that threatens to separate Africa and other parts of the Third World from more-developed regions of the planet in the twenty-first century. Carried by mosquitoes, malaria, unlike AIDS, is easy to catch. Most people in sub-Saharan Africa have recurring bouts of the disease throughout their entire lives, and it is mutating into increasingly deadly forms. The great gift of Malaria is utter apathy, wrote Sir Richard Burton, accurately portraying the situation in much of the Third World today. Visitors to malaria-afflicted parts of the planet are protected by a new drug, mefloquine, a side effect of which is for writing a thesis, vivid, even violent, dreams. But a strain of cerebral malaria resistant to mefloquine is now on the offensive. Consequently, defending oneself against malaria in Africa is becoming more and effect of computer essay more like defending oneself against discussion, violent crime. You engage in behavior modification: not going out at dusk, wearing mosquito repellent all the time.

And the cities keep growing. I got a general sense of the future while driving from the airport to downtown Conakry, the capital of Guinea. The forty-five-minute journey in heavy traffic was through one never-ending shantytown: a nightmarish Dickensian spectacle to which Dickens himself would never have given credence. The corrugated metal shacks and scabrous walls were coated with black slime. Stores were built out of rusted shipping containers, junked cars, and jumbles of of computer addiction essay, wire mesh. The streets were one long puddle of floating garbage. Mosquitoes and flies were everywhere. Children, many of whom had protruding bellies, seemed as numerous as ants. Tips. When the tide went out, dead rats and the skeletons of cars were exposed on title format research the mucky beach. Tips A Thesis Discussion. In twenty-eight years Guinea's population will double if growth goes on at current rates. Hardwood logging continues at a madcap speed, and people flee the Guinean countryside for Conakry.

It seemed to me that here, as elsewhere in msc officer Africa and the Third World, man is challenging nature far beyond its limits, and nature is now beginning to for writing a thesis discussion take its revenge. Africa may be as relevant to the future character of world politics as the Balkans were a hundred years ago, prior to the two Balkan wars and the First World War. Then the threat was the collapse of empires and the birth of essay writing first, nations based solely on tribe. Now the threat is more elemental: nature unchecked. Africa's immediate future could be very bad. The coming upheaval, in which foreign embassies are shut down, states collapse, and contact with the a thesis outside world takes place through dangerous, disease-ridden coastal trading posts, will loom large in the century we are entering. (Nine of twenty-one U.S. foreign-aid missions to be closed over the next three years are in Africa--a prologue to a consolidation of U.S. Msc Officer. embassies themselves.) Precisely because much of tips for writing, Africa is set to go over the edge at essay pessimism a time when the Cold War has ended, when environmental and demographic stress in other parts of the globe is a thesis, becoming critical, and essay when the post-First World War system of nation-states--not just in tips for writing a thesis the Balkans but perhaps also in the Middle East--is about to be toppled, Africa suggests what war, borders, and ethnic politics will be like a few decades hence.

To understand the events of the next fifty years, then, one must understand environmental scarcity, cultural and racial clash, geographic destiny, and addiction essay the transformation of war. The order in discussion which I have named these is not accidental. Each concept except the first relies partly on the one or ones before it, meaning that the last two--new approaches to mapmaking and to warfare--are the most important. They are also the least understood. I will now look at each idea, drawing upon the work of specialists and also my own travel experiences in various parts of the globe besides Africa, in order to fill in the blanks of a new political atlas. The Environment as a Hostile Power. For a while the essay writing first person media will continue to ascribe riots and other violent upheavals abroad mainly to ethnic and religious conflict. Tips. But as these conflicts multiply, it will become apparent that something else is page format research paper, afoot, making more and more places like Nigeria, India, and Brazil ungovernable. Mention the environment or diminishing natural resources in foreign-policy circles and you meet a brick wall of skepticism or boredom.

To conservatives especially, the very terms seem flaky. Public-policy foundations have contributed to the lack of interest, by funding narrowly focused environmental studies replete with technical jargon which foreign-affairs experts just let pile up on their desks. It is time to understand the environment for what it is: the national-security issue of the tips a thesis discussion early twenty-first century. The political and strategic impact of surging populations, spreading disease, deforestation and soil erosion, water depletion, air pollution, and, possibly, rising sea levels in critical, overcrowded regions like the Nile Delta and Bangladesh--developments that will prompt mass migrations and, in turn, incite group conflicts--will be the core foreign-policy challenge from effect essay, which most others will ultimately emanate, arousing the public and uniting assorted interests left over from the Cold War. In the twenty-first century water will be in dangerously short supply in such diverse locales as Saudi Arabia, Central Asia, and the southwestern United States. A war could erupt between Egypt and discussion Ethiopia over Nile River water. Essay. Even in Europe tensions have arisen between Hungary and Slovakia over the damming of the Danube, a classic case of tips discussion, how environmental disputes fuse with ethnic and historical ones. The political scientist and erstwhile Clinton adviser Michael Mandelbaum has said, We have a foreign policy today in the shape of media as level coursework mark, a doughnut--lots of peripheral interests but nothing at the center. The environment, I will argue, is part of a terrifying array of problems that will define a new threat to tips a thesis discussion our security, filling the hole in Mandelbaum's doughnut and msc officer essay allowing a post- Cold War foreign policy to emerge inexorably by need rather than by design. Our Cold War foreign policy truly began with George F. Kennan's famous article, signed X, published in Foreign Affairs in July of 1947, in which Kennan argued for a firm and vigilant containment of a Soviet Union that was imperially, rather than ideologically, motivated.

It may be that our post-Cold War foreign policy will one day be seen to have had its beginnings in an even bolder and more detailed piece of written analysis: one that appeared in the journal International Security. Tips A Thesis. The article, published in the fall of 1991 by Thomas Fraser Homer-Dixon, who is the head of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program at the University of Toronto, was titled On the Threshold: Environmental Changes as Causes of Acute Conflict. Homer-Dixon has, more successfully than other analysts, integrated two hitherto separate fields--military-conflict studies and writing first person the study of the physical environment. In Homer-Dixon's view, future wars and civil violence will often arise from scarcities of resources such as water, cropland, forests, and fish. Just as there will be environmentally driven wars and refugee flows, there will be environmentally induced praetorian regimes--or, as he puts it, hard regimes. Countries with the highest probability of acquiring hard regimes, according to Homer-Dixon, are those that are threatened by a declining resource base yet also have a history of state [read 'military'] strength.

Candidates include Indonesia, Brazil, and, of course, Nigeria. Though each of these nations has exhibited democratizing tendencies of late, Homer-Dixon argues that such tendencies are likely to be superficial epiphenomena having nothing to do with long-term processes that include soaring populations and shrinking raw materials. Tips For Writing A Thesis Discussion. Democracy is schopenhauer study, problematic; scarcity is more certain. Indeed, the Saddam Husseins of the future will have more, not fewer, opportunities. In addition to engendering tribal strife, scarcer resources will place a great strain on many peoples who never had much of a democratic or institutional tradition to begin with. Over the next fifty years the tips a thesis discussion earth's population will soar from 5.5 billion to more than nine billion. Though optimists have hopes for new resource technologies and free-market development in the global village, they fail to note that, as the glaspell questions National Academy of tips discussion, Sciences has pointed out, 95 percent of the population increase will be in the poorest regions of the world, where governments now--just look at Africa--show little ability to function, let alone to implement even marginal improvements. Homer-Dixon writes, ominously, Neo-Malthusians may underestimate human adaptability in by susan glaspell essay questions today's environmental-social system, but as time passes their analysis may become ever more compelling. While a minority of the human population will be, as Francis Fukuyama would put it, sufficiently sheltered so as to enter a post-historical realm, living in cities and suburbs in tips for writing a thesis discussion which the environment has been mastered and ethnic animosities have been quelled by bourgeois prosperity, an effect of computer increasingly large number of people will be stuck in history, living in shantytowns where attempts to rise above poverty, cultural dysfunction, and ethnic strife will be doomed by a lack of water to drink, soil to till, and space to survive in. In the developing world environmental stress will present people with a choice that is increasingly among totalitarianism (as in Iraq), fascist-tending mini-states (as in Serb-held Bosnia), and road-warrior cultures (as in tips a thesis discussion Somalia). Homer-Dixon concludes that as environmental degradation proceeds, the size of the potential social disruption will increase.

Tad Homer-Dixon is an in in pessimism study unlikely Jeremiah. Today a boyish thirty-seven, he grew up amid the a thesis discussion sylvan majesty of Vancouver Island, attending private day schools. His speech is calm, perfectly even, and crisply enunciated. There is nothing in his background or manner that would indicate a bent toward pessimism. A Canadian Anglican who spends his summers canoeing on the lakes of mark, northern Ontario, and who talks about the benign mountains, black bears, and Douglas firs of for writing, his youth, he is the opposite msc officer of the a thesis discussion intellectually severe neoconservative, the kind at home with conflict scenarios. Nor is he an environmentalist who opposes development. My father was a logger who thought about ecologically safe forestry before others, he says. Essay Writing First Person. He logged, planted, logged, and discussion planted. He got out of the business just as the issue was being polarized by media mark, environmentalists.

They hate changed ecosystems. But human beings, just by carrying seeds around, change the tips natural world. As an only child whose playground was a virtually untouched wilderness and seacoast, Homer-Dixon has a familiarity with the natural world that permits him to see a reality that most policy analysts--children of suburbia and as level coursework mark city streets--are blind to. We need to bring nature back in, he argues. We have to stop separating politics from the physical world--the climate, public health, and the environment. Tips For Writing A Thesis. Quoting Daniel Deudney, another pioneering expert on the security aspects of the environment, Homer-Dixon says that for too long we've been prisoners of 'social-social' theory, which assumes there are only social causes for social and political changes, rather than natural causes, too. This social-social mentality emerged with the Industrial Revolution, which separated us from nature. But nature is coming back with a vengeance, tied to population growth.

It will have incredible security implications. Think of a stretch limo in the potholed streets of first, New York City, where homeless beggars live. Inside the limo are the for writing a thesis air-conditioned post-industrial regions of media coursework, North America, Europe, the emerging Pacific Rim, and a few other isolated places, with their trade summitry and computer-information highways. Outside is the for writing discussion rest of mankind, going in a completely different direction. We are entering a bifurcated world. First Narrative. Part of the globe is inhabited by Hegel's and Fukuyama's Last Man, healthy, well fed, and pampered by technology. The other, larger, part is inhabited by Hobbes's First Man, condemned to a life that is tips a thesis discussion, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. Although both parts will be threatened by environmental stress, the media as level mark scheme Last Man will be able to master it; the First Man will not. The Last Man will adjust to the loss of a thesis discussion, underground water tables in the western United States. He will build dikes to media as level coursework mark save Cape Hatteras and the Chesapeake beaches from tips for writing discussion, rising sea levels, even as the Maldive Islands, off the coast of India, sink into oblivion, and the shorelines of Egypt, Bangladesh, and Southeast Asia recede, driving tens of millions of people inland where there is no room for them, and thus sharpening ethnic divisions.

Homer-Dixon points to trifles glaspell a world map of soil degradation in his Toronto office. The darker the map color, the worse the degradation, he explains. The West African coast, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, China, and Central America have the darkest shades, signifying all manner of degradation, related to winds, chemicals, and water problems. The worst degradation is discussion, generally where the population is highest. Title Page Format For Mla Paper. The population is generally highest where the soil is the for writing a thesis discussion best. As Level Coursework Mark Scheme. So we're degrading earth's best soil. China, in Homer-Dixon's view, is the a thesis discussion quintessential example of environmental degradation.

Its current economic success masks deeper problems. China's fourteen percent growth rate does not mean it's going to essay first narrative be a world power. It means that coastal China, where the economic growth is taking place, is joining the rest of the for writing discussion Pacific Rim. The disparity with inland China is intensifying. Referring to the environmental research of his colleague, the Czech-born ecologist Vaclav Smil, Homer-Dixon explains how the per media as level coursework mark capita availability of arable land in interior China has rapidly declined at the same time that the quality of that land has been destroyed by deforestation, loss of tips, topsoil, and salinization.

He mentions the loss and contamination of water supplies, the exhaustion of wells, the essay schopenhauer study plugging of irrigation systems and reservoirs with eroded silt, and a population of 1.54 billion by the year 2025: it is a misconception that China has gotten its population under control. Large-scale population movements are under way, from inland China to coastal China and from villages to cities, leading to a crime surge like the one in Africa and to for writing discussion growing regional disparities and conflicts in a land with a strong tradition of warlordism and a weak tradition of trifles by susan essay questions, central government--again as in tips for writing a thesis Africa. Title Page For Mla Research Paper. We will probably see the center challenged and for writing a thesis fractured, and glaspell essay China will not remain the tips for writing discussion same on essay pessimism schopenhauer the map, Homer-Dixon says. Environmental scarcity will inflame existing hatreds and affect power relationships, at which we now look. In the summer, 1993, issue of Foreign Affairs, Samuel P. Huntington, of tips discussion, Harvard's Olin Institute for Strategic Studies, published a thought-provoking article called The Clash of Civilizations? The world, he argues, has been moving during the course of this century from by susan, nation-state conflict to ideological conflict to, finally, cultural conflict. I would add that as refugee flows increase and as peasants continue migrating to tips cities around the world--turning them into msc officer sprawling villages--national borders will mean less, even as more power will fall into the hands of less educated, less sophisticated groups. In the eyes of these uneducated but newly empowered millions, the real borders are the most tangible and intractable ones: those of culture and tribe. Huntington writes, First, differences among civilizations are not only real; they are basic, involving, among other things, history, language, and religion. Second . . . interactions between peoples of different civilizations are increasing; these increasing interactions intensify civilization consciousness.

Economic modernization is not necessarily a panacea, since it fuels individual and group ambitions while weakening traditional loyalties to the state. It is a thesis, worth noting, for example, that it is precisely the wealthiest and fastest-developing city in India, Bombay, that has seen the worst intercommunal violence between Hindus and Muslims. Consider that Indian cities, like African and essay Chinese ones, are ecological time bombs--Delhi and Calcutta, and also Beijing, suffer the worst air quality of any cities in the world--and it is apparent how surging populations, environmental degradation, and ethnic conflict are deeply related. Huntington points to interlocking conflicts among Hindu, Muslim, Slavic Orthodox, Western, Japanese, Confucian, Latin American, and possibly African civilizations: for instance, Hindus clashing with Muslims in India, Turkic Muslims clashing with Slavic Orthodox Russians in Central Asian cities, the West clashing with Asia. (Even in the United States, African-Americans find themselves besieged by an influx of competing Latinos.) Whatever the for writing a thesis laws, refugees find a way to crash official borders, bringing their passions with them, meaning that Europe and the United States will be weakened by cultural disputes. Because Huntington's brush is broad, his specifics are vulnerable to attack. In a rebuttal of essay first narrative, Huntington's argument the Johns Hopkins professor Fouad Ajami, a Lebanese-born Shi'ite who certainly knows the world beyond suburbia, writes in the September-October, 1993, issue of Foreign Affairs, The world of Islam divides and tips for writing discussion subdivides. The battle lines in the Caucasus . . Effect Of Computer Essay. . are not coextensive with civilizational fault lines. The lines follow the interests of for writing discussion, states.

Where Huntington sees a civilizational duel between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Iranian state has cast religious zeal . . . to glaspell questions the wind . . . in that battle the Iranians have tilted toward Christian Armenia. True, Huntington's hypothesized war between Islam and Orthodox Christianity is not borne out by the alliance network in the Caucasus. But that is only because he has misidentified which cultural war is occurring there. A recent visit to Azerbaijan made clear to me that Azeri Turks, the world's most secular Shi'ite Muslims, see their cultural identity in terms not of religion but of their Turkic race. The Armenians, likewise, fight the Azeris not because the latter are Muslims but because they are Turks, related to the same Turks who massacred Armenians in 1915. Turkic culture (secular and based on languages employing a Latin script) is battling Iranian culture (religiously militant as defined by Tehran, and wedded to an Arabic script) across the whole swath of Central Asia and the Caucasus. The Armenians are, therefore, natural allies of their fellow Indo-Europeans the Iranians. Huntington is correct that the Caucasus is a flashpoint of cultural and tips a thesis discussion racial war. But, as Ajami observes, Huntington's plate tectonics are too simple. Two months of recent travel throughout Turkey revealed to me that although the Turks are developing a deep distrust, bordering on writing hatred, of fellow-Muslim Iran, they are also, especially in the shantytowns that are coming to dominate Turkish public opinion, revising their group identity, increasingly seeing themselves as Muslims being deserted by tips for writing, a West that does little to help besieged Muslims in Bosnia and that attacks Turkish Muslims in the streets of Germany. In other words, the Balkans, a powder keg for nation-state war at the beginning of the twentieth century, could be a powder keg for cultural war at the turn of the in in pessimism schopenhauer study study twenty-first: between Orthodox Christianity (represented by the Serbs and a classic Byzantine configuration of Greeks, Russians, and a thesis Romanians) and the House of Islam.

Yet in media as level coursework scheme the Caucasus that House of Islam is falling into a clash between Turkic and Iranian civilizations. Ajami asserts that this very subdivision, not to mention all the divisions within the Arab world, indicates that the West, including the United States, is not threatened by tips for writing, Huntington's scenario. As the Gulf War demonstrated, the West has proved capable of playing one part of the House of Islam against another. True. However, whether he is aware of it or not, Ajami is title for mla, describing a world even more dangerous than the one Huntington envisions, especially when one takes into account Homer-Dixon's research on environmental scarcity. Outside the stretch limo would be a rundown, crowded planet of skinhead Cossacks and juju warriors, influenced by tips, the worst refuse of Western pop culture and ancient tribal hatreds, and msc officer battling over scraps of overused earth in guerrilla conflicts that ripple across continents and intersect in discussion no discernible pattern--meaning there's no easy-to-define threat. Kennan's world of trifles essay questions, one adversary seems as distant as the world of Herodotus. Most people believe that the political earth since 1989 has undergone immense change. But it is minor compared with what is yet to come. The breaking apart and remaking of the atlas is only now beginning.

The crack-up of the Soviet empire and the coming end of Arab-Israeli military confrontation are merely prologues to the really big changes that lie ahead. Michael Vlahos, a long-range thinker for the U.S. Navy, warns, We are not in a thesis discussion charge of the environment and by susan glaspell questions the world is discussion, not following us. It is going in many directions. Do not assume that democratic capitalism is the last word in human social evolution. Before addressing the questions of maps and of warfare, I want to take a closer look at the interaction of religion, culture, demographic shifts, and the distribution of natural resources in a specific area of the world: the Middle East. Built on steep, muddy hills, the shantytowns of Ankara, the Turkish capital, exude visual drama. Altindag, or Golden Mountain, is a pyramid of dreams, fashioned from cinder blocks and corrugated iron, rising as though each shack were built on top of another, all reaching awkwardly and painfully toward heaven--the heaven of wealthier Turks who live elsewhere in page research the city.

Nowhere else on the planet have I found such a poignant architectural symbol of man's striving, with gaps in house walls plugged with rusted cans, and leeks and tips for writing discussion onions growing on verandas assembled from planks of of computer essay, rotting wood. For reasons that I will explain, the Turkish shacktown is a psychological universe away from the tips for writing African one. To see the twenty-first century truly, one's eyes must learn a different set of aesthetics. One must reject the overly stylized images of glaspell, travel magazines, with their inviting photographs of exotic villages and glamorous downtowns. There are far too many millions whose dreams are more vulgar, more real--whose raw energies and desires will overwhelm the visions of the elites, remaking the future into something frighteningly new. A Thesis. But in Turkey I learned that shantytowns are not all bad. Slum quarters in Abidjan terrify and page research repel the outsider. In Turkey it is the opposite.

The closer I got to Golden Mountain the better it looked, and the safer I felt. I had $1,500 worth of tips discussion, Turkish lira in one pocket and $1,000 in traveler's checks in the other, yet I felt no fear. Golden Mountain was a real neighborhood. The inside of one house told the story: The architectural bedlam of cinder block and sheet metal and cardboard walls was deceiving. Inside was a home--order, that is, bespeaking dignity. I saw a working refrigerator, a television, a wall cabinet with a few books and lots of family pictures, a few plants by a window, and a stove. Though the streets become rivers of media coursework mark, mud when it rains, the floors inside this house were spotless. Other houses were like this too. Tips For Writing A Thesis. Schoolchildren ran along with briefcases strapped to their backs, trucks delivered cooking gas, a few men sat inside a cafe sipping tea. One man sipped beer. Alcohol is easy to obtain in addiction Turkey, a secular state where 99 percent of the population is Muslim.

Yet there is little problem of alcoholism. Crime against persons is infinitesimal. Poverty and illiteracy are watered-down versions of what obtains in Algeria and Egypt (to say nothing of West Africa), making it that much harder for religious extremists to gain a foothold. My point in bringing up a rather wholesome, crime-free slum is this: its existence demonstrates how formidable is the fabric of for writing, which Turkish Muslim culture is made. A culture this strong has the potential to dominate the as level coursework scheme Middle East once again.

Slums are litmus tests for innate cultural strengths and weaknesses. Those peoples whose cultures can harbor extensive slum life without decomposing will be, relatively speaking, the future's winners. Those whose cultures cannot will be the future's victims. Slums--in the sociological sense--do not exist in tips for writing a thesis Turkish cities. Title Page For Mla Research Paper. The mortar between people and family groups is stronger here than in Africa. Resurgent Islam and Turkic cultural identity have produced a civilization with natural muscle tone. Tips Discussion. Turks, history's perennial nomads, take disruption in stride. The future of the msc officer Middle East is discussion, quietly being written inside the heads of Golden Mountain's inhabitants. Think of an Ottoman military encampment on format for mla the eve of the destruction of Greek Constantinople in 1453.

That is Golden Mountain. A Thesis. We brought the media as level village here. But in the village we worked harder--in the tips for writing discussion field, all day. So we couldn't fast during [the holy month of] Ramadan. Here we fast. Here we are more religious.

Aishe Tanrikulu, along with half a dozen other women, was stuffing rice into msc officer essay vine leaves from tips discussion, a crude plastic bowl. She asked me to join her under the arthur in in schopenhauer study study shade of a piece of sheet metal. Each of tips for writing, these women had her hair covered by a kerchief. In the essay writing city they were encountering television for the first time. We are traditional, religious people. The programs offend us, Aishe said. Another woman complained about the schools. Though her children had educational options unavailable in the village, they had to compete with wealthier, secular Turks. The kids from rich families with connections--they get all the places. More opportunities, more tensions, in other words.

My guidebook to Golden Mountain was an for writing a thesis discussion untypical one: Tales From the Garbage Hills, a brutally realistic novel by a Turkish writer, Latife Tekin, about study, life in the shantytowns, which in Turkey are called gecekondus (built in a night). Tips For Writing A Thesis Discussion. He listened to the earth and effect of computer addiction essay wept unceasingly for water, for work and for the cure of the illnesses spread by the garbage and the factory waste, Tekin writes. In the most revealing passage of Tales From the tips for writing a thesis discussion Garbage Hills the squatters are told about a certain 'Ottoman Empire' . . . that where they now lived there had once been an empire of this name. This history confounded the squatters. It was the research paper first they had heard of it. Though one of them knew that his grandfather and a thesis discussion his dog died fighting the Greeks, nationalism and an encompassing sense of Turkish history are the province of the Turkish middle and msc officer upper classes, and of foreigners like me who feel required to have a notion of Turkey. But what did the Golden Mountain squatters know about the armies of Turkish migrants that had come before their own--namely, Seljuks and Ottomans? For these recently urbanized peasants, and their counterparts in Africa, the Arab world, India, and so many other places, the world is new, to for writing discussion adapt V. Msc Officer. S. Naipaul's phrase.

As Naipaul wrote of tips for writing a thesis discussion, urban refugees in title page format paper India: A Wounded Civilization, They saw themselves at the beginning of tips, things: unaccommodated men making a claim on page for mla their land for the first time, and tips for writing a thesis discussion out of chaos evolving their own philosophy of community and self-help. In In Pessimism Study Study. For them the past was dead; they had left it behind in the villages. Everywhere in tips for writing the developing world at the turn of the twenty-first century these new men and of computer women, rushing into the cities, are remaking civilizations and redefining their identities in terms of tips for writing, religion and tribal ethnicity which do not coincide with the borders of title page format for mla research paper, existing states. In Turkey several things are happening at once. In 1980, 44 percent of Turks lived in cities; in 1990 it was 61 percent. By the year 2000 the figure is expected to be 67 percent.

Villages are emptying out as concentric rings of gecekondu developments grow around Turkish cities. This is the real political and for writing discussion demographic revolution in Turkey and elsewhere, and foreign correspondents usually don't write about it. Whereas rural poverty is age-old and almost a normal part of the social fabric, urban poverty is trifles glaspell essay, socially destabilizing. As Iran has shown, Islamic extremism is the psychological defense mechanism of many urbanized peasants threatened with the tips loss of traditions in pessimism study pseudo-modern cities where their values are under attack, where basic services like water and electricity are unavailable, and where they are assaulted by a physically unhealthy environment. Tips For Writing Discussion. The American ethnologist and orientalist Carleton Stevens Coon wrote in title research 1951 that Islam has made possible the optimum survival and happiness of millions of human beings in for writing a thesis an increasingly impoverished environment over a fourteen-hundred-year period. Beyond its stark, clearly articulated message, Islam's very militancy makes it attractive to the downtrodden. It is the one religion that is arthur essay in in schopenhauer study, prepared to fight. A political era driven by environmental stress, increased cultural sensitivity, unregulated urbanization, and refugee migrations is an era divinely created for the spread and intensification of Islam, already the world's fastest-growing religion. (Though Islam is spreading in West Africa, it is being hobbled by syncretization with animism: this makes new converts less apt to become anti-Western extremists, but it also makes for a weakened version of the faith, which is less effective as an antidote to crime.) In Turkey, however, Islam is painfully and awkwardly forging a consensus with modernization, a trend that is less apparent in the Arab and Persian worlds (and virtually invisible in for writing a thesis Africa). In Iran the oil boom--because it put development and urbanization on a fast track, making the culture shock more intense--fueled the 1978 Islamic Revolution. But Turkey, unlike Iran and the Arab world, has little oil.

Therefore its development and urbanization have been more gradual. Islamists have been integrated into the parliamentary system for decades. The tensions I noticed in Golden Mountain are natural, creative ones: the kind immigrants face the world over. While the world has focused on religious perversity in Algeria, a nation rich in natural gas, and in Egypt, parts of whose capital city, Cairo, evince worse crowding than I have seen even in Calcutta, Turkey has been living through the Muslim equivalent of the Protestant Reformation. Resource distribution is strengthening Turks in another way vis-a-vis Arabs and Persians. Turks may have little oil, but their Anatolian heartland has lots of water--the most important fluid of the twenty-first century. Turkey's Southeast Anatolia Project, involving twenty-two major dams and irrigation systems, is impounding the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Much of the water that Arabs and perhaps Israelis will need to drink in the future is controlled by Turks. The project's centerpiece is the mile-wide, sixteen-story Ataturk Dam, upon which are emblazoned the words of modern Turkey's founder: Ne Mutlu Turkum Diyene (Lucky is the one who is a Turk). Unlike Egypt's Aswan High Dam, on the Nile, and Syria's Revolution Dam, on the Euphrates, both of which were built largely by msc officer, Russians, the Ataturk Dam is a predominantly Turkish affair, with Turkish engineers and companies in charge. A Thesis Discussion. On a recent visit my eyes took in of computer essay the immaculate offices and tips for writing a thesis their gardens, the high-voltage electric grids and phone switching stations, the dizzying sweep of giant humming transformers, the poured-concrete spillways, and the prim unfolding suburbia, complete with schools, for dam employees. The emerging power of the Turks was palpable. Erduhan Bayindir, the site manager at the dam, told me that while oil can be shipped abroad to enrich only elites, water has to be spread more evenly within the society. . . Format. . It is true, we can stop the flow of water into Syria and Iraq for up to tips for writing eight months without the same water overflowing our dams, in order to regulate their political behavior. Power is certainly moving north in the Middle East, from the oil fields of Dhahran, on the Persian Gulf, to the water plain of media mark scheme, Harran, in southern Anatolia--near the site of the Ataturk Dam. But will the nation-state of Turkey, as presently constituted, be the inheritor of this wealth? I very much doubt it. Whereas West Africa represents the least stable part of political reality outside Homer-Dixon's stretch limo, Turkey, an organic outgrowth of two Turkish empires that ruled Anatolia for 850 years, has been among the most stable.

Turkey's borders were established not by colonial powers but in for writing discussion a war of independence, in the early 1920s. Title Page Format For Mla. Kemal Ataturk provided Turkey with a secular nation-building myth that most Arab and African states, burdened by artificially drawn borders, lack. Tips A Thesis. That lack will leave many Arab states defenseless against a wave of Islam that will eat away at their legitimacy and frontiers in coming years. Yet even as regards Turkey, maps deceive. It is not only African shantytowns that don't appear on urban maps. Many shantytowns in Turkey and elsewhere are also missing--as are the considerable territories controlled by guerrilla armies and urban mafias.

Traveling with Eritrean guerrillas in what, according to the map, was northern Ethiopia, traveling in northern Iraq with Kurdish guerrillas, and staying in msc officer a hotel in the Caucasus controlled by a local mafia--to say nothing of my experiences in West Africa--led me to develop a healthy skepticism toward maps, which, I began to realize, create a conceptual barrier that prevents us from comprehending the political crack-up just beginning to occur worldwide. Consider the map of the world, with its 190 or so countries, each signified by a bold and tips a thesis uniform color: this map, with which all of trifles essay questions, us have grown up, is generally an tips for writing a thesis invention of modernism, specifically of European colonialism. Modernism, in the sense of media scheme, which I speak, began with the rise of nation-states in Europe and was confirmed by the death of feudalism at a thesis discussion the end of the Thirty Years' War--an event that was interposed between the trifles by susan essay questions Renaissance and the Enlightenment, which together gave birth to tips modern science. People were suddenly flush with an enthusiasm to categorize, to define. The map, based on scientific techniques of measurement, offered a way to classify new national organisms, making a jigsaw puzzle of neat pieces without transition zones between them. Frontier is itself a modern concept that didn't exist in the feudal mind. And as European nations carved out far-flung domains at msc officer the same time that print technology was making the reproduction of maps cheaper, cartography came into its own as a way of creating facts by tips for writing discussion, ordering the way we look at the world. In his book Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of trifles by susan glaspell questions, Nationalism, Benedict Anderson, of Cornell University, demonstrates that the map enabled colonialists to a thesis discussion think about effect addiction, their holdings in terms of a totalizing classificatory grid. . . . It was bounded, determinate, and tips a thesis therefore--in principle--countable.

To the colonialist, country maps were the essay equivalent of an for writing a thesis accountant's ledger books. Maps, Anderson explains, shaped the grammar that would make possible such questionable concepts as Iraq, Indonesia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria. The state, recall, is of computer addiction essay, a purely Western notion, one that until the twentieth century applied to countries covering only three percent of the earth's land area. Nor is the evidence compelling that the tips for writing a thesis state, as a governing ideal, can be successfully transported to areas outside the industrialized world. Even the United States of America, in the words of one of our best living poets, Gary Snyder, consists of person, arbitrary and inaccurate impositions on what is really here.

Yet this inflexible, artificial reality staggers on, not only in the United Nations but in various geographic and travel publications (themselves by-products of an age of elite touring which colonialism made possible) that still report on discussion and photograph the world according to country. Msc Officer. Newspapers, this magazine, and this writer are not innocent of the tendency. According to tips a thesis the map, the great hydropower complex emblemized by the Ataturk Dam is situated in trifles essay questions Turkey. Tips. Forget the map. Msc Officer Essay. This southeastern region of tips a thesis, Turkey is populated almost completely by of computer addiction, Kurds. About half of the world's 20 million Kurds live in Turkey. A Thesis. The Kurds are predominant in an ellipse of territory that overlaps not only title page for mla research, with Turkey but also with Iraq, Iran, Syria, and tips a thesis discussion the former Soviet Union. The Western-enforced Kurdish enclave in northern Iraq, a consequence of the mark scheme 1991 Gulf War, has already exposed the fictitious nature of that supposed nation-state. On a recent visit to the Turkish-Iranian border, it occurred to me what a risky idea the nation-state is. Here I was on tips for writing a thesis discussion the legal fault line between two clashing civilizations, Turkic and media mark scheme Iranian. Yet the discussion reality was more subtle: as in essay first narrative West Africa, the border was porous and smuggling abounded, but here the people doing the discussion smuggling, on title page format research paper both sides of the border, were Kurds.

In such a moonscape, over which peoples have migrated and settled in patterns that obliterate borders, the end of the for writing Cold War will bring on a cruel process of natural selection among existing states. No longer will these states be so firmly propped up by the West or the Soviet Union. Because the msc officer essay Kurds overlap with nearly everybody in for writing discussion the Middle East, on account of their being cheated out of a state in the post-First World War peace treaties, they are emerging, in effect, as the natural selector--the ultimate reality check. They have destabilized Iraq and may continue to disrupt states that do not offer them adequate breathing space, while strengthening states that do. Because the Turks, owing to writing first person their water resources, their growing economy, and the social cohesion evinced by the most crime-free slums I have encountered, are on the verge of big-power status, and because the 10 million Kurds within Turkey threaten that status, the outcome of the Turkish-Kurdish dispute will be more critical to the future of the tips discussion Middle East than the eventual outcome of the recent Israeli-Palestinian agreement. America's fascination with the Israeli-Palestinian issue, coupled with its lack of interest in the Turkish-Kurdish one, is a function of its own domestic and ethnic obsessions, not of the cartographic reality that is about to transform the Middle East. The diplomatic process involving Israelis and Palestinians will, I believe, have little effect on the early- and media as level mark mid-twenty-first-century map of the for writing discussion region. Israel, with a 6.6 percent economic growth rate based increasingly on high-tech exports, is about to enter Homer-Dixon's stretch limo, fortified by a well-defined political community that is an organic outgrowth of history and ethnicity. Like prosperous and peaceful Japan on the one hand, and war-torn and poverty-wracked Armenia on the other, Israel is as level mark, a classic national-ethnic organism. A Thesis. Much of the Arab world, however, will undergo alteration, as Islam spreads across artificial frontiers, fueled by mass migrations into the cities and a soaring birth rate of more than 3.2 percent. Seventy percent of the Arab population has been born since 1970--youths with little historical memory of anticolonial independence struggles, postcolonial attempts at nation-building, or any of the Arab-Israeli wars.

The most distant recollection of these youths will be the trifles by susan glaspell West's humiliation of colonially invented Iraq in 1991. Today seventeen out of twenty-two Arab states have a declining gross national product; in the next twenty years, at current growth rates, the population of many Arab countries will double. These states, like most African ones, will be ungovernable through conventional secular ideologies. The Middle East analyst Christine M. For Writing. Helms explains, Declaring Arab nationalism bankrupt, the political disinherited are not rationalizing the failure of Arabism . . . or reformulating it. Alternative solutions are not contemplated. They have simply opted for the political paradigm at the other end of the political spectrum with which they are familiar--Islam. Like the borders of West Africa, the colonial borders of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Algeria, and other Arab states are often contrary to cultural and political reality. As state control mechanisms wither in the face of environmental and demographic stress, hard Islamic city-states or shantytown-states are likely to emerge. Writing First Person. The fiction that the impoverished city of tips for writing a thesis discussion, Algiers, on the Mediterranean, controls Tamanrasset, deep in the Algerian Sahara, cannot obtain forever. Whatever the outcome of the peace process, Israel is destined to be a Jewish ethnic fortress amid a vast and volatile realm of Islam. In that realm, the violent youth culture of the Gaza shantytowns may be indicative of the msc officer coming era.

The destiny of Turks and Kurds is discussion, far less certain, but far more relevant to the kind of map that will explain our future world. The Kurds suggest a geographic reality that cannot be shown in two-dimensional space. The issue in Turkey is not simply a matter of giving autonomy or even independence to Kurds in msc officer the southeast. This isn't the Balkans or the Caucasus, where regions are merely subdividing into smaller units, Abkhazia breaking off from Georgia, and a thesis discussion so on. Federalism is not the essay answer. For Writing A Thesis Discussion. Kurds are found everywhere in pessimism schopenhauer study Turkey, including the shanty districts of Istanbul and Ankara. Tips. Turkey's problem is that its Anatolian land mass is the home of two cultures and languages, Turkish and Kurdish.

Identity in Turkey, as in India, Africa, and elsewhere, is more complex and subtle than conventional cartography can display. To appreciate fully the political and cartographic implications of of computer addiction, postmodernism--an epoch of themeless juxtapositions, in which the classificatory grid of nation-states is for writing a thesis discussion, going to be replaced by a jagged-glass pattern of city-states, shanty-states, nebulous and anarchic regionalisms--it is necessary to consider, finally, the essay writing person narrative whole question of war. Oh, what a relief to fight, to fight enemies who defend themselves, enemies who are awake! Andre Malraux wrote in Man's Fate. I cannot think of a more suitable battle cry for for writing discussion many combatants in the early decades of the twenty-first century. The intense savagery of the arthur in in study fighting in tips such diverse cultural settings as Liberia, Bosnia, the Caucasus, and Sri Lanka--to say nothing of what obtains in American inner cities--indicates something very troubling that those of us inside the stretch limo, concerned with issues like middle-class entitlements and the future of interactive cable television, lack the stomach to format for mla research contemplate.

It is this: a large number of people on this planet, to whom the comfort and stability of a middle-class life is utterly unknown, find war and a barracks existence a step up rather than a step down. Just as it makes no sense to ask 'why people eat' or 'what they sleep for,' writes Martin van Creveld, a military historian at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, in The Transformation of War, so fighting in many ways is not a means but an end. Throughout history, for every person who has expressed his horror of war there is another who found in for writing a thesis discussion it the essay first person narrative most marvelous of for writing discussion, all the experiences that are vouchsafed to man, even to the point that he later spent a lifetime boring his descendants by recounting his exploits. When I asked Pentagon officials about the nature of war in the twenty-first century, the answer I frequently got was Read Van Creveld. The top brass are enamored of this historian not because his writings justify their existence but, rather, the opposite: Van Creveld warns them that huge state military machines like the Pentagon's are dinosaurs about to go extinct, and that something far more terrible awaits us. The degree to which Van Creveld's Transformation of War complements Homer-Dixon's work on in in pessimism pessimism schopenhauer study study the environment, Huntington's thoughts on for writing a thesis discussion cultural clash, my own realizations in traveling by foot, bus, and bush taxi in more than sixty countries, and America's sobering comeuppances in essay narrative intractable-culture zones like Haiti and Somalia is startling.

The book begins by demolishing the notion that men don't like to fight. Tips For Writing A Thesis Discussion. By compelling the senses to focus themselves on as level coursework scheme the here and tips a thesis discussion now, Van Creveld writes, war can cause a man to take his leave of essay schopenhauer study, them. As anybody who has had experience with Chetniks in tips discussion Serbia, technicals in Somalia, Tontons Macoutes in Haiti, or soldiers in Sierra Leone can tell you, in places where the Western Enlightenment has not penetrated and where there has always been mass poverty, people find liberation in violence. In Afghanistan and elsewhere, I vicariously experienced this phenomenon: worrying about mines and ambushes frees you from worrying about mundane details of daily existence. If my own experience is too subjective, there is a wealth of data showing the sheer frequency of war, especially in the developing world since the Second World War.

Physical aggression is by susan questions, a part of tips a thesis discussion, being human. Only when people attain a certain economic, educational, and cultural standard is this trait tranquilized. Msc Officer. In light of the tips for writing a thesis discussion fact that 95 percent of the earth's population growth will be in pessimism schopenhauer study study the poorest areas of the globe, the question is not whether there will be war (there will be a lot of it) but what kind of war. And who will fight whom? Debunking the great military strategist Carl von Clausewitz, Van Creveld, who may be the most original thinker on war since that early-nineteenth-century Prussian, writes, Clausewitz's ideas . . . were wholly rooted in the fact that, ever since 1648, war had been waged overwhelmingly by states. But, as Van Creveld explains, the period of nation-states and, therefore, of state conflict is now ending, and with it the clear threefold division into discussion government, army, and people which state-directed wars enforce. Msc Officer Essay. Thus, to see the future, the first step is to look back to the past immediately prior to the birth of discussion, modernism--the wars in medieval Europe which began during the Reformation and reached their culmination in the Thirty Years' War. Van Creveld writes, In all these struggles political, social, economic, and religious motives were hopelessly entangled.

Since this was an age when armies consisted of mercenaries, all were also attended by swarms of military entrepreneurs. . . . Many of them paid little but lip service to the organizations for whom they had contracted to fight. Instead, they robbed the of computer addiction countryside on their own behalf. . . . Given such conditions, any fine distinctions . . . between armies on for writing a thesis the one hand and peoples on the other were bound to in in schopenhauer study break down. Tips Discussion. Engulfed by war, civilians suffered terrible atrocities. Back then, in other words, there was no politics as we have come to understand the glaspell questions term, just as there is less and less politics today in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, the Balkans, and the Caucasus, among other places. Because, as Van Creveld notes, the radius of trust within tribal societies is narrowed to one's immediate family and guerrilla comrades, truces arranged with one Bosnian commander, say, may be broken immediately by tips for writing a thesis discussion, another Bosnian commander. Arthur Pessimism. The plethora of short-lived ceasefires in the Balkans and the Caucasus constitute proof that we are no longer in a world where the old rules of state warfare apply. More evidence is provided by the destruction of medieval monuments in the Croatian port of Dubrovnik: when cultures, rather than states, fight, then cultural and religious monuments are weapons of war, making them fair game.

Also, war-making entities will no longer be restricted to a specific territory. Loose and shadowy organisms such as Islamic terrorist organizations suggest why borders will mean increasingly little and sedimentary layers of tribalistic identity and control will mean more. From the vantage point of the present, there appears every prospect that religious . . . Discussion. fanaticisms will play a larger role in the motivation of armed conflict in the West than at any time for the last 300 years, Van Creveld writes. This is why analysts like Michael Vlahos are closely monitoring religious cults. Vlahos says, An ideology that challenges us may not take familiar form, like the old Nazis or Commies. As Level Coursework Mark. It may not even engage us initially in ways that fit old threat markings. Van Creveld concludes, Armed conflict will be waged by men on earth, not robots in tips a thesis discussion space. It will have more in common with the struggles of primitive tribes than with large-scale conventional war.

While another military historian, John Keegan, in msc officer essay his new book A History of Warfare, draws a more benign portrait of primitive man, it is important to point out that what Van Creveld really means is re-primitivized man: warrior societies operating at a time of unprecedented resource scarcity and planetary overcrowding. Van Creveld's pre-Westphalian vision of worldwide low-intensity conflict is not a superficial back to the future scenario. First of a thesis, all, technology will be used toward primitive ends. In Liberia the guerrilla leader Prince Johnson didn't just cut off the ears of essay pessimism schopenhauer study study, President Samuel Doe before Doe was tortured to death in 1990--Johnson made a video of it, which has circulated throughout West Africa. For Writing. In December of 1992, when plotters of a failed coup against the Strasser regime in Sierra Leone had their ears cut off at Freetown's Hamilton Beach prior to as level being killed, it was seen by many to be a copycat execution. Considering, as I've explained earlier, that the Strasser regime is not really a government and that Sierra Leone is not really a nation-state, listen closely to Van Creveld: Once the legal monopoly of armed force, long claimed by the state, is wrested out of discussion, its hands, existing distinctions between war and crime will break down much as is already the case today in arthur essay schopenhauer study study . . . Lebanon, Sri Lanka, El Salvador, Peru, or Colombia. If crime and war become indistinguishable, then national defense may in the future be viewed as a local concept. As crime continues to grow in our cities and the ability of state governments and criminal-justice systems to protect their citizens diminishes, urban crime may, according to Van Creveld, develop into low-intensity conflict by a thesis discussion, coalescing along racial, religious, social, and political lines. As small-scale violence multiplies at home and abroad, state armies will continue to shrink, being gradually replaced by a booming private security business, as in West Africa, and by arthur essay pessimism study study, urban mafias, especially in the former communist world, who may be better equipped than municipal police forces to grant physical protection to local inhabitants. Future wars will be those of communal survival, aggravated or, in many cases, caused by environmental scarcity.

These wars will be subnational, meaning that it will be hard for states and local governments to protect their own citizens physically. This is how many states will ultimately die. As state power fades--and with it the a thesis state's ability to help weaker groups within society, not to mention other states--peoples and cultures around the world will be thrown back upon their own strengths and weaknesses, with fewer equalizing mechanisms to protect them. Whereas the distant future will probably see the emergence of a racially hybrid, globalized man, the coming decades will see us more aware of our differences than of our similarities. To the average person, political values will mean less, personal security more.

The belief that we are all equal is liable to be replaced by the overriding obsession of the ancient Greek travelers: Why the differences between peoples? In Geography and the Human Spirit, Anne Buttimer, a professor at University College, Dublin, recalls the essay first person work of an early-nineteenth-century German geographer, Carl Ritter, whose work implied a divine plan for humanity based on regionalism and tips a constant, living flow of forms. The map of the future, to the extent that a map is even possible, will represent a perverse twisting of essay writing first person narrative, Ritter's vision. Imagine cartography in three dimensions, as if in a hologram. In this hologram would be the overlapping sediments of group and other identities atop the merely two-dimensional color markings of tips for writing a thesis discussion, city-states and the remaining nations, themselves confused in places by shadowy tentacles, hovering overhead, indicating the power of drug cartels, mafias, and private security agencies. Instead of borders, there would be moving centers of by susan questions, power, as in the Middle Ages. Many of these layers would be in motion.

Replacing fixed and abrupt lines on a flat space would be a shifting pattern of a thesis discussion, buffer entities, like the Kurdish and Azeri buffer entities between Turkey and by susan glaspell questions Iran, the Turkic Uighur buffer entity between Central Asia and Inner China (itself distinct from coastal China), and the Latino buffer entity replacing a precise U.S.-Mexican border. To this protean cartographic hologram one must add other factors, such as migrations of populations, explosions of birth rates, vectors of tips for writing, disease. Henceforward the map of the world will never be static. This future map--in a sense, the Last Map--will be an ever-mutating representation of chaos. The Indian subcontinent offers examples of msc officer essay, what is happening. For different reasons, both India and a thesis discussion Pakistan are increasingly dysfunctional. The argument over as level coursework mark, democracy in these places is less and less relevant to the larger issue of governability. In India's case the question arises, Is one unwieldy bureaucracy in New Delhi the best available mechanism for tips for writing a thesis discussion promoting the lives of 866 million people of diverse languages, religions, and ethnic groups? In 1950, when the title page for mla research paper Indian population was much less than half as large and nation-building idealism was still strong, the argument for democracy was more impressive than it is now. Given that in 2025 India's population could be close to 1.5 billion, that much of its economy rests on a shrinking natural-resource base, including dramatically declining water levels, and tips a thesis discussion that communal violence and urbanization are spiraling upward, it is difficult to imagine that the Indian state will survive the next century. India's oft-trumpeted Green Revolution has been achieved by overworking its croplands and depleting its watershed.

Norman Myers, a British development consultant, worries that Indians have been feeding themselves today by borrowing against their children's food sources. Pakistan's problem is more basic still: like much of Africa, the country makes no geographic or demographic sense. It was founded as a homeland for essay first the Muslims of the subcontinent, yet there are more subcontinental Muslims outside Pakistan than within it. Like Yugoslavia, Pakistan is a thesis discussion, a patchwork of ethnic groups, increasingly in msc officer violent conflict with one another. While the Western media gushes over tips discussion, the fact that the country has a woman Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, Karachi is becoming a subcontinental version of Lagos. Essay In In Pessimism Pessimism Study Study. In eight visits to Pakistan, I have never gotten a sense of a cohesive national identity. With as much as 65 percent of its land dependent on intensive irrigation, with wide-scale deforestation, and with a yearly population growth of 2.7 percent (which ensures that the amount of cultivated land per rural inhabitant will plummet), Pakistan is becoming a more and tips for writing a thesis discussion more desperate place.

As irrigation in the Indus River basin intensifies to serve two growing populations, Muslim-Hindu strife over falling water tables may be unavoidable. India and Pakistan will probably fall apart, Homer-Dixon predicts. Their secular governments have less and less legitimacy as well as less management ability over people and resources. Rather than one bold line dividing the schopenhauer subcontinent into two parts, the future will likely see a lot of thinner lines and smaller parts, with the ethnic entities of Pakhtunistan and Punjab gradually replacing Pakistan in the space between the Central Asian plateau and the heart of the subcontinent. None of discussion, this even takes into account climatic change, which, if it occurs in the next century, will further erode the capacity of existing states to media coursework scheme cope. India, for instance, receives 70 percent of its precipitation from the monsoon cycle, which planetary warming could disrupt. Not only will the three-dimensional aspects of the Last Map be in constant motion, but its two-dimensional base may change too. The National Academy of Sciences reports that as many as one billion people, or 20 per cent of the world's population, live on lands likely to be inundated or dramatically changed by rising waters. . . . Low-lying countries in the developing world such as Egypt and a thesis Bangladesh, where rivers are large and the deltas extensive and densely populated, will be hardest hit. . . By Susan Glaspell Essay. . Where the for writing rivers are dammed, as in title page format paper the case of the Nile, the effects . . . will be especially severe. Egypt could be where climatic upheaval--to say nothing of the more immediate threat of increasing population--will incite religious upheaval in truly biblical fashion. Natural catastrophes, such as the October, 1992, Cairo earthquake, in which the government failed to deliver relief aid and slum residents were in many instances helped by their local mosques, can only strengthen the position of Islamic factions.

In a statement about greenhouse warming which could refer to any of a variety of natural catastrophes, the environmental expert Jessica Tuchman Matthews warns that many of a thesis discussion, us underestimate the extent to which political systems, in affluent societies as well as in places like Egypt, depend on the underpinning of natural systems. Effect Of Computer Addiction Essay. She adds, The fact that one can move with ease from Vermont to Miami has nothing to say about the consequences of Vermont acquiring Miami's climate. Indeed, it is tips for writing a thesis discussion, not clear that the United States will survive the next century in exactly its present form. Title Page For Mla. Because America is a multi-ethnic society, the nation-state has always been more fragile here than it is in more homogeneous societies like Germany and Japan. James Kurth, in an article published in The National Interest in 1992, explains that whereas nation-state societies tend to be built around a mass-conscription army and a standardized public school system, multicultural regimes feature a high-tech, all-volunteer army (and, I would add, private schools that teach competing values), operating in tips for writing a thesis a culture in which the title international media and entertainment industry has more influence than the national political class. In other words, a nation-state is a place where everyone has been educated along similar lines, where people take their cue from national leaders, and where everyone (every male, at least) has gone through the crucible of military service, making patriotism a simpler issue. Writing about his immigrant family in for writing turn-of-the-century Chicago, Saul Bellow states, The country took us over.

It was a country then, not a collection of 'cultures.' During the narrative Second World War and for writing a thesis the decade following it, the United States reached its apogee as a classic nation-state. During the 1960s, as is media as level coursework, now clear, America began a slow but unmistakable process of transformation. The signs hardly need belaboring: racial polarity, educational dysfunction, social fragmentation of many and various kinds. William Irwin Thompson, in Passages About Earth: An Exploration of the New Planetary Culture, writes, The educational system that had worked on the Jews or the Irish could no longer work on the blacks; and when Jewish teachers in New York tried to take black children away from a thesis, their parents exactly in the way they had been taken from theirs, they were shocked to encounter a violent affirmation of negritude. Issues like West Africa could yet emerge as a new kind of foreign-policy issue, further eroding America's domestic peace. The spectacle of several West African nations collapsing at media coursework mark scheme once could reinforce the worst racial stereotypes here at home. That is a thesis, another reason why Africa matters. We must not kid ourselves: the sensitivity factor is msc officer, higher than ever. The Washington, D.C., public school system is already experimenting with an Afrocentric curriculum. For Writing A Thesis. Summits between African leaders and prominent African-Americans are becoming frequent, as are Pollyanna-ish prognostications about multiparty elections in Africa that do not factor in crime, surging birth rates, and resource depletion.

The Congressional Black Caucus was among those urging U.S. involvement in Somalia and in Haiti. At the Los Angeles Times minority staffers have protested against, among other things, what they allege to be the racist tone of the newspaper's Africa coverage, allegations that the editor of the World Report section, Dan Fisher, denies, saying essentially that Africa should be viewed through the same rigorous analytical lens as other parts of the essay schopenhauer study world. Africa may be marginal in terms of a thesis, conventional late-twentieth-century conceptions of strategy, but in pessimism schopenhauer study an age of tips a thesis, cultural and racial clash, when national defense is increasingly local, Africa's distress will exert a destabilizing influence on the United States. This and glaspell essay questions many other factors will make the United States less of a nation than it is today, even as it gains territory following the a thesis discussion peaceful dissolution of Canada. Quebec, based on the bedrock of Roman Catholicism and Francophone ethnicity, could yet turn out to be North America's most cohesive and crime-free nation-state. (It may be a smaller Quebec, though, since aboriginal peoples may lop off northern parts of the province.) Patriotism will become increasingly regional as people in Alberta and Montana discover that they have far more in common with each other than they do with Ottawa or Washington, and Spanish-speakers in the Southwest discover a greater commonality with Mexico City. (The Nine Nations of North America, by Joel Garreau, a book about the trifles by susan essay questions continent's regionalization, is a thesis, more relevant now than when it was published, in 1981.) As Washington's influence wanes, and with it the traditional symbols of American patriotism, North Americans will take psychological refuge in their insulated communities and cultures. Returning from West Africa last fall was an illuminating ordeal. Essay. After leaving Abidjan, my Air Afrique flight landed in Dakar, Senegal, where all passengers had to disembark in order to go through another security check, this one demanded by U.S. For Writing. authorities before they would permit the flight to by susan set out for New York. Once we were in New York, despite the midnight hour, immigration officials at Kennedy Airport held up disembarkation by conducting quick interrogations of the for writing aircraft's passengers--this was in trifles by susan essay addition to all the normal immigration and customs procedures. It was apparent that drug smuggling, disease, and other factors had contributed to the toughest security procedures I have ever encountered when returning from overseas.

Then, for the first time in over a month, I spotted businesspeople with attache cases and laptop computers. When I had left New York for Abidjan, all the businesspeople were boarding planes for Seoul and Tokyo, which departed from gates near Air Afrique's. The only tips for writing a thesis, non-Africans off to West Africa had been relief workers in T-shirts and khakis. Although the borders within West Africa are increasingly unreal, those separating West Africa from the format for mla outside world are in various ways becoming more impenetrable. But Afrocentrists are right in one respect: we ignore this dying region at our own risk.

When the Berlin Wall was falling, in November of discussion, 1989, I happened to be in Kosovo, covering a riot between Serbs and Albanians. Media As Level Scheme. The future was in tips discussion Kosovo, I told myself that night, not in page format for mla paper Berlin. The same day that Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat clasped hands on the White House lawn, my Air Afrique plane was approaching Bamako, Mali, revealing corrugated-zinc shacks at the edge of an expanding desert. Tips A Thesis Discussion. The real news wasn't at the White House, I realized. It was right below.

Copyright copy; 1994 by effect addiction, Robert Kaplan. All rights reserved. The Atlantic Monthly; February 1994; The Coming Anarchy; Volume 273, No. 2; pages 44-76. Also see: Thomas Homer-Dixon, Jeffrey Boutwell, and George Rathjens, Environmental Scarcity and a thesis discussion Violent Conflict, Scientific American, February 1993; and from Homer-Dixon, Environmental Scarcity and Global Security Headline Series (New York: Foreign Policy Association, 1993).

The Project on Environment, Population and Security: Conflict, Sustainable Development Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research The American Association for the Advancement of Science's gopher.

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an apa format essay It’s been my experience that there are two kinds of people in this world: those who can handle chaos and are happy to let the tips a thesis pieces fall where they may, and those of us who chase those people around trying to prevent disarray in addiction essay the first place. We like neatness. For Writing A Thesis Discussion. Tidiness. Orderliness. I covered the importance of essay formatting and as level mark what it entails in tips for writing discussion a previous blog post . So go check it out if you haven’t already. I’ll wait here. In this post, we’re going to drill down into the specifics of APA formatting and how to essay pessimism pessimism ensure your essay looks just right . “APA” stands for “American Psychological Association,” a professional organization for, well, psychologists. However, the organization’s official style guide, which is tips called the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association , is used by students and professionals in a number of disciplines. Writing Narrative. But if you just want to quickly learn the for writing discussion basics and turn in a tidy, well-formatted essay, keep reading! What Are the Most Important Elements of APA Essay Format?

There are a couple of little formatting details you can take care of right off the bat as they will apply to your entire paper. Last but not least, the entire document—from the study study cover page to the reference list—should be double-spaced with paragraphs indented 1/2 an inch. One of the distinguishing features of an APA-formatted essay is the running head. This is a short version of your title—fewer than 50 characters—that appears in the header of your document, justified with the left margin. On the first page of your essay, usually the for writing cover page, the running head is preceded by the words “Running head” followed by a colon. On subsequent pages, though, the running head is just the title. If you need help making your header different on the first page, check out this helpful tutorial from media coursework mark Northeast Lakeview College. Don’t you feel better just thinking about snuggling with it? Pro tip: Make sure that your running head is descriptive enough to give the reader some idea of the content.

If the title of your paper is “Never Too Old: The Calming Effects of tips a thesis Blankies for College Students,” for instance, your running head should be something like “EFFECTS OF BLANKIES FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS” rather than “NEVER TOO OLD” or just “BLANKIES.” While we’re on essay in in schopenhauer study the subject of the header, let’s go ahead and talk page numbers. In APA style, you include the page number in the header of every page . As you can see in tips the examples above, the page numbers should be right-justified opposite your running head. Another key element of APA essay format is the cover page. Page Format For Mla Paper. While the use of tips a cover page is not unique to of computer addiction essay APA, the manual does specify a preferred layout, which includes not only the aforementioned running head, but also the following elements: The full title of your paper Your name The name of your school (or wherever you are doing your research/writing). For Writing Discussion. These items are roughly centered on the top half of the essay person page and, like the rest of for writing discussion your essay, are double-spaced. APA papers often include an title for mla research paper, abstract, which is a short (150-250 words) summary of your essay, including brief descriptions of your topic, purpose, methodology, and/or findings. The point of an abstract is to inform potential readers of your essay’s topic and purpose so that they can determine whether the essay is useful or relevant to their own research.

Whether you need to include an abstract depends partially on the whims of your instructor, so if you aren’t sure, just ask! After formatting the abstract, move to a fresh, new page to a thesis begin the body section of your paper. We’ll combine two steps here to simplify things and save your eyes a little reading. First, you need to restate the title of your paper. This serves as a label to mark signify the start of the actual paper.

I know, it seems sort of silly with the running head right there for all the world to see. Tips For Writing. But silliness aside, it is an APA requirement, so we’ll comply. Then, it’s time to set up the introduction. I’m trying to save you from effect of computer addiction essay one of the most common errors I see in APA-formatted essays: a labeled introduction. You see, the folks at the APA assume that readers are smart enough to know that the first section of a paper is the discussion introduction. (And really, aren’t they right?) Besides that, it’s a small detail that will make you look like you really know your stuff. Here’s how the first page of the body of your paper should look: After your introduction, though, there’s a good chance that you will want to use headings for specific sections of writing first narrative your paper. Let’s look at a thesis discussion, how you should handle those. Block quotations (40+ words in title page length) Sometimes, you’ll find a particularly meaty quote that you cannot resist adding to your paper. Just remember that, if the quotation is more than 40 words in tips a thesis discussion length, you need to create a block quotation. Writing. The closing punctuation also goes immediately after the text of the quote, and no period goes after the parenthetical citation. Check out these examples from the APA blog to see block quotes in for writing action.

We’ve covered the formatting of essay pessimism APA references pretty extensively in past posts. Read APA Citation Made Simple (it includes a handy infographic!) or How to Write APA Citations in discussion 4 Easy Steps if you need to format for mla paper review those guidelines. First, center the tips for writing word “References” (no quotes) at the top of the page—no bold, no italics, not followed by a colon. (I see all of these variations pretty frequently.) Let me reiterate: Next, be sure that you list your entries in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name (or whatever comes first in the entry). Double-space the list, but do not leave an “extra” space between entries. Basically, there should be one full empty line between each line of text (because of the double-spacing). Use a hanging indent so that the first line of each entry is aligned with the left margin. Second and subsequent lines are indented ? inch. Here’s an example reference list: APA Essay Format: Putting It All Together (Plus Some Handy Resources) Annnnd … that’s the end of the paper! You’re done formatting.

You can totally remember all of essay this, right? It’s not going to stress you out to comb through this in-depth explanation every time you write a paper using APA essay format? You can print it out, mark it up, doodle your crush’s name in the margins—oh, and check off all of these APA formatting concerns as you revise or edit your paper. To make these rules even clearer, I thought it would be helpful to show you what a short and silly—but complete!—essay looks like in APA format. Click the link below to open the tips a thesis paper in Google Docs. You can compare your essay draft to this example to make sure you’re on essay the right track as you write. Tips For Writing A Thesis Discussion. With the writing person narrative checklist and example essay I’ve provided, you have the tools you need to format an APA-style paper that would make even the neatest neat freak proud. Need a second set of eyes to tips for writing make sure everything is arthur essay in in study just right? Run it by a Kibin editor—most of us are one of those people we talked about at the beginning.

Psst. 98% of Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays. About the Author. Erin H. has been wowing Kibin customers since her first edit in August 2013.

She is now Kibin's community manager and discussion a regular contributor to Kibin's blog. She lives in Indiana with her husband and daughter. Effect Of Computer. If the tips for writing discussion service of online writers like paper written com are good, you can easily get best work. These online writers first examine the topic by discussing it and then research the topic widely. They always write the paper by following the best writing style.

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Dystopian Society Essays and Research Papers. of the future fall into two different genres: Apocalyptic and Dystopian . Which is worse? Margaret Atwood’s “Oryx and Crake” displays the . Tips For Writing A Thesis Discussion. features of an always developing society . Through the quest to create a utopia through pure determination to improve the human condition, the novel convinces the reader the situation is relatable. Alike to many dystopian novels, Oryx and Crake includes a protagonist Jimmy, who begins questioning society , often feeling intuitively that something is wrong with the. Dystopian novels , Human condition , Human nature 1848 Words | 5 Pages. Dystopian Societies A dystopian society claims to be perfect in page format, it’s efforts to a thesis please the wants . and media mark, needs of for writing a thesis, human being, but in trifles by susan glaspell questions, reality is corrupted in its selfish actions to control society . In the for writing a thesis discussion, movie “Aeon Flux”, Mother Nature is writing first, killing off human beings and society is enclosed within walls of a futuristic society . Aeon Flux is a lady who works with other rebels in the city to seek the truth behind the tips for writing a thesis discussion, government’s true intentions.

This is essay person narrative, a dystopian society because although it has resolved. Dystopia , Human , Political philosophy 429 Words | 2 Pages. On Dystopian Societies A Report on our future world By Jeffrey Clemmons The girl scrambled for food through the thick wall . of trash, the smell of mildew crossing her nose. She wore a tattered leather jacket and a pair of old jeans with shoes that people once called Chuck Taylors. She cursed when she didn’t find anything and tips for writing a thesis, turned back to her brother who was in the shopping cart looking hopefully at of computer essay her. She sighed, “Nothing.” Her little brother sighs as well and tips a thesis, she begins to push him in. Causality , Dystopia , Dystopian fiction 3290 Words | 9 Pages. nobility or heroism. As Level Coursework Scheme. These things are symptoms of political inefficiency.

In a properly organized society like ours, nobody has any . opportunities for a thesis, being noble or heroic. Of Computer Addiction Essay. Conditions have got to be thoroughly unstable before the occasion can arise.” Aldous Huxley Dystopian fiction is an increasingly popular genre of books for young adults. It has introduced the thought of an interesting oxymoron: a society in which humans provide inhumane conditions for the citizens. Teenagers are constantly pushed. Adolescence , Aldous Huxley , Brave New World 775 Words | 3 Pages.

Society Is a Conformist Environment with Technology. English Essay Term 2 2013 “ Society has become a drab, dark conformist environment where humans and nature have been exploited in order to . sustain and a thesis discussion, promote technological development” Human disconnection from environments and people has become the norm in everyday society . The use of surrounding and society is being exploited due to the over use of effect of computer essay, modern technology. A dark and tips for writing, dull dystopian future is essay in in pessimism study, ahead for us if we continue to use technology this way, this will lead to isolation and loneliness. Conformity , Frank Popper , Karl Marx 912 Words | 3 Pages. Professor Brown ENG 338 A 1 December 2014 The Warning of The Road Dystopian novels usually have one main theme, which is for writing a thesis discussion, how can these . Page For Mla Paper. characters overcome obstacles in a world were society is very problematic. For Writing. Cormac McCarthy’s novel The Road is no different. This dystopian novel focuses in on a man and msc officer, his child and their journey of survival and tips, despair. The Road has been disputed by effect, scholars on whether or not it is a true dystopian novel because the causes of the disaster that the tips a thesis, characters are. Cormac McCarthy , Ethics , Government 1382 Words | 5 Pages.

of Dystopian Genre The dystopic novel evinces a strong theme common in much science fiction and glaspell essay, fantasy fiction, the creation of tips a thesis, a future time . (usually), when the conditions of human life are exaggeratedly bad due to deprivation, oppression or terror. This created society or ‘dystopia’ frequently constructs apocalyptic views of a future using crime, immorality or corrupt government to create or sustain the bad quality of people’s lives, often conditioning the masses to believe their society is proper. Dystopia , Dystopian fiction , George Orwell 12520 Words | 39 Pages. Contemporary Society and Disciplinary society. ? Contemporary society is trifles by susan essay, a disciplinary society and tips, is necessary to have. In Foucault’s book, Discipline and Punish, he . explains the gradual change of questions, 17th century punishments compared to tips for writing discussion the modern more gentle way of creating discipline and punishing people who commit crimes within society . Today’s society is based on norms that we have all adopted from birth, norms of essay pessimism study, public behavior and interaction; this has subconsciously created our disciplined society . In this paper I will refer to. 17th century , Discipline and Punish , Government 1635 Words | 5 Pages. America fear today? 2. Which of the above fears do you want to tips a thesis discussion include in your dystopian story?

3. A dystopian story has a . Arthur Pessimism Pessimism. back story: a war,natural disaster or other terrifying event is introduced early on in the tips discussion, story to set the stage. Describe the backstory for your dystopia. 4. You will also need a hero in your story. This protagonist will at title format some point recognize that there is something wrong with society and risk her or her life to do whatever he or she can to improve it. Describe your. Antagonist , Back-story , Dystopia 406 Words | 2 Pages. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY IMT, ENUGU DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING HND 1 ASSIGNMENT ON COURSE TITLE: ENGINEER IN . SOCIETY COURSE CODE: MEC 311 WRITTEN BY NAME: EZE ANDREW C REG NO: SERIAL NO: 36 DATE: 6th May 2010 More at Page 1 DEDICATION This assignment is dedicated to God Almighty. More at tips a thesis discussion Page 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I wish to thank everybody who contributed in one way or the other in making. Engineering , Industrial Revolution , Lathe 1257 Words | 6 Pages. imaginary place or state in first person, which the condition of tips for writing a thesis discussion, life is essay, extremely bad. But when all the writers think about their utopian places, just as many . dystopian elements will come about as a “perfect” society just cannot happen.

Thomas More wrote a book, Utopia in the 1500’s, in the time of Renaissance and Humanism, where he could express his views on society being governed by King Henry VIII. George Orwell also wrote a book Nineteen Eighty-Four or more commonly known as 1984, in the 1950’s, a time after. Dystopia , Nineteen Eighty-Four , Thomas More 2498 Words | 6 Pages. Civilized Society What is the tips, meaning of a society ? A historian might say a society is a group of people living . in an ordered community that has a hierarchy. An adult might say that a society is research, a community of people that have certain jobs and a community that has schools for their children to go to. A child might not even know what the meaning of society is.

Their answers differ because there is not a book written in history that clearly defines what a society is. But when “ society ” is narrowed. Beowulf , Civilization , Denmark 1054 Words | 3 Pages. Society Culture Jose J. Garcia Bryant and Stratton Sociology 102 Jenneffer Marizan July 28, 2012. Tips Discussion. . Society is msc officer essay, made up of individuals who have agreed to work together for for writing discussion, mutual benefit. It can be a very broad term, as we can make generalizations about what the whole of western society believes, or it can be a very narrow definition, describing only a small group of people within a given community. But no matter the size, and no matter the link that binds a society . Anthropology , Civilization , Culture 1478 Words | 5 Pages. continuity and change through: | Identifying the writing person, nature of social and tips a thesis, cultural continuity and change | The concepts of continuity and change are commonly . used in our society , but for many of us they are hard to define. These terms share the feature of time being a determining factor. Essay Schopenhauer Study Study. It is the opportunity of time that allows a society to develop and modify itself to change.

Likewise when we observe a particular culture or community over a period of time we can oberve clear continuities. The term 'social. Culture , Family , Industrial Revolution 2287 Words | 7 Pages. In today’s world, technology plays a big role in our society . Everywhere you look, there are people with the tips for writing, latest iPhones or iPads. Our . technology advanced society can have positive and negative outcomes. Technology has allowed American’s to communicate with people all over the world, but it has also made it to where we do not even communicate with the as level coursework, ones around us. I believe that technology playing a big role in our society can have some positive outcomes. A Thesis Discussion. Without technology we would. Change , Infant , Internet 966 Words | 3 Pages. of persons”. Furthermore, referring to essay in in pessimism pessimism study civilisation, social process is for writing a thesis, defined as “the social process whereby societies achieve an advanced . stage of development and organisation”. (WordNet – Online dictionary definition) (1).

This paper looks at how science has become part of this process and examines how it has achieved so, in media as level scheme, terms of certain distinct perspectives. How society is changing: Within science, scientists formulate laws and applications that continually adapt to sociocultural. Empirical , Experiment , Science 1176 Words | 4 Pages. Science, Technology and Society The concept of the cell phone is that you have absolutely nothing to say and you have to tips for writing tell someone now. . Jerry Seinfeld The real progress is putting technology to msc officer everyone Henry Ford Question: Do the scientific and technological advances together or separate to society ? As the years go global society has had to adapt to scientific and technological changes that are being created, but the important question we want to ask is: What generates these. Empirical , Poverty , Science 1028 Words | 4 Pages. Technology in Society Technology affects the tips for writing a thesis discussion, way individuals communicate, learn, and think. It helps create different societies . and title page, determines how people interact with others on a daily basis. Technology has both positive and negative affects in shaping our society including the increase or decrease of society’s intellegence. Society is tips for writing, defined as, “the sum of social relationships among human beings” and technology is defined as, “the body of knowledge available to a civilization that is of use. Games played , Homework , Human 1033 Words | 3 Pages. ? Dystopian Societies Assignment Chrysalids, The Hunger Games, and Fahrenheit 451 are considered examples of format paper, . dystopian societies because the people live in for writing discussion, a dehumanized state.

The people in Chrysalids live in a dehumanized state because the for mla research paper, people of Waknuk classify the things that are not in the image of God as deviations or mutants. If something is tips for writing a thesis, done that is blasphemous, the people who did the msc officer essay, blasphemy have to pray. For example, when Harriet wants to tips for writing a thesis discussion switch her baby with her sister’s baby. Dehumanization , Dystopia , Fahrenheit 451 991 Words | 3 Pages. ?Compare the title page for mla research paper, dystopian societies , and the methods used to create them, in tips for writing a thesis, ‘The Handmaids Tale’ by Margaret Atwood, and format for mla research, ‘1984’ by . George Orwell (paying particular attention to the representation of gender). Tips For Writing. The futuristic and oppressive themes that define a dystopian society are in glaspell essay questions, ‘1984’ by George Orwell and ‘The Handmaids Tale’ (THT) by Margaret Atwood. These forms of society feature contrasting types of repressive social control and these stories often explore the concept of tips a thesis, humans abusing technology.

Arthur C. Arthur In In Pessimism Schopenhauer Study. Clarke Award , Dystopia , George Orwell 1979 Words | 6 Pages. future. This analysis will be made through the use of two dystopian texts, George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four and the film Minority . Report directed by Steven Spielberg. It takes the responder’s interest on discussion, current events, cultural assumptions, values, attitudes and beliefs of the time as well as the composer’s perspective to influence the responder’s views of a fearful future. The fears the composer has portrayed in the dystopian text is unable to exist without the responder’s fear in the. Dystopia , Fear , George Orwell 1831 Words | 5 Pages. Literature: Mirror of Society That literature is as level coursework mark scheme, a reflection of the tips for writing discussion, society is a fact that has been widely acknowledged. . Literature indeed reflects the pessimism schopenhauer study, society , its good values and its ills. Tips A Thesis. In its corrective function, literature mirrors the ills of the society with a view to making the society realize its mistakes and essay, make amends. For Writing A Thesis Discussion. It also projects the virtues or good values in the society for people to msc officer essay emulate. Literature, as an imitation of human action, often presents a picture of what people.

Chinua Achebe , Humanities , Nigeria 1178 Words | 3 Pages. Breakdown Of Society - Lord Of The Flies. When a nation goes down, or a society perishes, one condition may always be found; they forgot where they came from. They lost sight of what . Discussion. had brought them along. This preceding quote, said by Carl Sandburg, helps people to understand why deterioration of a society occurs.

When a civilian, or a country forgets their background or morals, they are unable to demonstrate constraint towards what they would refrain from immediately under normal conditions. These unusual conditions can be the cause. Civilization , English-language films , KILL 1343 Words | 4 Pages. member of a traditional society would feel as though there are many advantages of his or her type of society as opposed to modern . society . A member of a traditional society would feel as though modern society has quite a few flaws. Traditional society focuses more towards the improvement of society as a whole rather than focusing on self and of computer, personal gain. There are many comparisons between the two societies that can be made that show the differences in tips for writing a thesis discussion, beliefs held by each society . By comparing the economies. Better , Improve , Liberalism 958 Words | 3 Pages.

Sociology and the Development of Human Societies. Sociology and the development of coursework, human societies Pre- industrial societies Human history began about 7,000,000 years ago. Tips For Writing A Thesis Discussion. It . took over 5,000,000 years for these earliest humans to reach the stage described as homo erectus, an upright human, close to a human but with a smaller brain. It took over 5,000,000 years for these earliest humans to reach the stage described as homo erectus, an upright human, close to a human but with a smaller brain. It took 1,500,00 years to reach the stage of homo. Human , Modernism , Postmodernism 1934 Words | 6 Pages. Moore protests against essay writing narrative, the notion of failed idealisms within his society , presenting an alternative solution of an equal island, Utopia, which . in actual fact translates to ‘no place’. From the suggestion of a complementary world where things run smoother, has seen the appearance of a thesis discussion, a rebellion against the traditional genre, composers now expressing their concerns as a forewarning. Aspects of Utopia have been subverted to create a Dystopian environment. An example of this is the late twentieth century. Gender , Gender role , Science fiction 900 Words | 3 Pages.

Dystopian Society The books Anthem by Ayn Rand and Animal Farm by George Orwell are both written about . Msc Officer Essay. dystopian society , and the most imperfect and dismal society . Both authors write about humans –or animals- failing to create a utopia or perfect society . Though both authors use different points of view, language style, and voice the same theme is expressed: a perfect society where everyone is equal cannot exist. Anthem is from discussion Equality 7-2521 view point he who has a curse. Animal Farm , Ayn Rand , Dystopia 515 Words | 3 Pages. a family in the society is form the basic component of what a society needs - people. Every society is trifles glaspell, built by . people with different functions in order to make it survive, from public workers to educators and tips for writing discussion, religious clergy. How Society Functions? A society is coursework scheme, a group of for writing, people related to each other through persistent relations such as social status, roles and social networks. It allows its members to achieve needs or wishes they could not fulfil alone. Mark. Members of a society may be from different.

Economic inequality , Family , Nuclear family 2212 Words | 14 Pages. Society Becoming Dependent on Technology. use certain objects to allow humans to perform tasks much easier, which can be use in industries or machineries. (Stevenson, A 2010) Affirmative . Arguments: As the use of technology in our society is growing day by day it is tips for writing discussion, benefiting society and the environment too. The mass media in our society is giving access to buy and msc officer, sell things around the a thesis, globe. Technology has enabled entrepreneurs and of computer addiction, firm’s to keep an eye over their stock and maintain books without hiring a specialized employee for. Education , Instructional design , Management 899 Words | 3 Pages. Society , or human society , is a group of people related to each other through persistent relations, or a large social grouping . sharing the same geographical or virtual territory, subject to the same political authority and tips, dominant cultural expectations. Human societies are characterized by patterns of essay in in pessimism schopenhauer study, relationships (social relations) between individuals who share a distinctive culture and institutions; a given society may be described as the tips for writing, sum total of such relationships among its constituent. Capitalism , French Revolution , Industrial Revolution 2082 Words | 6 Pages. On the Path to Utopia or Cyberpunk? As I sat and listened to multiple political science essays in the last few weeks of my Honors Colloquium class, some . essential concepts really stuck out to me and resonated in my mind.

The idea of a utopian society that was brought forth in class got me thinking of how our world would be like today if we adopted some utopian methods of living. In America we are very blessed to live in the land of opportunity yet we are always focused on what is the essay questions, next and. Dystopia , Human , Political philosophy 1000 Words | 3 Pages. ROLE OF THE PLAYWRIGHT IN HIS SOCIETY. representing every facet, personality and ideology, embodying intricate expressions to tips for writing a thesis discussion help the title format for mla research, stratification of structural institution in the . Tips For Writing A Thesis Discussion. society . Essay Writing First Person. In the myriads of multiple judgments and conflicting opinions, the playwright especially in contemporary times stands as a bridge to fill the a thesis discussion, lacuna present in the lack of objective progression in contemporary societies . He stands as a sermonizer who having studied, knowing the truth, reveals to the common ‘worshiper’ ideals that if imbibed would transfigure. Leadership , Nigeria , Play 1945 Words | 5 Pages. Explain the importance of the effect of computer, role or religion in Spartan Society . Religion in Sparta, like in many societies , had a purpose. . Religion was important in Sparta to tips support the ideals of a militaristic utopian society which, after the Messenian wars, the title format research, governing forces were aiming to create. For Writing A Thesis. Those who honour the gods most finely with choruses are best in war [Socrates]. The Spartan ideal of an elite military state influenced the approach to religion and the ways in which religion would be.

Ancient Greece , Army , Battle of Thermopylae 2036 Words | 6 Pages. and the essay first, advent of modernity in certain societies . One in particular by Freund and Band- Winterstein (2012) explored how a Jewish . society in Israel belonging in an ultra- orthodox society adapt and modify their behaviour toward social work which is cultural, western and secular in form.People belonging to the ultra- orthodox society have strong sense of faith and religious practice. For Writing. They prefer to avoid contact with those persons belonging in the secular society .(Coleman- Brueckheimer, Spitzer Koffman. Culture , Economic growth , Indigenous peoples 1466 Words | 5 Pages. Essay on trifles by susan glaspell essay questions, the role of education in tips for writing a thesis discussion, society. ?Essay on the role of education in society Education, has a great social importance specially in the modern, complex industrialised . societies . Philosophers of all periods, beginning with ancient stages, devoted to it a great deal of attention. Accordingly, various theories regarding its nature and objective have come into effect of computer addiction essay being. Let us now examine some of the for writing, significant functions of education. 1. To complete the socialization process. Essay Writing First. The main social objective of education is to complete the. Education , High school , Learning 1004 Words | 3 Pages.

Society and Social Groups: Assignment. Assignment 2 Question 1 The first key concept I chose is society , which is described as people who interact in a defined space and . shared culture. This definition of society states clearly which variables are used to define and judge something as a society which make up part of the social world. The second key concept that I chose is sociocultural evolution, which is the process of change that results from a society’s gaining new information. This term showed me the importance of social. Bureaucracy , Emile Durkheim , Industrial Revolution 856 Words | 3 Pages. Shamanism: Science and Modern Society. childhood, but do we really know who these people are?

In the United States these people are viewed as outcast; there hasn#8217;t been a need for them in a . very long time. Tips For Writing A Thesis Discussion. Science, and modern technology have exiled the Shaman into the fringe of society . They remain a mystery to most, but beckon the open-minded. Msc Officer Essay. The Shaman is a spiritual wayfarer, that hasn#8217;t thrived in the United States since the arrival of the white man, and his conquest of nature. There are many definitions for shamanism. Mind , Science , Society 1373 Words | 4 Pages. continuous cycle, which links several islands in the area. For Writing A Thesis. These objects (shell necklaces and armbands) are exchanged by individuals in ritual ceremonies . where the links between these islands are reinforced and obligations to glaspell one another created. Societies which practice a reciprocity form of exchange can do so for several different motives but in all cases the tips discussion, social/political aspect overrides and economic gain. Page For Mla. In the Kula ring the system ensures that all of the for writing discussion, islands will aid one another in times. Barter , Conspicuous consumption , Economic anthropology 1848 Words | 6 Pages.

Inequalities: Sociology and essay in in pessimism study, Consumer Society. A consumer society is best defined as the process in which goods and services are bought and used to satisfy people’s perceived needs . (J.Obelkevich. For Writing A Thesis. 1994). The image of essay writing, this consumer society can be described as one of tips discussion, individualism and freedom but it can also be marked by social divisions, inequalities and exclusions. This essay examines the relationships there are between consumerism, the social divisions this engenders and ultimately the choices, if any, this offers to people. It shows how our. Anthropology , Consumption , Relations of essay pessimism schopenhauer study, production 774 Words | 3 Pages. What Makes A Society Great So many things make up a great society or contribute to for writing any great . society . Society is formed by many people of similar likes and most of the same value. Different cultures, different tribes also comes together to form a great society . Personally, there are many things that makes up a society great which includes, civilization, the ability of a society to answer most difficult questions, the provision of well committed leaders to msc officer the society or within the. Ancient Egypt , Civilization , Culture 1154 Words | 4 Pages. English 102-029 May 3, 2013 How sport affects society From the earliest chapters of history, sports have been part of tips discussion, humanity. . This can be proved by the games that were played in Mayan and essay narrative, Egypt civilization.

Games such as hockey, rugby and football has had what one can call religious following while athletics are characterized by massive celebrations. The importance of sports in the society is gaining increased recognition from both the social and a thesis, education points of view. Relevant. Economics , Economy , Social status 1566 Words | 5 Pages. of media in the society Name Professor Institution Course Date Introduction The media is . unquestionably a pivotal institution in society . Media is the main means of mass communication, which includes visual, audio, and print. The media affect society by media as level, molding opinions and perspectives. Therefore, as the fulcrum of society , the media plays various roles such as communication, consolidation of tips a thesis discussion, information, and as a watchdog of society along with its. Advertising , Communication studies , Institution 548 Words | 3 Pages. Ethnic Relation in Plural Society. |The citizens of North Nigeria suffer along as the conflict between the two |The heart-warming feeling to see how joining force could bring to as level coursework mark the . people and | |religions gradually becoming intense even when they are standing equal. | society to make it a better place filled with love and tips a thesis, peace | |The leader of Christian religion , Pastor Wuye and the leader of Muslim religion |The disappointment to see that this is what Malaysia is facing and no improvement| |, Imam.

Christianity , Emotion , Islam 489 Words | 4 Pages. development of effect, complex societies , many different factors had a powerful impact on the way the societies developed. In some areas . Tips For Writing Discussion. of the trifles by susan essay questions, world, religion was the primary force that led to the creation of for writing, organized societies . Other areas developed on trade routes that made it necessary to develop complex societies to incorporate the effect of computer addiction essay, growth of different economic classes and the wealth they generated into the structure of the government. In each part of the for writing a thesis, world where complex societies emerged, the communities. Agriculture , City , Civilization 1354 Words | 5 Pages. Why Are People Unequal in Society. Why are People Unequal in Society ? According to Philosopher's of the time of enlightenment the nature of society created . inequality.

These philosophers also believed that it was the msc officer, job of the government to limit inequality and for writing a thesis discussion, try to create conformity. Now we are able to see that inequality emerges with each and every interaction. Effect Of Computer Addiction Essay. This is because every individual possesses qualities which may be better or worse than another's. These qualities include things such as intelligence, athletic ability. Conflict , Employment , Inequality 722 Words | 3 Pages. Role of Tradition Pacific Society. PRIMARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Subject: Introduction of Social Studies Lecturer: Mrs. Akanisi Lanyon Assignment/Title: . Essay- Roles of the for writing a thesis, Traditional Pacific Society Student Name: Ilisapeci Kaivei Number of words:1438 I certify that this assignment is our own work, that it is based on my personal study or research and that I have acknowledged all material and sources used in the preparation of this assignment. Culture , Family , Gender role 1564 Words | 5 Pages.

There has been an ongoing debate in the circle of social and political scientists whether an media coursework scheme organized society should be responsible to serve . the individual citizen's true end, i.e., his real needs and rights, such as freedom, growth, peace, security, privacy, etc. Or, is it the citizen who is to be held responsible for and made subservient to the society's needs, in the interest of the for writing a thesis discussion, common good? Such either-or ideological confrontation is created mainly by doctrinaire philosophers, if not. Civilization , Individual rights , Institution 1825 Words | 5 Pages. The Huaorani Society of Ecuador xxx xxxxxl xxxx xxxxxxxxx May 9, 2011 The Huaorani Society of Ecuador The Huaorani people . are an indigenous forest people who live in and around the Yasuni National Park, Amazonian Ecuador. There is roughly about 1200 Huaorani people and live between the Napo and Curaray rivers in the western Amazon rain forest region. They reside in homes called “longhouses” which contain approximately 10-35 family members.

The Huaorani people are more like hunter-gathers. Amazon Rainforest , Anthropology , Huaorani 1537 Words | 4 Pages. the society of each period. All this doubts could not be answered on their own. Some people had to make researches on specific subjects, they . had to observe them and after a lot of work on it they had to present the effect of computer addiction essay, result. For Writing A Thesis Discussion. They got experience on resolving problems of humanity and so science appeared. Nowadays, science is involved in for mla research paper, every aspect of our life, even in tips, subjects that we can not imagine. We can meet remarkable examples of scientific achievements in technology and also in society but.

Empirical , Experiment , Science 1532 Words | 5 Pages. The Culture of Fear and Its Effects on Society. The Culture of trifles by susan essay, Fear and its Effects on Society Min Kim Fear and the marketing of tips for writing, paranoia and uncertainty have become daily staples in . today’s culture. Every day there arise new threats to national security manufactured by politicians and essay, fuelled by the public’s demand to be protected from these imaginary bogeymen. Tips Discussion. With the vast increases in technology our society has experienced in the past forty years the news media have become an media scheme especially effective orator of impending doom, the daily exposes. Crime , Culture of fear , Fear 1061 Words | 3 Pages.

chart social structures and individual connections. The study includes the examination of the chemical composition of bubbles, the ascent and demise of a . A Thesis. society and the use of a bubble as a metaphor for the individual. In In Pessimism Schopenhauer Study. I use two major research strategies: (1) an for writing analysis of the composition and coursework, a description of a bubble and (2) a close study of a society . Data have been collected from discussion books, interviews and published reports. The physical floating body of the bubble itself is enormously. A Brief History of effect addiction essay, Time , Ancient Rome , Chinese architecture 792 Words | 3 Pages. The Impact of It/ Is on tips a thesis discussion, Digital Society. The Impact of effect, Information Technology/ Information System on discussion, Digital Society Information technology is the technology used to store, . First Person Narrative. manipulate, distribute or create information. The type of information or data is not important to this definition. The technology is any mechanism capable of processing this data. Kathleen Guinee wrote, By information technology, I mean the tools we use to tips a thesis discussion perform calculations, to by susan questions store and manipulate text, and to communicate. Some of these twentieth century tools.

Computer , Disability , Information 2221 Words | 7 Pages. Racial Diversity in Society PART 1 A study released examines what influences the tips a thesis discussion, views of America’s fastest-growing population . group—Hispanics. Effect. The study, “Hispanic America: Faith, Values amp; Priorities,” reveals Hispanic-Americans’ attitudes about faith, family and tips, societal issues and gives insights into how their views will impact the political, social and economic climate in the U.S. The study, conducted by Barna Group in essay pessimism study, partnership with American Bible Society , the National Hispanic Christian. Hispanic , Hispanic and Latino Americans , Hispanophone 797 Words | 2 Pages. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Functionalist View on Society. view on society . Functionalism is a consensus perspective, whereby society is tips a thesis, based on shared values and norms into which . members are socialised. Msc Officer. For functionalists, society is seen as a system of tips, social institutions such as the economy, religion and title page format for mla research paper, the family all of which perform socialisation functions. A strength of the functionalist theory is that it a macro level structural theory which uses an organic analogy- using the body as a way to describe the different parts within society . Parsons.

Conflict theory , Emile Durkheim , Functionalism 1458 Words | 4 Pages. Can Society Exist Without Religion? early human societies could have existed without religion, the discussion, answer would be a resounding no. Their collective knowledge was simply not . considerable enough to explain the pertinent questions about life that faced them everyday. It’s human nature to seek answers to the unknown, and with each generation the essay study, human race is becoming exponentially more intelligent; able to explain more about for writing a thesis our world with each new discovery. Although religion was an essential institution in early societies , a greater. Hinduism , Human , Reality 1027 Words | 3 Pages. Technology and Its Impact on of computer addiction, Society. separates humans from beasts: the ability to use the mind for reason. Reason is the for writing, ability to analyze, create, deduce, and of computer addiction, formulate. It is reason that . enables human beings to strive to tips discussion invent; it is through invention that mankind has developed society and created a better world. we could say that technology is the sum total of instrumentally useful culturallytransmissible information.

Technology, a word with Greek origins, is defined as, “the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular. Engineering , Human , Innovation 2170 Words | 7 Pages. Has Technology Moulded Modern Society? to play a central role in today’s highly mediated society . This is a society which has undergone major transformations in the . Essay In In Pessimism. space of for writing a thesis, a few hundred years whilst certain technologies have flourished and become a part of the social fabric. These technologies, which include print, television, radio, telephony and the internet, are so pervasive in modern society that it may be easy to trifles by susan think that they themselves are responsible for transforming society . This philosophy can be linked to a broader theoretical. Appropriate technology , Karl Marx , Marshall McLuhan 1798 Words | 6 Pages. A Comparison between Traditional and Modern Society. Traditional vs. A Thesis. Modern Society SOSC 1000: Introduction to arthur essay pessimism pessimism schopenhauer Social Science Niharika Sethi Student number: 212273066 TUTORIAL #1: Manuel . Larrabure Traditional vs.

Modern Society In order for society to tips for writing a thesis progress it must change constantly, and as a population we must adjust to new customs and ever changing expectations. Since the foundation of society is its people, it is important to title page analyze the patterns and for writing, behaviors of glaspell, certain groups, in order to identify the type of society that they live in. For Writing A Thesis. This. Capitalism , Family , Family values 2123 Words | 8 Pages. dystopian future is the media as level coursework mark, new black. ?Lauren Kinney World Mythology Marnia Pickens May 6, 2014 Dystopian Future is the New Black The Young Adult genre of . dystopian novels are rife with references to mythology of tips for writing, previous civilizations. The post-apocalyptic nature of the characters and the humble conditions of the society make them easily adapted to essay pessimism schopenhauer study study the past. The myths of ancient times are mostly unrelatable to our current societies when looked at from a literal standpoint. However, when the modern conveniences and first world.

Greek mythology , Joseph Campbell , Mythology 1248 Words | 5 Pages. Importance of the Curriculum to the Society by Phunziro Mphwina. PURPOSE OF THE CURRICULUM TO THE SOCIETY Introduction In 1995 Hornby described education as a process of training and for writing a thesis, instruction of children . and young people in media coursework, educational institutions which is designed to give knowledge and develop skills useful to the society . This process is centred by a number of a thesis discussion, planned activities which hold the trifles by susan glaspell essay questions, potentials of imparting the skills significant to the society just as the definition points out. An outline or structure of tips for writing, these activities is what makes up an essay educational. Culture , Curriculum , Education 1643 Words | 6 Pages.

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Job satisfaction – sample IELTS essay. This is the next in my series of model IELTS essays. In this essay on job satisfaction and employment, I talk you through different ways to structure the tips discussion essay – there is always more than one way to skin a cat. I also give you notes on trifles by susan essay questions, how you can use repetition to help your writing become more cohesive and coherent. Repeating words and ideas can be a good thing. Tips A Thesis? In addition to the essay to download, you will also find 3 separate exercises on vocabulary to help you write the essay yourself. This is a particularly tough question because it is a double/double question. You need to narrative, discuss both stress and longer working hours and explain the reasons for them and suggest what can be done by employers. Nowadays many jobs are more stressful and the working day is longer. What are the reasons for this? What can employers do to tips for writing, help employees?

There are different ways you can structure this essay. Whatever option you choose, you must ensure you cover all the points in media scheme the task. This is where you need to leave yourself plenty of thinking time before you start writing. What I do here is to show you some of the possible choices you have. For Writing A Thesis Discussion? The idea is you write a logical answer to the essay question and do not follow one model . One choice would be to divide the essay by employees (stress and hours) and employers (solutions): content 1: explain reasons for both stress and msc officer long working hours content 2: suggest what employers could do. content 1: write about stress and what employers could do about it content 2: write about working hours and what employers could do about it. content 1: write about stress content 2: write about working hours content 3 and tips for writing discussion conclusion: what employers could do about stress and working hours. One option is to write about different reasons for stress and hours in separate paras and then write about employer solutions. Trifles By Susan Glaspell? The reason for this is that the question asks you for reasons in the plural.

content 1: reason 1 for stress and hours content 2: reason 2 for stress and hours content 3: employer suggestion. content 1: write about stress content 2: write about working hours content 3: what employers could do about stress and working hours separate conclusion. Ideas for the essay and for job satisfaction essays. Stress and longer working hours ideas. employees are worried about losing their jobs because of job market conditions – mass unemployment globalisation causes greater competition and a thesis discussion leads to everyone having to trifles, work harder employees are not given adequate training employees work individually and not in tips for writing discussion teams poor management and lack of feedback some countries do not regulate working hours employees do too much overtime to title page research, earn more cash. employers recognise longer hours do not mean more efficiency employers limit the hours of work and restrict overtime set meal breaks provide a better working environment provide all the training necessary encourage employees to tips for writing, spend some time relaxing during the working day managers set clear targets for employees that can be attained. Here are some other job satisfaction ideas for other employment essays. sense of belonging to a team sense of doing a job that is worthwhile – if low paid (teachers. ) being promoted and taking on more responsibilities enjoyable work environment and socialising with your colleagues sense of essay writing narrative, achievement when you meet a target or complete a project learning new skills understanding why and how what you do matters understanding more about your company and its business. Vocabulary for the essay – think word formation and collocations.

It is important that you have some variety of tips for writing a thesis, vocabulary when you write this essay. This does not mean that you need to use lots of different words. Media As Level Coursework? In fact, your essay will be more cohesive if you repeat some words. All you need to do is make sure that you use them in different ways. That means using different forms of the words (word formation) and use them in different ways. In this essay, the key word is for writing discussion, work. Here are some variations I use:

work longer hours. do the same work. work more efficiently. I do of course use other words too. Media Coursework Scheme? However, by repeating and rephrasing the one word “work” in different ways the essay is linked together and becomes more cohesive. It’s a trick you should try. You will find more employment vocabulary on my employment vocabulary page.

Two ways in which the workplace has changed in the modern era are that employees are required to work longer hours and there is more pressure on them than in the past. In this essay, I examine how competition is the main reason for this and suggest how employers can improve their employees’ working conditions . Competition from the job market is one reason why some employees are under more pressure at work. High levels of unemployment mean that it would often be cheaper for an employer to hire someone else to do the same work. This naturally has a negative psychological effect on employees . It can also result in their staying longer in the office to ensure that they meet their performance targets. Increased competition caused by globalisation is also significant . Many smaller businesses now need to compete either with multinationals or companies from developing countries where labour is cheaper. The effect of this on employees is a thesis, that they know they may be made redundant if the business they work for fails. Essay Writing First Narrative? This is not only stressful, but can also lead to their working longer hours to help the business survive.

Despite this competition, employers should ensure that their staff have the best possible working conditions . This means that employees should not be required to work overtime unless in tips for writing a thesis an emergency, be given regular breaks and media as level scheme be reassured that their future is for writing a thesis discussion, safe. Of Computer? If this were to happen, the employees should work more efficiently, something which is in the interest of the employer. My conclusion would be that competition from the job market and globalisation is the principal cause of stress at for writing discussion, work and a longer working day . Arthur Essay In In Pessimism Pessimism? Employers can help address these problems by recognising that reducing stress and regulating working hours will lead to greater efficiency. You will find more exercises on vocab below. You should note the range of different employment vocabulary words I use.This means I can afford to tips a thesis discussion, repeat the word “work” when I need to arthur essay pessimism schopenhauer, and still have enough variation of vocab. The skill is to tips for writing a thesis, vary when you need to msc officer essay, and be consistent when you need to. To write this essay well, you need to think about cause and a thesis effect. See the different cause and effect language I use. Identifying the task in the introduction.

The introduction clearly identifies all the parts of the title page for mla task. The first sentence identifies the for writing discussion topic areas of stress and first person narrative working hours. The second sentence leads into the body of the essay by stating how I will examine the reasons and suggest solutions. Coherence and for writing a thesis discussion essay structure notes. See how the writing first narrative first sentence of each content para links to discussion, the main idea of the introduction and the conclusion.

Sometimes repetition is a good thing. Also note how each content para starts with a relatively short simple sentence. Title? All I am trying to do is show the reader what the one main idea of that para is. Note how I don’t try and tips a thesis include all my ideas in the essay. Vocabulary exercises on the essay. Here are 3 exercises to help you write the essay yourself. How to like it, share it and save it. Get more help with IELTS preparation on the main pages of my site. Keep up with me on in in pessimism pessimism study, Facebook - all the updates and even more advice there.

Or just get all my free lessons by email. 11 Responses to Job satisfaction – sample IELTS essay. First of tips a thesis, all I would like to thank you because of arthur essay in in pessimism pessimism study, such useful site that I think you could never find site on tips, the Internet which has as much effective information as this site has (ofcourse I like Simon too). Despite of designing part of site which I felt to some extent confusing to follow and takes a bit time to be familiar with , I think without no doubt that this is the best site about glaspell essay questions IELTS. Im sure if someone likes you were lived in tips for writing my country , he never would share his knowledge as you are doing. Next I would like to ask you put some exercises about msc officer essay relative clause and how we can omit them as I found it is the best way to add information . At the end I have problem with this sentence in terms of grammar. From (check your vocabulary for ACADEMIC ENGLISH ) The atmospheres of tips for writing discussion, most planets is of computer addiction, not transparent , MAKING IT difficult for us to for writing discussion, see the surface.( Am I right that it was” which makes it” then turned into making it)

Sorry if I am so basic and take your time. Thanks for the comment. Re the site design which part is most confusing? I know there are problems!! At the title page for mla research paper mo the site is only about a tenth built.

By year end there should be neatly organised guides to essays. listening and tips a thesis discussion reading (and perhaps part 1 writing). Essay Writing Person Narrative? The aim is for people to start at different points and work through a skill systematically. I do believe it is for writing discussion, importan tto be systematic in your learning and not just start anywhere. However, it will me take a little time to in in pessimism pessimism study, get there. Good question. In fact, I should be doing another lesson on relatives quite soon. You are quite right that it could have been “which makes it”.

The point is that we often avoid relatives – they tend to be ugly and a thesis make your writing harder to understand. One way we do this is by using -ing. This site is essay, excellent … very strong on Writing Skills.Simon?s site is perhaps stronger on The Speaking section with numerous model answers (for all 3 parts)and useful tips. Unlike the previous post I think the tips a thesis site is of computer, very well organised – and tips for writing a thesis the model essays with their color-coded attention to vocab, cohesion, linking words … are first-rate. Thank you for your hard work. Yes Simon is good. If you are looking for alternative speaking materials (I shall be updating mine more systematically once my writing materials are more complete) can I point you in the direction of Splendid Speaking. They have by title format research, some distance the a thesis best speaking materials on glaspell questions, the net. Don’t be put off by the subscribe feature – it’s all free and the weekly transcripts and tips are second to tips a thesis discussion, none.

What this site gets very right is the distinction between the written and the spoken language. I’d add that the materials for other exams are also well worth looking at. Of Computer Essay? It can be very misleading to tips a thesis discussion, think of IELTS speaking as a peculiar skill. It isn’t. The best speaking tips are normally very simple and don’t require a “specialist” approach. Good speaking is good speaking and ultimately the one tip that should be carried into the exam is “listen to page for mla research, the question and answer it”. I’ll update this comment with another link from my IELTS directory. A Thesis? Without question, the most complete set of speaking materials on the net for IELTS is English Lab. This is another site written by essay, an ex-IELTS examiner (they’re not supposed to say they are!). It is very, very complete indeed.

It takes a bit of a thesis discussion, navigation because it so big but you’ll find everything you could possibly want there – if you are after IELTS specific speaking materials and ideas. dear Dominc,hi it,s my pleasure to see such a useful site for those want to study ielts .not only for students ,but for msc officer essay, teachers .i as a teacher ejoy a lot and learn many things form it.just i want to thank you for your great job you ,ve done.wishing you the very best.i would like to tips a thesis discussion, ask ,if possible texplain how to teach geapghs which is considered to be very important in IELTS.please.IS there a specific method to teach?thanking you ..with deep respect and regards M.Andalibi. Hi Always nice to hear from addiction, a fellow teacher. This year I aim to tips a thesis discussion, post quite a lot of msc officer, teacher specific materials as I know a number of teachers drop by. A Thesis Discussion? In principle, I should post an idea/resource each Sunday. Have you found my task 1 teaching ideas that I have already posted? There are lots more to follow.

Increasingly, I teach task 1 as just another bit of writing. I think it can be misleading to concentrate on too much “trend language” for example. Task 1 is graded in exactly the same way as an essay. I also think that students get confused by thinking that it is completely different. I’m not sure it is. You pick out the details you need, you organise the logically combining main points and format for mla research explanations just as you would in an essay. Ironically, the for writing a thesis discussion idea of charts and graphs is to display information more clearly, but in my experience students often go wrong because they don’t really get the point of the chart/graph. Hence the msc officer essay lesson on demystifying charts.

My personal students did much better once they understood the concept of tips, charts in person this way – and that was without bothering to for writing, teach much/any specialised language. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS PIECES OF INFORMATION ON IELTS TASK 2…….I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A WONDERFUL BLOG ANYWHERE …THANK YOU….SIR. THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS PIECES OF INFORMATION ON IELTS TASK 2…….I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A WONDERFUL BLOG ANYWHERE …THANK YOU….SIR. In the competitive world of today, it is msc officer, common for employees to spend long and stressful hours at work. This essay will discuss the a thesis discussion socio economic reasons why employees need to work harder and put in longer hours ; it will also discuss what the employers can do to make the life easier for their working staff. intro for the above topic —– I wud chose the simple 4 paragraph essay – one describing the reasons why employees need to put longer hrs -one describing what employers can do to ease this — the intro and research conclusion —– i loved your intro -mine suddenly looks awful – and i also love the way in which you have organised your essay —its terrific – thanks for sharing it with us #128578; The nights spent on learning insanely academic words would foster a good foundation for the language proficiency – I thought at the start of my journey to tips for writing, English. However, as years passed by, I realized the as level coursework language shouldn’t be confined with tons of specification barriers that would limit one’s outlook into tips for writing profound possibilities of the format for mla paper language. The foundation should be built on a flexible framework that grasps every aspect of the language.

Take into account, it doesn’t mean expanding one’s vocabulary with colloquial phraseology, but spreading the experience of tips for writing discussion, what the language represents in a native environment. Ielts is a cornerstone of English. In In Schopenhauer Study? Nonetheless, do not limit youself on merely accomplishing the requirements. Instead, try to diversify your learning path with discovering nuances of English. It can be done in infinite amount of ways. First, start with reading news, reviews of gadgets, PC or whatever you are interested in. For Writing Discussion? The internet is your right hand for most of the cases. Other times, try to title format for mla, talk to natives. Ah, I am running out of time. So, Cheers up!

And do not give up on your dreams!