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Dissertation to book proposal

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blue book reports [The is only one of to book, many files which I intend to upload that substantiate the graduate dissertations, information contained in my MAJIC.TXT - Bill Cooper] A series of PROJECT GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK reports have been released over the years in connection with the USAF's investigation into UFO 's which was supposedly terminated with the release of the Condon report in the late 1960's. Dissertation Proposal? Reports 1 through twelve of GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK were generally innocuous and contained no classified or truly sensitive material. In Viet Nam he was a member of a Special Forces investigative team that went in to retrieve a B-52 that was forced down by a UFO and all the occupants killed. Communications had been received from the essay, B-52 before it went down to to book proposal the effect that it was . under attack by a UFO.., a . large light. . The plane was found intact , sitting in the jungle. There was no swath indicative of e b essays, a crash landing. Only the bottom of the fuselage showed any damage, there was no damage to the underside of the engine pods.

Although the plane was completely intact the to book, entire crew had been mutilated. In Box, diplomatic pouch under lock and key system. Lock had been opened, pouch was easily accessed. Standard diplomatic couriers pouch marked American Embassy Couriers, contained pouch serial number JL327Delta (JL327D?). Inside a publication with red tape which indicated code red security precautions and essay conclusion an Air Force disposition form. Disposition form was standard white page copy, title was 'Analysis Report'. Further down was, Analyze enclosed report under code red measures. Proposal? give abstract breakdown and report on validity. Review Sources? Observe all code red measures. Analysis required immediately'.

Underneath were a series of dissertation to book proposal, dashes then the sources, letters NDF then another series of dashes. Below that, lower left hand corner were the initials WGB . Across the front upper right hand corner to lower left hand corner was red tape indicating code red security measures. Across the front was stamped in red ink 'Top Secret Need To Know Only Crypto Clearance 14 Required'. Dissertation To Book? Inside front cover upper left hand corner were hand written notations in ink which were blacked out by black felt pen. If I have taken liberties, it is not out of malice toward you, but more admiration. It is life essay conclusion because of to book, your efforts in the research fields that I have finally been able to life present this story to the public in order that they, the readers, can form their own opinions and beliefs concerning the material that I am about to present. All of dissertation to book, you have my admiration, and my thanks.

Even those who have disagreed with me personally. Your efforts to discredit me have spurred me on farther and graduate harder than any of my friends. I admire your adherence to your ethics, and encourage you to keep doubting, and to keep hunting for to book, the truth. In the end it can benefit all of to kill part, us who desire to know the truth. Part 1. Dissertation Proposal? On the design of generators to accomplish strain free molecular translation. Part 2. The generation of space time discontinums, closed, opened and folded.

Part 3. On the generation of temporary pseudo acceleration locas. Part 1. Chapter 1, design criteria for a simple generator and control system referring to equation 17 appendix A. Part 2. Chapter 1,Continuation of Einstein's Theory of Relativity to final conclusion. Part 3. Chapter 1, Possible applications of Einstein's theory of relativity at conclusion. Argumentative System Of Pakistan? Part 1. To Book? Chapter 2, reports of UFO encounters, classifications Close Encounters of the 1st Kind, subtitle sightings and witnesses. Part 2. Chapter 2, Close Encounters of the graduate dissertations, 2nd, subtitle UFO sightings witnessed within close proximity. Part 3. Chapter 2, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, subtitle UFO encounters and extraterrestrial life forms witnessed and personal encounters. Subtitle, Colonies, relocation thereof. Chapter 3. Part 1, titled military Encounters with UFO' s. Part 2. Chapter 3, Military Reports Concerning Sightings on Radar and to book Electronic Surveillance of a mockingbird part 1 essay question, UFO 's. Subsection 2, Analysis Report, J. Dissertation To Book Proposal? Allen Hynek , Lt. Col. Friend . Appendix continued on to kill a mockingbird part for about 5 pages.

Opening subject page consisted of a report of the findings as written by to book proposal, Lt. Col. E B White Essays? Friend and his analysis. Proposal? Bill English's statement. Must stress at this point that the version seen was annotated. There were inserts that were added to this copy after it had been initially printed. Sections remembered very vividly are the photographs and the reports concerning captive sights of various UFO 's to include Mexico, Sweden, United States and dissertations Canada. There were also what was then classified Close Encounters of the 3rd kind.

It was made very clear that these people whom it was determined had genuine CE 3's were moved in the middle of the night by Air Force personnel and relocated to various sites in the midwest and dissertation to book proposal Northwest parts of the United States. In many cases these people experienced physical ailments from exposure to various types of radiation. Father and mother went out onto the porch. Life Conclusion? When they got out on the porch one of the to book proposal, dogs broke loose from leash beside house and came running around front. Boy began chasing it into the open field. As mother and father watched the light comedown from the persuasive essay, sky.

According to the report there were at least four relocation sites across the United States. Depending upon which type of encounter these people had, the report indicated that there were extensive medical facilities available at the relocation sites to deal with all medical emergencies up to and including radiation poisoning. The report mentioned a site located in the Utah-Nevada area, but no indication of it's purpose or what it was for. Also noted was that when the body was found there were a number of dead predatory type birds within the to book, area who apparently had died after trying to partake of the sergeant's body. There were a number of part 1 essay, extremely grisly black and dissertation proposal white photographs.

From all indications the body had been exposed to the elements for at peer sources, least a day or two. The New Mexico sun in the desert is extremely hot and dissertation debilitating under normal circumstances. ( English 's father had told him privately that on more than one occasion he had personally tracked what they termed as 'Foo fighters'. English 's father was an electronics engineer by profession and argumentative on education was fairly well versed on dissertation electronics engineering and design and on more than one occasion he was involved in telemetry programming of to kill a mockingbird part, missiles. To Book? English 's father is currently a state legislator in Arizona.) About midway through the report came a section which dealt specifically with photographs. Each photo was labeled and appendixed to certain reports. A number of photo's in there dealt with a recovery program of some type that took place in the southwestern part of the of pakistan, United States. They did not give a location name but they did give grid coordinates for that area.

There is proposal no clear indication to exactly where it was. The photos dealt with special teams that were called in to recover a crashed UFO . Dissertations? It also dealt with alien bodies and autopsy reports, autopsy type photographs , high quality, color, 8 x 10, 5 x 7. No clothing on body, no genitalia, body completely heterous, head was a rounded cranium, slightly enlarged, eyes almond shaped, slits where nose would be, extremely small mouth, receding chin line, holes where ears would be. Dissertation To Book Proposal? Photo was taken at angle, side view, looking at body from 45 degree elevation, left hand was visible, head was facing to left, body was right to left (head on right, feet on left), eyes were closed appeared to be oriental-looking and almond shaped, left hand slightly longer than normal, wrist coming down just about 2 to 3 inches above the knees. Wrist appeared to be articulated in a fashion that allowed a double joint with 3 digit fingers. Life? Wrist was very slender. There was no thumb. A palm was almost non-existent. The three fingers were direct extension from the wrist. No accurate description of dissertation to book proposal, autopsy report or what was found with corpse accompanying photos. Indications that there was no stomach or digestive tract per se. Later analysis showed that fluid within the e b essays, body was chloropyhyl based liquid which apparently dealt with photosynthesis or similar process.

The report theorized that nourishment was taken in through mouth, however since there was no digestive tract or anything of this nature, the waste products were excreted through skin . This concluded Bill English's statement which was transcribed from 2 cassette tapes. I obtained this hand written memorandum in August of 1987 from Paul Bennewitz during my visit with him in Albuquerque. In September of 1988 I received a call from Bill English. I asked for dissertation to book, a chance to peer meet him and dissertation proposal discuss the Grudge 13 report. He said that this could be arranged but that the meeting would have to essays be on his terms for security reasons. He explained that there had been several attempts on his life by persons unknown since he had made the cassette tapes about six years ago. We arranged a meeting at dissertation proposal, a small airport in Virginia on September 16. I was to of pakistan sit in the lobby with my black flight bag and for identification purposes I told Bill what I would be wearing. I had no telephone number for Bill. Dissertation To Book? I sat down and after a few minutes was approached by a tall, bearded man in jeans and a heavy jacket.

He asked if I wanted to to kill a mockingbird question have a drink. We walked outside and he introduced himself as Bill English. We drove in Bill's car into town to a local bar. About five minutes after we ordered and started to talk, the men I had seen at the airport came into the bar and sat down. We left for Bill's house and to book proposal never saw the men again for the next 2 days. That Bill English was ready to come forward and enter into any debate regarding the legitimacy of the peer review sources, document and his recollections thereof. Of Bill's compassion for his father and his father's feelings concerning Bill and the reasons for their occasional disagreements. From my notes taken during our 2 day meeting. Bill described a photo taken of 3 live aliens.

Very clear photos, aliens standing against dissertation to book proposal a white tile wall, looking confused as if they had been shoved, were looking in different directions. Report said that aliens had contacted a U.S. Intelligence Agency for initial 2 meetings, one at Holloman, one at Homestead. U.S. Air Force relocation personnel (for persons involved in close encounters) were referred to as 'Men in life essay conclusion, Black'.

Major Cunningham was initially accused of murdering Sgt. Jonathan P. To Book? Lovette. Charges were later dropped. Bill English's place of peer, employment in England was Security Services Command, RAF Chicksands. Entire Grudge 13 Report was written as if report was geared toward preparation of defenses. Report told of ultrasonic weapons found in Germany at the end of WWII that could shatter 4 thick armor. Report told of sensitive military and industrial areas at which personnel have experienced missing time. Report told about missing time experienced with personnel associated with North American X-15 rocket plane project. Report stated that there were 17 different species accounted for up to the time of the report. Extraterrestrials were referred to as A.L.F.'s. Alien Life Forms in to book proposal, the report.

Report referred to one UFO that was recovered and white essays test flown. The UFO blew up as the two Air Force pilots aboard attempted to leave the atmosphere. Dissertation? English recalls the dissertations, date as in the mid 50's. Report refers to flying saucer program as 'Project Red Light' and proposal that a secret installation had been constructed in the middle of the Atomic Energy Commission testing ground in Nevada. At the time of the report 11 alien cadavers were being kept at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Persuasive Essay? That additional alien cadavers were being stored at 4 to to book 5 other medical institutions. That 2 flying saucers of extraterrestrial origin had been tested in to kill part, the wind tunnel at Langley, Va.

That at the time of the report one disc was being stored at McDill Air Force Base, Florida. Dissertation To Book Proposal? That at the time of the report, 1 damaged disc was at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. Essay? That at proposal, the time of the report that had been 2 UFO incidents at a mockingbird 1 essay, Ft. Riley, Kansas. Dissertation Proposal? That at the time of the report a detachment of the Alpha Recovery Team was based at Randolph Air Force Base. The report discussed civilian and military personnel who had been terminated 'to eliminate potentially dangerous elements to the national security'. The General James Doolittle had been mentioned several times in the report with the notation that his (Doolittle's) predictions might be correct.

There was no indication of what those predictions might have been. A short segment containing the quotation. Persuasive? By presidential order, certain aspects of research have been undertaken. To Book Proposal? The information that John Lear related here is correct as far as the material concerning Grudge/Blue Book Report #13 , but John failed to make mention of the incidents following my viewing of the document nor of what led to my sudden and e b white essays timely disappearance from the scene in 1980.

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Nacirema Essays and Research Papers. Who are the Nacirema and proposal how shall they be defined? The dictionary defines an dissertations Anthropologist as a person that studies human beings and dissertation their . ancestors through time and space and in relation to physical character, environmental and social relations, and culture (Webster 2011). Peer Review? I am not claiming to to book proposal be an Anthropologist however, from my viewpoint, I am not sure if I am capable of grasping my mind around the concept that “the body is ugly and that its natural tendency is to debility and persuasive essay on paparazzi disease” explained. Culture , Religion , Ritual 994 Words | 3 Pages. ?Horace Miner writes about the Nacirema , a culture steeped in magic and superstition. Their ways of dissertation to book, life are portrayed as uncivilized and . barbaric. The Nacirema perform rituals and rites that are strange to us here in the civilized world. The description and to kill portrayal of this tribe make it very hard for the reader to to book proposal connect or even begin to understand such a strange people. Miner starts of the to kill a mockingbird part article creating an atmosphere of wonderment; “if all of the logically possible combinations of behavior.

Anthropology , Cultural relativism , Culture 1309 Words | 4 Pages. Miner: American Vs. Nacirema Horace Miner expresses both irony and ridicule towards the dissertation proposal American culture in his article “Body Ritual among the . To Kill 1 Essay? Nacirema ”. He uses a sociological approach that is rather witty, using a fictitious North American group called the “ Nacirema ”. Dissertation To Book Proposal? The views of this culture are much like our own, depicting the importance of societal status, wealth, health and appearance. Conclusion? Miner introduces the readers to a society living between Canada and Mexico, originated by dissertation to book a founder called. Cultural relativism , Culture , Expression 911 Words | 3 Pages. The Nacirema Analysis In the journal article “Body Rituals Among the Nacirema ” by Horace Miner, the life essay conclusion author described the . Nacirema's beliefs and customs as extreme behavior that has many unusual aspects (Miner 2009.) Based on the article's findings it is unusual compared to those who live in other places where such practices are not really found. With that, it is dissertation proposal, not part of their culture which is described in sociology as “the learned, socially transmitted customs, knowledge, material objects. Cultural relativism , Culture , Quantitative research 1034 Words | 3 Pages. Body Rituals of the Nacirema Tribe By Sir Horatio Galbraith People in peer sources, the Nacirema culture spend a considerable portion of to book, . their days in ritual activity. The focus of some of these activities is the human body, the appearance and health of persuasive essay, which loom as a dominant concern in the minds of the proposal tribe’s people.

While such a concern is certainly not unusual, the dissertations way the dissertation proposal tribe operates can be considered quite unique. The fundamental belief of the dissertations people appears to be that the dissertation proposal human body is argumentative of pakistan, ugly and. Anthropology of religion , Ceremony , Herbalism 1007 Words | 3 Pages. The Nacirema people, living in the territory between the to book Canadian Creed, the Yaqui and Tarahumare of Mexico, and the Carib and Arawak of the . Antilles, are a group of persuasive essay, Northern Americans who have chosen to live their lives in a strange manner. To Book? There is white essays, a main premise to their choice of lifestyle and that is to rid the body of its ugliness and dissertation to book natural tendencies towards debility and disease. (p. White? 503).

The Nacirema people have devoted their lives to deterring these features of themselves through ritual. Anthropology , Creative Commons , Cultural anthropology 740 Words | 3 Pages. The rituals of the Nacirema To most of us, hospitals are a place to help you when you’re in need or want to get healthy. But for the . Dissertation? Nacirema , it’s quite the opposite. According to the Nacirema ritual article, they call hospitals a latipso, which is hospital spelt backwards without the ‘H’. They discuss and caricature the repulsive viewings on what they think goes on argumentative system in hospitals (latipso’s), or what they think they do. I will now tell you how in Miner’s perspective, the body is ugly and dissertation to book proposal how. Body , Hospital , Human body 1106 Words | 3 Pages. Nacirema Culture A Review of the to kill Literature Abstract Various anthropologists and . sociologists have used the term Nacirema to dissertation to book examine aspects of the behavior and society of citizens of the United States of America.

Nacirema offers a form of word play by essay on education system spelling “American” backwards. This literature review will explain how “Body Ritual among the dissertation Nacirema ” relates to ethnocentrism. Nacirema Culture A Review of the Literature “Body Ritual. Anthropology , Cultural relativism , Culture 820 Words | 3 Pages. January 23, 2014 Writing Assignment 1 Horace Miner’s article “The Body Ritual” accurately depicts the obsession . the United States has with self-image, while disguising Americans as a tribe called the Nacirema . The article shows how someone outside of the United States could potentially view America’s culture as strange with all of our rituals and self-obsession. “The Body Ritual” can provide examples of many topics presented in Sociology and to kill 1 essay question people’s. Anthropology , Cultural relativism , Culture 930 Words | 3 Pages.

Body Rituals among the dissertation Nacirema is a document written by Mr. Horace Miner. Miner was a graduate of the University of essay system, Chicago, with a degree . in anthropology. Dissertation? Throughout his life, Miner was dedicated to his studies ranging in essay, anthropology to sociology. Dissertation To Book Proposal? He was very interested in the study of anthropology, but Miner disagreed with the persuasive essay on paparazzi way that other cultures were represented. He thought American anthropologists believed that the American culture was normal and, that the dissertation to book other studied cultures. Anthropology , Cultural anthropology , Cultural studies 888 Words | 3 Pages. of Miner’s “Body Ritual among the Nacirema ” Abstract This paper is a summary of Horace Miner’s paper “Body Ritual among the essay on paparazzi . Dissertation? Nacirema ”. Question? It talks about how every culture has a set of rituals they practice religiously, and in particular, the unusual rituals and to book proposal beliefs of the Nacirema people from an outsider’s perspective.

Amanda Carson Sociology 111 Writing Assignment #1 January 25, 2015 Summary of Horace Miner’s “Body Ritual among the Nacirema Every society, tribe, or group. Anthropology of religion , Culture , Human body 657 Words | 6 Pages. primitive Nacirema , who carve out an existence somewhere between the Canadian Cree, the Yaqui and Tarahumare of Mexico, and the Carab and essay the . Dissertation To Book? Awawak of the Antilles (Body Ritual among the Nacirema , p. 1). Who could even think to compare Americans, in our advanced state, with such a remote and isolated group? However, upon sources, closer reflection, however, it occurred, much to to book the present author's surprise, that the Nacirema and Americans are in fact mirror images of one another. First, the Nacirema have. Anthropology of religion , Bathroom , Human body 690 Words | 2 Pages. the Nacirema A well-known anthropologist Horace Miner has conducted a research on life essay the community called the Nacirema , . which was originated in North America. The main focus of the research was made on the body rituals of the Nacirema , which then becomes the title of his work.

According to Horace (1956) fundamental belief of the Nacirema is that a human body is weak and imperfect, irresistant to many diseases. He believes that in order to maintain a true potential of to book, a body, the Nacirema performs. Anthropology , Culture , Human 495 Words | 2 Pages. ? Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Edward Hamilton Sociology Professor January 15, 2014 The “Body Ritual . Among the e b white essays Nacirema ” by Horace Miner, is an dissertation to book proposal article that examines the various rituals that manifests within industrialized societies, specifically referencing to the United States. In the article Miner joked about the invasion of privacy and the obsession of becoming immortal. Miner provides gives outstanding evidence that the persuasive characteristics or an attitude. Anthropology , Cultural relativism , Culture 859 Words | 3 Pages. ? “Body Ritual among the Nacirema ” Horace Miner, an anthropologist of the nineteenth century, conducted a study on a local tribe known . as Nacirema . According to his research their culture, like many others, is viewed as a strange way of life. He focused his studies on their religious belief, means of health, economics and to book proposal overall way of life.

During his research he found there are many vary surprising characteristics of the to kill question Nacirema culture. They have many different things they do in their. Herbalism , Human body , Medicine man 918 Words | 3 Pages. While in the process of to book proposal, doing a replication study of the Nacireman people, Anthropologist Lisa Hines stumbled upon an intriguing subculture within the persuasive essay on paparazzi tribe. . The following are her observations; It seems that the people of Nacirema , in addition to their personal shrines in the home, have many other shrines they visit for different rituals and purposes. Besides the Holy-mouth-man and the Medicine man, there seems to be other subcultures of these two specialists. Naciremans also frequently gather.

Altar , Artificial life , Shrine 973 Words | 3 Pages. the Naciremas ? Why or why not? After reading Horace Miner’s Body Ritual Among the Nacirema I cannot say that I would want to be . part of the tribe. Proposal? A huge reason would be that I could never go from my own Christian faith to the religious practices of the Nacirema . My second reason for not wanting to be part of the tribe is that I could never be subjected to persuasive essay on paparazzi the horrific medical practices and “magical potions” used on every citizen in the tribe. One of the fundamental beliefs of the Nacirema is that. Breast , Christianity , Human body 826 Words | 2 Pages.

? Body Ritual among the to book proposal Nacirema Kelsey White Ivy Tech Community College Abstract Horace . Miner wants his readers to learn the value of what a real culture should be and how Americans today are really like. To Kill? In his article, Body Ritual among the Nacirema , Miner writes about a cultural tribe that has strange rituals and dissertation values that would seem unethical to anybody else. He describes how important culture is to them and portrays that Americans think. Anthropology , Cultural anthropology , Cultural relativism 1201 Words | 5 Pages. ? “Body Ritual Among The Nacirema ” As I started to read “Body Ritual Among The Nacirema ” by Horace Miner I was really . confused. You told us that the homework was to persuasive write what was the real true meaning of this reading but I had to reread the pages over to book, and over to find the true meaning to peer the reading that Horace Miner was talking about.

It is a culture named Nacirema and dissertation that no one really know much about this culture. Peer Review Sources? And also that they come from the east. He talks about the rituals they have. Alchemy , English-language films , Human body 481 Words | 2 Pages. ? Horace Miner’s Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Elizabeth Brower Introduction to proposal Sociology Matthew Howell January 25, 2015 . Abstract: Horace Miner’s point throughout the graduate entire article of “Body Ritual Among the dissertation proposal Nacirema ” was to prove to e b white essays us, Americans, that we are not superior to anyone else or any other culture, society, or religion. We are all the same, and we just to need to keep in dissertation to book, the back of our minds that everyone does everything differently. Whether it is a dramatic difference, or. Ceremony , Culture , Human body 959 Words | 6 Pages. Body Ritual among the e b essays Nacirema Name Course Sociology Date 6/12/2013 . Dissertation Proposal? Body Ritual among the Nacirema Horace Miner in the article, Body Ritual Among the persuasive essay Nacirema depicts a society that is growing naturally, but which has transformed itself into a ritual tribe. Dissertation? In this article, the tribe, Nacirema , is a tribe that has transformed itself naturally and which has incorporated a lot of beliefs and religious tendency for. Anthropology , Cultural anthropology , Cultural relativism 1031 Words | 3 Pages.

Body Ritual among the Nacirema Kim Wilson Ivy Tech Community College This article written by, Horace Miner, was my first read in . where I was shocked to discover such barbaric rituals from e b white, other areas of life. I took the time to dissertation to book re-read this article several times. I have learned of many different cultures in where people do things that seem out of the ordinary; however the beliefs and practices of the Nacirema people just seem outlandish. According to, Professor Linton, who brought the. Americas , Anthropology , Cultural anthropology 1113 Words | 3 Pages. Moxa Patel Nacirema Case Paper Managing Global Diversity – HRM 582 June 2, 2013 The Nacirema case study reminds us how . cultural rituals were many years ago and how some of them are still existing today. The Nacirema tribe has many unconventional practices of on education, how they live day to dissertation to book proposal day. From the article “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema ,” it is clear that they believe their bodies are not attractive and should not be presented in persuasive essay on paparazzi, a promiscuous way.

Professor Linton documented the North American. Anthropology of religion , Culture , Dentistry 876 Words | 3 Pages. Body Rituals Among the Nacirema Assignment “Body Rituals Among the to book Nacirema ”, by persuasive essay Horace Miner, is an essay written about the dissertation to book proposal . American people, from an outsider’s perspective, which he calls Nacirema , American spelled backwards. He disguises what he’s talking about by spelling many nouns backwards and giving things different names. Miner writes about American rituals in a foreign way that comes off as barbaric and heinous. Life Conclusion? He starts off talking about George Washington and how he founded America and. Ethnocentrism , Lionel Richie , Personal life 640 Words | 2 Pages. Body Rituals Among the Nacirema Abstract This study examines Horace Miner’s essay “Body Rituals Among the Nacirema . While . using the participant observation approach, he gives us a new perspective on the daily behaviors within this group of people. To Book? Exploring ethnocentrism and how we view cultures outside of our own. Essay On Education? Horace Miner was a professor for dissertation proposal the University of dissertations, Michigan.

He sought out to teach young people the importance of cultural anthropology. (Horace Mitchell Miner - Wikipedia, the. Anthropology , Bronislaw Malinowski , Cultural anthropology 1097 Words | 4 Pages. Connor Doyle Summary of to book proposal, Body Ritual among the Nacirema 10/20/2012 Introduction to Sociology The Nacirema Horace Miner . depicted this cultural group located in Northwest America living in dissertations, the territory between the Canadian Cree, the Yaqui and Tarahumare of Mexico, and the Carib and Arawak of the Antilles (Miner 503). Closely imitating the United States of America. If you take a look at the Nacirema's name spelled backwards, its American. The concept behind this is dissertation proposal, that Miner wanted to graduate dissertations describe. Culture , Human body , Market economy 813 Words | 3 Pages.

In the everyday life of the dissertation perceived “normal” individual, rituals and rites performed by essay of pakistan individuals as part of a different culture might seem harsh, cruel . or even barbaric. After my first read of Body Ritual among the dissertation to book Nacirema , that is how I perceived their daily way of life. A Mockingbird? They believe in magic potions, seeking pain from the “holy – mouth – men” a couple of times a year, and the men and women perform acts that seem to contradict one another by trying to dissertation proposal obtain abnormal body shapes, and then. Acts of the Apostles , Anthropology , Culture 977 Words | 3 Pages. January 26, 2013 Horace Minor applied satire in review, his article “Body Ritual among the Nacirema .” to dissertation to book the culture of the American people. Several . ways in which “Body Ritual among the Nacirema ” relate to the core concepts of sociology are through the use of sociological imagination, ethnocentrism and cultural relativism. The American culture is described by Minor in a very unique and humorous way. The author uses satire to examine the rituals that are every day in peer sources, American culture.

The reader thinks. 1950s , Anthropology , Cultural anthropology 948 Words | 3 Pages. “Body Rituals Among the Nacirema , “ by Horace Miner, is an essay written about the Nacirema , or American people, from an . Dissertation Proposal? outsider’s perspective. Miner gives an insight on the Nacireman people, which he describes in his essay as an unknown tribe, and the completing of the Nacireman’s magical beliefs and practices, which involve daily, involuntary body rituals that cause much pain and discomfort. Miner shows how an outsider’s perspective can affect the way a culture is seen. In his essay, Miner uses.

Culture , Culture of the life conclusion United States , Essay 911 Words | 3 Pages. Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Assignment. Running head: BODY RITUAL AMONG THE NACIREMA ASSIGNMENT 1 Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Assignment Name . Community College BODY RITUAL AMONG THE NACIREMA ASSIGNMENT 2 Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Assignment “Body Ritual among the Nacirema is a paper written by Horace Miner that illustrates American culture in a very different way than most American’s would view it. While it describes many areas of the American lifestyle, it is written to manipulate. Behavior , Culture , English-language films 936 Words | 3 Pages. Nacirema - Body Ritual in Anthropology. University of Michigan, Horace Miner, wrote an article in The American Anthropologist that has become a mainstay of learning for anthropology students. . Miner published the article to show a fictional exotic society called “Body Ritual among the Nacirema ” as an example of how one’s own limited perspective might affect the perception of a foreign culture (Miner, 1956, p. 503). The article uses subtle humor to make the reader more comfortable in examining cultural behaviors, physical appearance, and. Anthropology , Bronislaw Malinowski , Cultural anthropology 765 Words | 3 Pages.

?Brooklin Jefferies Body Ritual among the Nacirema In the Article, “Body Ritual among the Nacirema ” anthropologist Horace . Miner talks about a group of to book, people known as Nacirema , or better yet, Americans. This article was to show how American’s are very ethnocentric. Peer Review? This is when we think our cultures are superior and everyone else is inferior. We find other cultures to be weird, but yet we’re not perfect. We think everything we do is perfect and better than everyone else.

That is not the to book case. Anthropology , Culture , Medicine man 1003 Words | 3 Pages. Anthropology Analysis of Body Ritual Among the Nacirema The author’s purpose in writing this article was not to show the “ Nacirema ” as an example of how extreme human behavior can become, but how an . outside perspective can affect your perception of an alien culture. If one were to look at the “Nacirema’s” cultural behaviors regarding physical appearance and health without any insight or knowledge of the specific beliefs or values of that culture, they might seem bizarre and even incomprehensible. By showing behaviors and “rituals” performed by this unknown. Anthropology , Cultural anthropology , Cultural relativism 994 Words | 3 Pages. Body Ritual Among the conclusion Nacirema by Horace Miner.

point has, in fact, been expressed with respect to clan organization by dissertation to book proposal Murdock (1949: 71).[2] In this light, the magical beliefs and practices of the . Nacirema present such unusual aspects that it seems desirable to describe them as an example of the extremes to which human behavior can go. Professor Linton [3] first brought the ritual of the Nacirema to the attention of anthropologists twenty years ago (1936: 326), but the culture of this people is part 1 essay question, still very poorly understood. They are a North American. Anthropology of religion , Back to the Future , Ceremony 2675 Words | 7 Pages. The Nacirema tribe has many strange rituals in regards to the cleanliness or beauty of the body. They believe the human body is ugly and . debilitating. Everything they do is in response to that thought process. They spend a large portion of their day in rituals to cleanse their body.

They go to proposal medicine men or witch doctors in order to perfect their body. One such horrific ritual is argumentative of pakistan, that they go to a medicine man that performs the decorative body rite. The Decorative Body Rite The Decorative. Gender , Human body , Physician 728 Words | 2 Pages. different viewpoint on a culture we find normal will be addressed. This essay will elaborate on the theme that Body Ritual of the Nacirema and . “This American’s Life” audio have in common.

The ability to look outside the dissertation to book proposal box and be open to different perspectives will be explained. Persuasive On Paparazzi? Thoughts on Lamron Rituals in Society As I read about Nacirema , I began to dissertation to book proposal see the clear parallels between their society and our very own in the United States. The unique analogies give insight. Culture , Economy , Information society 649 Words | 2 Pages. Cultural Anthropology 28 September 2011 The Nacirema People: Sadistic Exploiters? . It’s difficult to say whether or not a different culture, other than my own is politically correct in the ways they go about life essay conclusion their daily lives, but after reading the article “Body Ritual among the Nacirema ” by Horace Miner, it got me to proposal question; What type of society are we making out our culture to e b essays be? Often people look at different cultures as primitive. Anthropology , Cultural anthropology , Cultural relativism 459 Words | 2 Pages. Sociological Perspective on Body Rituals of the proposal Nacirema by Horace Miner. “Body Rituals among the review sources Nacirema ” is an article written by Horace Miner about dissertation to book a group of people, the Nacirema , and their everyday . Essay On Paparazzi? functions or rituals. Miner relates the dissertation to book culture, practices, values, and beliefs of a seemingly exotic and strange tribe.

He vividly and descriptively describes behaviors and activities that are interpreted as unusual and strange. The tribe Miner depicts seems primal and review uncivilized, and yet somewhat familiar. To Book? They are a “North American group living in the territory between. C. Wright Mills , Culture , North America 982 Words | 3 Pages. ? Nacirema Reflection Paper As Filipinos, we believe that our way of life is inferior to all others but for other cultures they think theirs are . superior to the rest.

This feeling isn’t something that many people want to peer review have, but it happens over to book proposal, time as a person becomes integrated into their own culture. Change is typically hard and being able to look at a completely new culture or way of life as normal doesn’t come naturally to most. However, with time and patience many can overcome the ethnocentrism. Culture , Discrimination , Human 596 Words | 2 Pages. ? In the article “Body Ritual Among the graduate dissertations Nacirema ” by Horace Miner, he writes about a North American group known as the to book proposal . “ Nacirema ”, who were described by Professor Linton in the early twentieth century. In the article described, the “ Nacirema ” are a cultural group who seem to e b white essays be obsessed with rituals they perform in dissertation proposal, regards to the human body on a day-to-day basis. These people believe that the human body is ugly and debilitating and are described to waste great portions of their days performing. 20th century , Anthropology of religion , Culture 572 Words | 2 Pages. Professor Emma Linton of the Martian Institute of Interplanetary Cultural Anthropology might have come up with her unexpected conclusions regarding to essay on paparazzi the . body rituals of the Nacirema people. Dissertation? Linton's report was wildly inaccurate written due to the facts that she does not have any qualitative previous knowledge about the culture and she like to draw a comparison between cultures.

She did not follow all the to kill part methodological process an anthropologist should follow, and a long term of studying of the. Anthropology , Ceremony , Cultural anthropology 597 Words | 2 Pages. The original use of the term was in Body Ritual Among the Nacirema , which satirizes anthropological papers on dissertation proposal other cultures, and the culture . Essay On Paparazzi? of the United States. Horace Miner wrote the paper and originally published it in proposal, the June 1956 edition of American Anthropologist. In the on education system paper, Miner describes the Nacirema , a little-known tribe living in North America. The way in dissertation proposal, which he writes about the curious practices that this group performs distances readers from the fact that the North American. Anthropology , Cultural anthropology , Culture 690 Words | 2 Pages. The article “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema ” by to kill a mockingbird part 1 essay Horace Miner, was very interesting because it mocks our society as a whole without blatantly . stating the similarities.

The reader is supposed to view the Nacirema as being quite outrageous in their way of life; the magical beliefs and superstitions. However, if you step back and look at the bigger picture of the article, is the Nacirema really any different from us? This statement, “The focus of this activity is the human body, the dissertation to book appearance and. Change , Herbalism , Human anatomy 684 Words | 2 Pages. entering the Nacirema village. At first glance he must have had culture shock when learning about the life daily mouth cleansing and the temples . Dissertation To Book? where some enter and never return. I came to realize that western cultures share many of the same daily rituals just like the on paparazzi Nacirema . This non-material culture has many reglionist beliefs such has the use of witch doctors, medicine men, shrines and oddly enough the dissertation to book proposal Nacirema woman bake their heads in oven. In evaluating the culture of the Nacirema we can break.

Anthropology , Cultural anthropology , Culture 581 Words | 2 Pages. Body Rituals of the Nacirema tells a story of a tribal group’s lifestyle and review sources the rituals of it. Miner is actually talking about the dissertation proposal American . culture. As most of us know, Nacirema is American spelled backwards. In this article, Miner’s intention is life essay, not to express the extreme human behavior with the Nacirema , but the way it affects our perception of an unfamiliar culture. If we were to look at to book, the Nacirema’s behaviors with regards to appearance and hygiene without the slightest bit of graduate, knowledge about. Civilization , Cultural anthropology , Culture 657 Words | 2 Pages. different people may hold different attitudes. One may criticize on a backward culture, and others may judge on it fairly. Like the authors of “Body Ritual . Among the Nacirema ” and dissertation “Voodoo in Haiti”, they hold quite different attitudes and views to these exotic cultures. Broadly speaking, Horace Miner, the author of “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema ”, criticizes Nacirema’s uncivilized culture.

In the system article, Miner describes how the tribes perform the dissertation strange sadism rituals to very extreme level. The holy-mouth-man. Anthropology , Culture , Haitian Vodou 633 Words | 2 Pages. Body Ritual in e b white essays, Nacirema When I started reading Miner’s “Body Rituals among the Nacirema ” I wasn’t really ‘reading’ it. By the dissertation proposal . end of the first page, it “hit me” and I had to start reading it over again. Realizing the essay was speaking of Americans gave me a whole different perspective.

I found some of it quite amusing as well as enlightening. Review? My feeling is that the author intended the reader to proposal see our own ethnocentrism and question our own acts towards others with whom we are not familiar. Ritual , Wealth 538 Words | 2 Pages. Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Summary. General Anthropology Body Ritual Among the Nacirema ` In this article anthropologist, Horace Miner writes about the depiction of the North . Peer? American group called the Nacirema , described by a Professor Linton in the early 1900s. The Nacirema people were characterised as being obsessed with rituals about the vanity of the human body. There is a description of a shrine with medicines and magical materials placed inside.

A daily ritual that is described is “scraping and lacerating the surface of. Anthropology , Cultural anthropology , Culture 489 Words | 2 Pages. Body Rituals of the Nacirema: Questions. Read the Body Rituals of the Nacirema and answer the following questions. Dissertation? 1. What are 3 things these people believe? As the article . states, The Nacirema believe that parents bewitch their own children and for that the essay doctor has the power to exorcise the devils that lodge in the heads of people who have been bewitched All natives believe they couldn’t live without many charms and magical potions They also believe that The Nacirema human body is ugly and that its natural tendency is to debility. Ceremony , Debut albums , Exorcism 568 Words | 2 Pages. Body Ritual Among the Nacirema- Anthropology.

Sandra Bullard November 27, 2011 Body Ritual Among the dissertation to book Nacirema Dr. Chan Body Ritual Among the Nacirema The . Nacirema are a North American group living in the territory between the Canadian Cree, the Yaqui and essay on education Tarahumare of dissertation to book proposal, Mexico and the Carib and peer review Arawak of the Antilles. According to the Nacirema mythology, their nation was originated by a culture hero, Notgnihsaw, who otherwise known for two great fears of strength- the throwing of a piece of wampum across the river Pa-To-Mac and the choppin. Cultural relativism , Culture , Human body 841 Words | 2 Pages. “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema ” In Horace Miner’s essay on dissertation to book proposal the tribe of Nacirema , it takes little effort to determine that . Nacirema is a depiction of a typical American’s health habits. To Kill A Mockingbird 1 Essay Question? This essay is dissertation to book proposal, important for two reasons: It teaches principles about our own culture and it makes us assess the essay conclusion value/downfall of looking at other cultures with an etic approach. Without a doubt, this essay personalizes the to book proposal study of cultures and its respective peoples. Regarding the peer review sources view of North American.

Anthropology , Culture , Emic and to book etic 525 Words | 2 Pages. Summary of Body Ritual Among the Nacirema. “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema ” Summary In the essay “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema ”, anthropologist Horace Miner depicts a . group of people known as the “ Nacirema ”, but is referring to on education Americans, whose cultural beliefs are deeply rooted in the perspective that the human body is prune to sickness and dissertation to book disfiguration. E B White Essays? Consequently, a substantial part of their lives is spent on unusual rituals and to book customs to improve conditions of the body that are filled with magical components. Graduate Dissertations? Moreover, Miner uses. Anthropology , Bathroom , Bronislaw Malinowski 724 Words | 2 Pages. Body Rituals among the Nacirema by Miner: Article Analysis. Reaction Paper In his article Body Rituals among the Nacirema , Miner effectively convinces his reader of the ridiculous nature of America’s . obsession with the dissertation to book body’s health and visual appeal by allowing his readers to form an opinion about on paparazzi themselves without realizing they are their own subject. To Book Proposal? At first glance the reader may be convinced he is reading about magical beliefs and extreme practices of life essay conclusion, a little know civilization. Miner effectively employs an dissertation proposal academic tone as he opens the paper with. 175 , Culture , Human body 608 Words | 2 Pages.

?The Body Ritual of the Nacirema discusses the habits of life, Americans and medical professionals to someone outside the culture. The article is . meant to make the Americans health habits seem like a new discovery. In the article it examined health habits that Americans follow, it also examined the dissertation to book proposal bathroom habits of the Americans, and it also examined the life conclusion medical professionals that treat them. But the distinction of the habits of the Americans in the article is that the author worded them as if they were. Bathroom , Bathroom cabinet , Dental caries 810 Words | 3 Pages. An Investigation of Extraordinary Beings on a Neighboring Planet by the Interplanetary Nacirema Research Center. Dillon O’Brien Merrill Singer Anthro 1000 15 April 2012 Nacirema Paper It has been rumored that are extraordinary beings on another . familiar planet close by our home of to book proposal, Nacirema , and it is our goal as the Interplanetary Nacirema Research Center team to investigate the situation. We plan to focus our trip on the specific coordinates that the University of Connecticut campus lies on, and essays being the dissertation proposal curious creatures we are, we plan to dissertations delve into to book proposal specific areas within this concentrated area.

We. Female , Gender , Human 794 Words | 2 Pages. Body Rital Among the part 1 essay question Nacirema(Chinese) Clifford 2005[1997]:207 Clifford de Certeau 2009[1990]:171 1 2 James Clifford Anthropological Locations 1997 6 Levi-Strauss . Levi-Strauss Levi-Strauss 1950 Levi-Strauss Levi-Strauss James Boon 1982 Horace Miner American Nacirema … 1956:505 Renato Rosaldo 1993 Rosaldo Levi-Strauss Malinowski 1991 Malinowski Rosaldo 1986 7 E.Evants-Pritchard Foucault being there Clifford Geertz being there 1988:4 : ? ? ?being there ?ibid.:4-5 — de Certeau de. 1913 , 1916 , 1918 2537 Words | 51 Pages. Reflections over to book proposal, Body Ritual Among the Nacirema. Cultural Perspectives of review sources, Dress JOURNAL ENTRY CHAPTER 1 1.6 Body Ritual among the Nacirema Horace Miner, University of Michigan In the . article, the proposal author introduces us alleging that the anthropologist is familiar with so many different behaviors that it is hard to review believe he can be shocked by some exotic culture. However, he specifies later that the piece is dissertation to book, just about how far humans can reach regarding their demeanors and rites. Along the article, Miner describes the habits – I might just. Culture , Human body , Hygiene 714 Words | 2 Pages.

Sociological Concepts Horace Miner Used in peer review sources, “Body Ritual among the Nacerima” ?In the article, “Body Ritual among the Nacirema ,” author Horace Miner talks in detail about the to book proposal culture of a North American clan, the . System? Nacirema . Horace Miner seems to be particularly interested in the magical beliefs, practices, and rituals of the Nacirema clan. Dissertation To Book Proposal? The “Body Ritual among the Nacirema ” article shows many different examples of culture, cultural relativism, ethnocentrism, and qualitative research methodology. The sociological concept of culture is graduate dissertations, shown in dissertation to book proposal, nearly every paragraph of. Cultural relativism , Culture , Human body 952 Words | 4 Pages. Nacirema HR 582 Managing Global Diversity Patsy A. Shepherd March 22, 2012 In Body Ritual Among the Nacirema , . Horace Miner writes about the strange rituals that people do in America. While reading the story I was almost fooled, but as read further I realized the spoof of Nacirema ; Nacirema is a mockingbird question, American spelled backwards and the references in the myth are the backward strange American everyday rituals. Miner’s word usage made it obvious it was just a myth, words like magical, fascination. Bathroom , Bathroom cabinet , Human body 951 Words | 3 Pages. with religious beliefs or practices.

These rituals are not the same as the day to day normal activity a person partakes in to book, but more of symbolic gestures . performed in a specific manner by essays a specific order in doing them (Lavenda Schultz, 2013). The Nacirema culture performs specific ritual acts on a daily basis and as I quickly realized American culture is proposal, not that much different than the Nacirema’s. I am beginning to sources realize that it isn’t the cultures around the world that differ so much as the languages. Anthropology , Anthropology of religion , Culture 832 Words | 3 Pages.

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5 Resume Rules You Need to Ignore. In the dissertation to book, last few years, technology and e b white the economy have changed most of the resume “rules” you’ve heard. As a result, based on what I've learned, you should generally ignore the following five pieces of conventional wisdom because the process of posting jobs and collecting resumes is generally automated: Rule No. Dissertation To Book Proposal! 1 to ignore: Don’t bother including widely-held skills like email, spreadsheets and word processing expertise. Wrong! If the life, words are used in dissertation proposal the job description, be sure to include them in the resume you submit for that job. Rule No. 2 to ignore: When it comes to a mockingbird part 1 essay resum e s, one size fits all. Not anymore.

In the past, we created one version of our resume that was distributed via snail mail, fax or hand-delivered. This physical version was read by a human being and stored in a file cabinet. Those days are long gone. Now, resumes are usually stored electronically and read by a human only after appearing in the results of a computerized keyword search. At a minimum, the top of dissertation proposal, your resume should now be customized to match the job title of the job you’re seeking, like this: Objective: [employer's job title] Summary: [one or two sentences that summarize why you qualify for the job, like Administrative professional with 5 years of on paparazzi, experience managing the dissertation proposal, calendar, group meetings and conferences, travel arrangements, and staff communications for the VP of Whatever .] You’d do even better by customizing your resume to the particular position you’re going after. That’s because the words in the job description are most likely the ones the searcher will use to pull resumes out of its applicants’ database. So make sure you pay close attention to the words in your application or resume and match them as closely as possible to the ones in the job requirements: If the job requires someone who has “managed” a group of workers, don’t use the term “supervised.” If the job requires someone who has “expertise with Microsoft Office,” don’t say you have “expertise with Microsoft products.” If the job requires someone with “experience managing social media,” don’t write that you have “experience managing a LinkedIn Group.” Rule No. 3 to argumentative on education ignore: Be consistent in to book your use of language. Nope.

The person who ultimately searches through resumes may not use exactly the same terms as the graduate, one who wrote the job description. And the person who wrote the job description might not have described the to book proposal, position or qualifications accurately. So it pays to a mockingbird question be inconsistent in your use of language on your resume. Dissertation! Include the exact terms in e b white the job description, but also include alternate versions. For example: If the job requires someone who has “expertise with Microsoft Office,” you might say you have “expertise with Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Outlook, both 2007 and 2010 versions).” If the job requires someone with “experience managing social media,” you could say you have “experience managing social media (including LinkedIn Groups with more than 5,000 members).” This way, you have the exact terminology from the job description and have also added important keywords that are alternatives. Similarly, be inconsistent by including multiple versions of abbreviations and acronyms with the words or phrases they represent. To Book Proposal! Some examples: “BofA” and argumentative essay of pakistan “Bank of dissertation to book, America” “NM” and essay on paparazzi “New Mexico” “WP and “WordPress” “Admin Assistant” and “Administrative Assistant” “CPA” and “Certified Public Accountant” Rule No.

4 to ignore: Use a functional resum e (rather than a chronological one) to highlight your skills, particularly if your work history is to book proposal a little spotty. No! Recruiters I’ve discussed this with have told me they ignore functional resumes that are completely focused on a job seeker’s skills. Rule No. 5 to ignore: Underlining, borders, and other graphic elements make a resum e stand out.

These may add emphasis, but they can also confuse the computer software reading the resumes. And in this age of hyperlinking , underlining often confuses people; what’s intended as emphasis becomes mysterious when the “link” doesn’t work. © Copyright, 2013, Susan P. Joyce. All rights reserved. E B White! Next Avenue Editors Also Recommend: Rework Your Resume for Nonprofit Jobs. 6 Effective and dissertation Essential Steps for Older Jobseekers. Life Essay Conclusion! The New Way to Pitch Yourself to Land Jobs. Dissertation Proposal! Next Avenue is bringing you stories that are not only motivating and inspiring but are also changing lives. Essay! We know that because we hear it from our readers every single day.

One reader says, Every time I read a post, I feel like I'm able to dissertation take a single, clear lesson away from it, which is why I think it's so great. Your generous donation will help us continue to bring you the information you care about. E B White Essays! What story will you help make possible? Hide Show Comments. Adult ADHD: A Gift for Your Work and Life. To Book Proposal! 'Faster Than Normal' author Peter Shankman on hacks for the ADHD brain. How to Become the #8216;Entrepreneurial You#8217; in Retirement.

Author Dorie Clark on ways to profit from to kill part question your expertise. Dissertation! 7 Ways to Market Your Small Business to Millennials. The right and wrong ways to appeal to America's largest generation. Ageism in the Tech Industry: A Septuagenarian Speaks Out. A new survey's surprising findings about hiring and pay for older tech workers. What Keeps Women Out of Upper Management? There are many women in review sources the workplace. Why aren't they rising to the top? The Best Ways to dissertation to book Leave a Job Gracefully. 'The Boomerang Principle' author says: you never know what the future may hold. Washington Monthly ranked 4- and 2-year colleges for e b essays adult learners. Chasing the American Dream: It#8217;s a Hustle.

A new video series shows how making a living is getting harder. Dissertation! Next Avenue List. Meet the Top 50 Influencers in Aging 2017. Sheryl Sandberg on ‘Option B’ for Caregivers. E B! An interview with the author and Facebook leader on dissertation proposal resilience in tough times. 4 Ways to graduate Bounce Back From a Financial Setback.

These financial resilience strategies can help you rebound faster and stronger.

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CNA Classes Guide: Salary Info and More. A complete guide on CNA jobs, CNA classes online and CNA salary info. Learn how to find CNA schools near you and earn your certification. If you are a compassionate and nurturing individual, then the certified nursing assistant (CNA) career can be ideal for you. Also known as State-Tested Nursing Aides (STNAs), Nursing Assistants (NAs) or Patient Care Assistants (PCAs), CNAs are professionals who help patients with basic healthcare needs, often under the proposal supervision of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and other healthcare professionals. Use the search box below to find cna schools by graduate dissertations city or state or zip code or school name: What should you consider when choosing a certified nursing assistant school?

The school’s programs must meet the state certification requirements The programs must be approved by the State’s Board of dissertation Nursing The school should have enough teachers, resources and persuasive essay on paparazzi an appropriate environment for dissertation to book learning practical skills The school should be supportive to persuasive on paparazzi students as they prepare for the certification exams The school’s program should be flexible enough to dissertation accommodate your personal and educational needs The program cost should be within your reach. An ideal cna program should offer classes in: Anatomy and physiology Medical terminology Body mechanics Mental health care Patient Rights Nursing Skills such as restorative care, basic medical procedures, critical observation, infection control and graduate dissertations communication. Find local and proposal online Certified Nursing Assistant programs below. Graduate Dissertations? It’s free! Find schools and get information on the program that’s right for you. Once enrolled in these programs, students learn basic nursing skills, clients’ rights, effective communication skills and personal skills. The certificate programs take 6-12 weeks and proposal students complete between 6-10 credit hours per week. Besides, the programs vary in review, scope from to book proposal, one school to e b white essays the other and the students need to ensure that they are enrolled in comprehensive programs that can help them pass the certification exams and dissertation to book proposal prepare them for on-job challenges of nursing assisting. Typically, certified nursing assistants only need certificates earned after attending post-secondary education programs to practice as nurse aides. A certificate program is a short program that focuses on the technical and practical skills needed for a job.

The programs are offered in community colleges, hospitals, nursing homes and vocational schools. Overland Park, KS. How much will you pay for your certified nursing assistant training? Typically, on-job training can be free, but the medium cost for nurse aide programs range between $200 and $350 (in 6-12 weeks programs) while the highest costs range from $825-1200. Hospitals usually offer training to nursing assistants at no cost and aspiring students should check with their local area hospitals for such opportunities. In community colleges, students with GED certificates or high school diplomas can pay around $200-$350 in tuition fees. In vocational schools and peer sources online CNA programs, students pay between $825 and $1,200. Aspiring CNAs may also be charged additional $50-270 for to book proposal state certification exams, $50-100 for peer review sources books and supplies, $30-45 for uniforms, $35 for dissertation proposal fingerprint services and $50 for First Aid and CPR. Since the training programs can be highly expensive, it is essential to explore various ways of reducing the cost of training. Some crucial ways include:

Taking your certificate training program for free in dissertations, a local hospital Applying for to book federal loans, which are usually offered at peer review, low interest rates and with flexible repayment schedules Government grants: If you can demonstrate your financial need, then you can be given a significant amount of dissertation proposal money in grant to pay your fees. Scholarships: Check with your school’s financial aid office for any scholarships for which you are eligible. Friends and family: You can borrow money from friends or rely on persuasive on paparazzi the support of family members to pay your fees. Depending on where you live, you might be able to proposal complete your studies online. Each state has different requirements when it comes to the number of hours of hands-on, clinical training you must complete before you take the competency test and become licensed. Obviously this clinical training would be difficult to dissertations complete online, but online CNA theory training is often the best bet for busy students like you.

Are Online CNA Programs right for you? First, it’s always important to check out your state’s requirements. Before you jump into an online CNA program, you need to make sure that program adheres to dissertation your state’s CNA guidelines. To do this, check out your state’s Department of Public Health website. Here you will be able to find any information you need on review sources CNA certification guidelines and CNA training programs in your area. You’ll also be able to find out dissertation to book which online programs have been approved and contact a state public health official that can answer any questions you might have.

CNAnursing Expert Tip: Check out this short video about one of your CNA duties. What you’ll need to succeed online: In order to take advantage of persuasive on paparazzi online CNA courses and distance learning, you’ll need: Access to a reliable computer capable of accessing the Internet Access to a high-speed Internet connection Baseline Internet navigation and to book proposal word processing computer skills Time management and self-motivation skills. If you can check all of these requirements off the list, it’s time to take a look at the benefits you’ll see from online CNA programs. The benefits to to kill taking CNA Classes online: Anyone who’s ever taken online classes will tell you there are a ton of to book benefits to distance learning. These benefits include: Flexibility: Students are busy these days. On Education System? Work, family, travel, community responsibilities, and other classes can all interfere with a typical course schedule. To Book? With online classes however, you can study for tests, complete your coursework, and chat with other students on review sources your own time.

Access: With online courses, you’ll have access to dissertation to book class materials including lectures, discussions, assignments and test prep, 24 hours a day. Learn at your own pace: Online classes let you decide which sections to spend your time on. Do you need some more time on medical terminology? No problem, the graduate dissertations class travels at your pace so you can take all the time you need. Savings: The time and money you’ll save by not having to dissertation to book drive to a traditional classroom is nothing to sneeze at. Car repairs and gas prices add up. Taking Online Classes: What to look for:

To get the most out of your online experience, it’s important to find out of review sources if the online CNA classes you’re interested in line up with your goals and, maybe more importantly, your state’s requirements. When evaluating online programs, take a look at: Accreditation: Find out dissertation to book proposal if the graduate school you’re considering is dissertation to book proposal, accredited. Basically accreditation means that the program is reputable and will be recognized by your state’s licensing board. Many states require accredited courses before you can take the proficiency exam. Hands-on Training: An important part of any good CNA program is physical, hands-on training. If the CNA program you’re considering doesn’t offer physical training, it might be a red flag. Many states require hands-on training to become licensed. State Approval: CNA terminology can be confusing. Instead of requiring accreditation, many states require that a program is “approved” by the state’s licensing board.

No matter which term they use, make sure your program fits your state’s standards. If they don’t, you might take an 1 essay question, entire course then be prohibited from to book proposal, taking the licensing exam. The last 10 years (2004 to 2014) have seen an impressive growth in CNA jobs. The rate of job increases was 21-percent in 2004 and rose to 35-percent in 2014, resulting in approximately 516,000 new CNA jobs in the country. The number of nursing assistant jobs is expected to grow by 20-percent in the next decade (2014-2024), which is faster than the expected national average. Life Essay? According to to book the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the essay on education system expected growth in CNA jobs is a response to dissertation the growing elderly population that is in need of long-term care needs. Graduate Dissertations? In fact, many more new jobs will be created in nursing homes and community care facilities for the elderly. Another reason for dissertation proposal the growth in CNA jobs is technological and scientific advances which make outpatient and review sources home-based care tenable and which help to to book proposal boost the lifespan of the peer sources general population. So how can you get a CNA job? After your training and passing of the CNA competency exam, your next hurdle will be getting a job.

In order to land the job quickly, you will need to: Conduct thorough research: Before, during and after your training as a nursing assistant, you should find out all the facilities in your locality that hire NAs, including doctor offices, nursing homes, clinics and hospitals. Having a general picture of the employment scene will help you during your job search. Dissertation Proposal? Be flexible: Patients need care for 24/7. This means that a CNA will often be asked to work during odd hours, nights, holidays and weekends. When you demonstrate to your employer that you can work during odd hours, you will stand-out among the many applicants. Craft a telling resume: Your resume and cover letter will be the only tools to stand for part 1 essay you during short-listing. To Book? If your resume is not good enough, you will not get many opportunities for interviews.

Make sure that you create a resume that fits every position for which you apply, and which details your qualifications, skills and experience lucidly. Apply everywhere: The more applications you send out, the higher your chances of getting calls for interviews. You should never get tired of sending your resume and cover letter out on sources any opportunities. Just send because your luck will knock. Proposal? Volunteer: If you have completed your training and peer sources received certification but still does not have a job, you should volunteer your services to dissertation to book proposal a nearby care center. Volunteering will not only give you valuable experience, but will also give you the opportunity to interact with potential employers, build new contacts and know when new jobs are available. When searching for peer CNA jobs, you should follow the dissertation to book proposal steps below to be more successful: Notes of persuasive Networks: The first step in proposal, a successful CNA job search should be listing down the names of acquaintances, former classmates, tutors and supervisors who may help you with information on argumentative essay of pakistan how to secure a job. Similarly, you should list down the organizations where you can possibly find job opportunities.

Use the dissertation internet: The internet has become a critical tool in the CNA job search. By typing the white essays right keywords in the search engines, you can easily know when there are new job openings. Likewise, it is essential to register in websites, forums, blogs and newsletters that provide information on the latest CNA jobs. Check out to book proposal nursing job boards: There are several nursing assistant sites that post the on paparazzi latest jobs. Checking out dissertation these sites can allow you to know of and apply for life essay a certified nursing assistant job as soon as it is advertised.

Some of the dissertation proposal job boards include: Prepare and send your resume and cover letter: You should take your time to produce an appealing, descriptive and essay error-free resume and cover letter to send to dissertation to book proposal your potential employer as soon as you locate a job opportunity. Peer Sources? Prepare well for interviews: The interview can make or break your employment chances and you should not take it for granted. Make sure to review your course content, to dissertation look back at your practical experience in clinical settings and to argumentative essay on education system of pakistan research the to book history and operations of your potential employer. Also make sure to read some interview tips and to prepare yourself with answers for essay conclusion the most frequently asked questions. A successful performance in an interview will help you to get your coveted certified nursing assistant job. The nursing assistant position holds good prospects for employment and wages. Proposal? The average annual salary for a CNA is $30,020. CNAs falling in the lowest 10-percent may earn less than $18,600 per year while the most experienced ones who fall in the upper 10-percent earn $38,780 or higher.

Owing to increasing aging population, the CNAs have been on sources high demand and dissertation proposal their salaries have been growing steadily. CNAnursing Expert Tip: Find your state below to see how much CNA’s get paid on average hourly/yearly. While the numbers of nurse aide jobs keep growing, the salaries earned by CNAs depend on a number of factors, including experience, certification, location and industry. For instance, experienced CNAs have more prestige in the field because of their wealth of knowledge and peer review sources practical capacity. Therefore, they earn higher salaries than those who are just entering the field. Dissertation? An experienced nursing assistant can earn $38,740 per year or more while an inexperienced CNA can earn below $18,000 per year. Similarly, nursing aides with the requisite certifications will usually earn higher than those with fewer or no certifications. Equally, industries that absorb highly skilled nursing assistants, such as research and development services, the conclusion Federal Executive Branch and other industries, usually pay at least $24,650 per year to CNAs.

CNA salaries also vary according to the location of the nurse aide. For instance, states such as New York, Alaska and Connecticut are among the top-paying states. The top-paying states also boast of high-paying metropolitan areas, which offer salaries between $32,000 and $41,000. Top 5 States by CNA Salary. Alaska with average annual salary of $34,990 New York with average annual salary of dissertation proposal $31,840 Connecticut with average annual salary of $31,660 Nevada with average annual salary of $31,270 District of Columbia with average annual salary of $30,300. Top 5 Metropolitan Areas. San Francisco-Redwood, CA with average annual salary of $41,010 Fairbanks, AK with average annual salary of $36,840 San Jose- Sunnyvale- Santa Clara, CA with average annual salary of $36,210 Nassau-Suffolk, NY with average annual salary of $36,000 Oakland-Freemont-Hayward, CA with average annual salary of $34,890. Top 5 Industries By CNA Salary. Federal Executive Branch with average annual salary of $37,920 Universities, Professional Schools and Colleges with average annual salary of $34,410 Scientific Research and peer review sources Development Services with average annual salary of $32,680 State Government with average annual salary of $32,120 Insurance Carriers with average annual salary of $31,649. Top 5 States with Highest CNA Employment Levels. California with over dissertation proposal, 110,400 jobs per year and average annual salary of $29,170 New York with over 109, 200 jobs per essay on education, year and dissertation to book average annual salary of $31,840 Texas with over 96,860 jobs per e b, year and average annual salary of $23,150 Florida with over proposal, 94,750 jobs per year and average annual salary of $24,080 Pennsylvania with over 81,460 jobs per year and average annual salary of $27,290.

Comparing CNA Salary to the Salaries of sources Related Careers. Medical Assistant earns an average annual salary of $29,370 Coding Specialist/Medical Billing Expert earns an average annual salary of $34,160 Pharmacy Technician earns an average annual salary of $29,320 Health Information Manager earns an average annual salary of $88,580 Phlebotomy Technician earns an average annual salary of $29,730 Radiologic Technologist earns an average annual salary of $55,910 Dental Assistant earns an average annual salary of $34,500 Medical Transcriptionist earns an dissertation, average annual salary of $34,020 Medical Lab Technician earns an average annual salary of $37,240 Medical Office Manager earns an average annual salary of e b white essays $76,870 Veterinary Technician earns an average annual salary of dissertation to book $30,290 Surgical Technologist earns an average annual salary of $41,790. To earn higher salaries, CNAs can opt for careers that give them more authority in the medical field. There are several specialties that can suite their work schedules and argumentative on education system of pakistan immediate lifestyle, and which can also help them to transition quickly from their jobs to dissertation proposal higher levels. Some specialties that CNAs should consider for their advancement include:

Advanced Practice Nursing: By taking a degree program in advanced nursing practice, CNAs can specialize in critical care, gynecology, palliative care, psychiatric nursing and other areas that pay more and have more potential for career growth. Radiology/Sonography: Opting for review sources training in radiology or sonography will help the nursing aide to play a part in the diagnosis and to book treatment process, and to earn more salary and have greater career advancement opportunities. Psychiatric Nursing: Psychiatric nurses deal with a highly sensitive group of patients and typically earn higher salaries that nursing assistants. Argumentative Essay On Education Of Pakistan? Medical school: For nursing assistants who find the dissertation proposal medical environment perfect for their career development, opting to to kill part enroll in a medical school is a huge and to book proposal positive step. However, the CNAs will need to take up to 1 essay 12 years of schooling before they can finally become physicians and earn more than triple the CNA salary. If you seek to to book proposal move from a CNA into a nursing or medical degree program, you should follow these guidelines in order to essay on paparazzi keep a smooth transition: Do not quit your day job: Advanced training in nursing or medicine requires a lot of money and can easily throw you into debt. Hence, you should keep your job to get some money to pay your fees. Besides, some employers will even offer to pay your continuing education fees if you accept to work for to book a certain minimum amount of time every day.

If you find that the classes consume much of your time and you cannot take overtime duties, at dissertations, least keep your day job. Choose a specialty: As a practicing CNA, you will be fortunate to have experience in dissertation, the hospital environment and in specific sections of health care. Make sure to choose a specialty in which you are experienced. Also, ask your facility supervisor to write a recommendation letter to be attached to your application credentials. Network: Working in a hospital or health facility exposes you to a number of people in the nursing community. It is prudent to dissertations network with these people and to inform them of your intention to pursue higher nursing or medical education. To Book Proposal? Networking can easily help you to secure admission into a nursing college or university. Life Essay? Keep learning: Even before you begin your advanced training, you should continuously study and learn new things in the field. New technologies are always affecting the procedures of nursing practice and keeping up with the changes will make your qualifications and experience relevant at work and during your studies. Make sure to read peer-reviewed medical journals frequently and to attend continuous education sessions in your facility of practice.

Certified nursing assistants are front line patient care professionals who perform vital responsibilities to minimize the stress of sickness on patients, especially those who are incapable of caring for themselves. CNAs are found in every setting where there is need for personal patient care as they are relied upon to offer basic care and free up LPNs and dissertation RNs to conclusion perform more complex procedures and tasks that require advanced training and expertise. Proposal? While the duties of a nursing assistant may vary from graduate, one setting to another, the professionals typically provide hands-on contact with patients through helping the patients with basic tasks such as dressing, eating, bathing, getting in proposal, and out of peer review sources bed, grooming, exercises, walking and proposal getting into wheelchairs. The core duties of CNAs include: Ensuring high-degree personal hygiene for patients by helping with baths and showers, assisting with movement to bathrooms and toilets, and giving shampoos, shaves, backrubs, urinals, bedpans and baths. Providing daily living activities such as feeding patients, serving meals, ambulating, positioning and turning patients, and providing nourishment and freshwater between meals. Providing adjunct care through administration of douches, enemas, non-sterile dressings, heat treatments, surgical preps, ice packs, sitz baths and argumentative on education of pakistan therapeutic baths; and applying restraints. To Book? Maintaining patient stability through prompt checking of vital signs and weight, recording intake and output volumes, and testing urine. Ensuring patient comfort by applying appropriate materials and resources, transporting patients, answering patient calls, and reporting observations and changes to nursing supervisors.

Documenting activities by completing forms, logs, records and reports. Maintaining best nursing practices by adhering to procedures and sources policies. Protecting the organization’s value to the patient by keeping all patient data confidential. Serving and protecting the hospital community by observing professional standards, federal, state and local requirements, jcaho standards, and hospital procedures and policies. Proposal? Enhancing the reputation of the nursing desk and hospital by exploring opportunities for persuasive on paparazzi value addition in dissertation to book, daily tasks. Updating professional knowledge and practical competence through reading professional publications, participating in continuous education opportunities, maintaining licensure, and participating in relevant professional organizations.

Typically, the nursing assistants work in hospitals, retirement communities, physician offices, community care centers and nursing care facilities where may take and record vital signs, administer medications, deliver lab samples, change bedpans, make beds, listen to patient concerns, and report mental and physical changes in patient condition to other members of the healthcare team, and monitor patient nutrition and hydration. In some patient care facilities, the CNAs act as the primary caregivers and offer emotional and social support to patients. And whereas NAs in hospital environments often work with different patients each day, the CNAs in long-term care settings usually foster closer relationships with few patients. CNAs are not authorized to give medical advice or to diagnose patients. Since the work environment is taxing, individuals aspiring to be CNAs must have strong work ethic and unwavering resilience.

The job is persuasive on paparazzi, often performed indoors, but it requires physical ability. For instance, nurse aides lift equipment, food, clothing, bedding and other supplies, and move patients when necessary. Dissertation To Book Proposal? Certified nursing assistants generally work the same number of hours as other healthcare personnel, often in three 12-hour shifts a week or in five 8-hour shifts a week. The CNAs may also work overtime, at nights, holidays and weekends because most hospitals, long-term care facilities and nursing homes are usually opened all day long. Persuasive On Paparazzi? Nonetheless, the CNA is an ideal choice for all individuals who are seeking career stability and those who are committed to helping others. Careers Similar to Nursing Assistant. CNAs, psychiatric aides, medical assistants and orderlies are usually grouped together into one large class, and while the jobs share a number of duties, there are fundamental differences. Here are the differences:

Psychiatric Aides: The career is similar to the nursing assistant job except for to book proposal the work setting. Psychiatric aides work in psychiatric hospitals and mental health wards where they follow different routines compared to regular hospital environments. Psychiatric aides also deal with unique privacy concerns and exclusive patient care and treatment needs. Orderlies: Orderlies are hospital attendants who deal with non-medical patient care and e b white essays handle general maintenance for systematic operations. They do not need certificates or degrees to enter their careers, and they typically interact with patients only during non-treatment activities.

Medical Assistants: These personnel do not need certificates or degrees to dissertation practice and their core duties are to help nurses and doctors with their daily tasks. Medical assistants have lesser authority to indulge in patient treatment and care than CNAs. Certified Nurse Assistants: CNAs interact with the patients directly and e b participate in patient care and treatment more often. They take vital signs, collect patient data, maintain patient hygiene and administer basic care. To Book Proposal? Due to dissertations their certification and training, the CNAs have more authority to participate in to book proposal, patient treatment than medical assistants. In fact, CNAs are paid better than medical assistants.

To become a certified nursing assistant, you must first complete a technical training program in order to master the skills necessary for success in the field. Review? The requirement for entry into the nursing assistant training program is a high school diploma, a GED or any relevant form of post-secondary education. The NA certificate programs take 6-12 weeks and are offered in community colleges, medical facilities, trade schools, online schools, and proposal institutions of higher learning. The coursework in CNA programs include basic nursing skills, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, personal care skills, basic restorative services, infection control, resident’s rights, caring for cognitively impaired patients, social service needs, mental health and pharmacology. Practical skills are usually learned by peer review sources the students during clinical activities and supervised training with residents of nursing homes. After completing a formal CNA training program, you will complete a state certification exam before you can earn the title CNA. To be successful in the exams and in the field, you should be well-organized and dissertation to book proposal efficient as well as having proper mastery of the course details. Dissertations? Attention to detail and dissertation to book ability to multi-task are also critical for success as a nursing assistant. There are many employment opportunities to to kill a mockingbird 1 essay nurse aides, which arise from new openings and high rates of turnover, but you must be aggressive enough to secure the dissertation proposal best opportunities.

Indeed, while some degree of training and professionalism is conclusion, required in nursing assisting, the barriers to entry into the career are much fewer than for many other positions in proposal, the healthcare sector. Therefore, if you are passionate about working in part 1 essay question, the medical industry, then the CNA career can be an to book, easier option. Moreover, the nursing assistant position can provide a path to essay of pakistan career development and advancement into higher fields in the nursing and healthcare industry. If you want to become a certified nursing assistant, you must have a high school diploma or a GED in order to register for a certificate program in a nursing assistant course. To Book Proposal? The courses you take in high school should include biology, chemistry and extra science classes in order to prepare you for training. While you do not need a degree to peer review practice as a nursing assistant, you will need to complete 75-150 hours of training and to take a state-sanctioned competency exam before you can earn the title CNA. Dissertation? Prior to essay of pakistan enrolling in proposal, a training program, you will need to take a background check and drug tests, which must confirm your integrity and good health before admission into the training programs. Since as a nursing assistant you will be a principal link between patients and review LPNs or RNs, you must also have strong communication skills and the ability to work in a team. If you choose to get your training via a local healthcare facility, make sure to read and comprehend the facility’s contract before accepting it.

Some facilities require aspiring CNAs to dissertation to book proposal work for a certain minimum length of time before receiving their certification. Essay System Of Pakistan? If you find such contracts with local hospitals inconveniencing, you should opt for training in vocational schools, community colleges, online training programs and other organizations such as the Red Cross. Regardless of where you take the course, the training program will last 6-12 months, with most classes focusing on on-site training. Nonetheless, you must make sure that the program is accredited by dissertation proposal the National League for graduate dissertations Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNAC) and is approved by your state in order to avoid wasting your time and money on proposal non-accredited courses. To practice as a nursing g assistant, you must take a competency test comprising of multiple choice and e b practical questions to demonstrate your nurse skills theoretically and dissertation practically. If you pass the competency tests, you will be issued with a completion certificate in readiness for the state certification exam in 3-4 months.

While some states allow trained NAs to practice without state certification, federal legislation requires certification. Essays? Therefore, you should prioritize certification as soon as possible to to book increase your employment opportunities, earn more pay and rise quickly in on education of pakistan, the nursing assistant ladder.

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History: Ancient/ Augustus Caesar term paper 19240. In ancient history there have been many great leaders who have come to the forefront to save the Roman Empire from destruction and demise. The leaders and heroes of the Roman Empire are countless, but one leader stands out from all the rest. Augustus Caesar’s contributions to Roman history helped make Rome the dominant empire we study and remember today. (Octavian) Augustus Caesar is dissertation, without a doubt the greatest political leader in the history of the Roman Empire. As a young adolescent, Octavian demonstrated his leadership ability long before having thoughts of becoming the persuasive essay on paparazzi, first emperor of Rome. Octavian’s strengths, feats, and accomplishments as a military leader show just a portion of his great political skills he pocessed. Dissertation. After the murder of Octavian’s great uncle, Julius Caesar, in 44 BC; Octavian along with Mark Antony, and Lepidus formed the life, Second Triumvirate. The three men lead their armies into Rome. The Roman Assembly granted the Second Triumvirate full power for five years.

With full backing of the proposal, Roman Assembly, Octavian, Antony, and Lepidus raged a bloody campaign against essay all those who opposed them. Dissertation. As a reward for outstanding service to the Second Triumvirate, the land won from conquered victims was distributed amongst deserving soldiers. Octavian and his two companions put a temporary end to the civil war of the Roman Empire in 42 BC. The Triumvirs, at Philippi in Macedonia, defeated the republicans led by Brutus and Cassius. Life Conclusion. They divided the empire between themselves. Antony remained in the wealthy East, Lepidus got control of Gaul and Spain, and dissertation Octavian received Italy. This was not the most generous of gift for young Octavian. He had the difficult task of settling the veterans of Italy. This involved redistributing land and forcibly expelling any of the previous landowners. “In time, Octavian forced Lepidus into retirement and won control of all western provinces.”(Chodorow 90) By 32 BC, Italy and the western provinces swore an oath of allegiance to Octavian. Octavian could than concentrate his efforts on moving against Antony, for total control of the Roman Empire.

The Battle of persuasive essay on paparazzi, Actium in 31 BC was arguably one of the most important naval battles in the history of the Roman Empire. Upon defeat by to book proposal Octavian at this furiuos naval battle, Antony flees to Egypt with his lover Cleopatra. The following year in Egypt, Octavian and his army again defeat Antony. Conesquently, Antony and Cleopatra commit suicide. With the victory at the Battle of argumentative on education system of pakistan, Actium, Octavian was now sole ruler of Rome and proposal all its provinces. Upon the defeat and death of Antony, Octavian proclaimed the restoration of the Republic of Rome. However, he had no intention of stepping down as ruler. In 27 BC, with more of theatrical gesture than sincerity, Octavian placed the republic at the disposal of the Senate and the Roman people. “The Senate thereupon, realizing by past experience its own helplessness and knowing that it did not possess the peer review, organization for ruling the great Roman world successfully, gave him [Octavian] officially the command of the army and the control of the most important frontier provinces. Dissertation To Book Proposal. Besides these vast powers he held also the important rights of a tribune. ”.(Breasted 680) Octavian’s position was now legitimized by the Senate’s request that he command and lead Rome. Persuasive. He was given the military command, known as Imperium for ten years.

This office included the dissertation to book, administration of life, Roman provinces that required the presence of the dissertation to book proposal, army. The official name of Octavian became Imperator Caesar Augustus From that time would be known as Augustus, which means “the Exalted”. Augustus received the tribuncian power for life and assumed the role of protector of the Roman people. E B White. He also received the right to intervene in those provinces administered by dissertation to book the Senate. The backbone of Augustus’ power came from graduate dissertations, being Imperium of the military. “The major portion of the army was not, however, kept in Italy, where rebellious generals might intrigue with the Senate and rise in sudden revolt. Instead, the Roman legions (twenty-eight of them, of proposal, six thousand men each, plus enough auxiliary forces to bring the total to about four hundred thousand men) were stationed at the other boundaries of the realm in just those places where there might be trouble with the barbaric tribes beyond the border.”(Asinov 5) It was of great importantance to Augustus that the elite troops and military officers were of Roman descent.

This made certain that people with pride, feelings, and love for the Roman Empire would run the army with Roman traditions. With all great political leaders, there must be some affection shown for e b white the arts and for education. Augustus understood the importance of ideology and propaganda. He sponsored and encouraged the leading writers and artists of his time. The historian Livy, and the poets Vergil and Horace were of importance to Augustus. Their works glorified Rome’s past and the greatness of Augustus’ achievements. This time of restoration is frequently referred to as “The Golden Age of dissertation, Latin Literature”. Latin literature achieved its highest level of excellence with the help of Augustus’ promoting of higher learning and his patronizing of the arts. White. The term “Augustan Age”, used to describe periods of great literary achievement in modern nations, shows that Augustus had a profound impact on the world’s history of learning. “Augustus filled his house at Capri with huge fossilized remains of sea and land monsters, which people call Giants’ Bones or Heroes’ Weapons.

What Augustus did with them, nobody knows. Of course, he was an emperor, and so could be only an amateur scientist: he was too busy to spend a lot of time on his hobbies.”(Nichols 8) Augustus known the importance of learning and continuing to learn new knowledge. In an effort to bring back the moral standards of the past, Augustus established a code of dissertation to book proposal, laws and social programs. The laws passed restored the family unit, which gave total power of the family to the head male. These laws included such things as: Encouraging marriage and child bearing with penalties going to people not married by the age of thirty.

Adultery was strictly forbidden. Essay. Married men were heavily fined and taxed for not having children and tax breaks were given to people with three or more children. Augustus’ laws also gave the dissertation, male head of household the right to decide who the children would marry, where they would live, and what profession and economic goals they would pursue. Augustus also re-established the white essays, priest hoods of Rome. He revived old religious customs and attempted to restore the old stern morality. When the elder incumbent died, Augustus assumed the dissertation to book, role of Pontifex Maximus (Highest Priest). He also asserted his power as Pontifex Maximus to prohibit the Roman people from participating in mystery cults.

The organizational skills of Augustus were impeccable. This is evident by essay the conducting of dissertation to book proposal, a census at around the time of the birth of Jesus Christ. With his organizational ability and Augustus introduced laws that emphasized hard work, traditional family values, and loyalty to the Roman government. Augustus’ laws proved to be a success. Part of Augustus’ success came from his ability to relate to the people of Rome. On Paparazzi. It always helps a politician to dissertation to book proposal, be able to relate to the people. Graduate Dissertations. And that strength made Augustus a politician. His young and energetic personality made it easy for proposal the people of Rome to communicate with Augustus. Augustus dressed like common men of Rome. He would not dress in the costumes of the upper class.

The extreme popularity of Augustus is evident with the people offering him Chancellorship for life. He turns down the title. People insisted that they worship him as a god. Once again he refuses, stating that he wants people to worship his ideas instead. The people who worship and spread the ideas of Augustus are referred to e b white, as the Augustilites.

And in time, the month of Sextilis is renamed August in his honor. History remembers the greatness of dissertation, Augustus in several ways. Although it seems unusual, it is worthy of mention that Augustus Caesar was one of the few emperors to die a natural death. Augustus entered a city of 1 essay question, brick and stone and left a city of marble. He extended the boundaries of the empire and reorganized its administration. His reign starts a two hundred-year period of peace known as the Pax Romana.

The political system he established endured essentially no change for three centuries. The modern world honors him with our calender by the naming of the eighth month after him. The only thing that saved the destruction of the Roman Empire was the emergence of proposal, a brilliant political leader, Octavian Augustus Caesar, first emperor of the Roman Empire. Thesis sentence: (Octavian) Augustus Caesar is without a doubt the greatest political leader in the history of the Roman Empire. I. Octavian strengths, accomplishments, and feats as a military leader. A. Octavian joins forces with Mark Antony and Lepidus.

1. Three form Second Triumvirate in to kill, 44 B.C. 2. Three lead their army into Rome and Assembly grants them full power for five years. 3. Brutus and Cassius are hunted down in Macedonia where Brutus. and Cassius are defeated and killed in the Battle of dissertation proposal, Philippi in. 4. Octavian, Anthony, and Lepidus divide the empire.

B. Octavian forces Lepidus into retirement and gains control of all western empire. C. 32 B.C. Octavian moves against persuasive Antony. 1. 31 B.C. Octavian wins naval battle at Actium. a.. Battle of Actium puts end to civil war. b. Win at Battle of Actium gives Octavian sole control of the R. D. Octavian proclaims restoration of empire in 27 B.C.

1. Proclamation is more theatrical than sincerity. 2. Senate begs Octavian to not abandon the empire. 3. Given military command for ten years. a. Named Imperator Caesar Augustus and referred as. Augustus the Exalted.

b. Imperium is the Supreme Military Command. E. Backbone of Augustus’ power is the dissertation to book proposal, army. 1. Army has twenty five legions of about six thousand men in each. 2. On Paparazzi. At least two hundred and fifty thousand men in army at all. II.

Education and the Arts. A. Golden Age of Latin Literature. 1. Octavian promotes learning. 2. Dissertation To Book. Octavian patronizes the arts. B. Great writers flourish in Augustan Age. 1. Augustan Age is a term used to describe periods of great. literacy achievement in modern nation’s.

2. Writers are Virgil, Horace, Livy, Ovio flourish. III. Helping The Restoration of essays, Rome through Code of Laws and Social Programs. A. Passed laws to restore family unit. 1. Encouraged marriage and child bearing. 2. Penalties to people not married by the age of thirty. 3. Adultery is absolutely forbidden. 4. Married men are heavily fined and taxed for not having. 5. Tax breaks are granted for dissertation to book proposal people with three or more children. B. Reestablishes the priest hoods. 1. When elder incumbent dies Augustus assumes the role of.

Pontifex Maximus (Highest Priest). 2. Prohibits participation of Roman people in mystery cults. C. Augustus brings back morals of graduate, Rome. D. Augustus has great organizational skills and conducts a census. E. Augustus’ laws give total power of family unit to male head of the. 1. Male head of family decides who the sons and daughters will.

2. Male head of to book proposal, family decides where sons and daughters will live. 3. Male head of family decides what profession and 1 essay question what. economic goals his children will pursue. 4. Male head of family owns all families land. F. Dissertation Proposal. Augustus’ new code of laws emphasize hard work, loyalty to the. Roman government and traditional family values. IV.

Augustus Caesar’s Relates to life conclusion, the People of Rome. A. Augustus is young and very energetic. B. Augustus dresses like common men of Rome and not in to book, costumes of. the upper class. C. Extremely popular with the people of Rome. 1. Augustus Caesar is persuasive, offered Chancellorship for life, but he turns title down. 2. People want to worship Augustus as a god. a. Augustus wants people to dissertation proposal, worship his ideas instead. b. Followers of life essay, Augustus are called “Augustilites” and tell of.

3. To Book Proposal. Month of Sextilis is graduate, renamed August in honor of Augustus. V. Dissertation Proposal. History Remembers Greatness Augustus. A. Augustus saves Rome from essays, destruction. 1. Entered a city of brick and left a city of to book proposal, marble. 2. Sets the essay on education, stage of Pax Roman Period (two hundred years of.

B. One of few Roman emperors to die a natural death. C. Honored on modern calendar with month of dissertation proposal, August named in argumentative essay on education system, his. D. Title as the Roman Empires first emperor. Word Count: 2090. Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on any level under time constraints. Well-versed in most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and professional projects. Every paper is written from scratch based on your instructions and there is no plagiarism of any kind. Plus, we guarantee free unlimited revisions. You will enjoy direct contact with the writer throughout the entire process and will receive the paper by e-mail/download.

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